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    42. Slocum Family

         Sommerset, England appears to be the seat of the family for there in 1534 is found, John Slocum.  Later records there indicate an Anthony Slocum (or Slocombe) being born in 1590.  In the year 1637 he made his way to America and settled in New Plymouth (now Massachusetts).  We find him among the 45 purchasers with 8 shares (See also John Dean) of the territory of Cohannet in March of 1637.  This area was incorporated on March 3, 1639 as Taunton, MA.  In 1641 he received for 19 Shillings & 4 Pence, 6 heads and 53 acres when the land of the town was divided.

         The records of the Colony of New Plymouth show him listed (along with John Deane) as one of the men from Taunton able to bear arms in Captain Pool's Co., August 1643.  Taunton Town Records indicate he was one of the Proprietors of the New Bloomery (iron works).  He was a member of the jury more than once & a highway surveyor. vOn Jun. 7, 1659 he was sworn as a member of the "Grand Enquist" , & admitted freeman on Jun. 3, 1657.

         In the year 1662, exercising his desire for religous freedom, which is probably what brought him to America, he joined the "Society of Friends" only to loose his Citizenship in Taunton.  In 1664 he became one of the first to settle in the area known as Dartmouth Township.  He resided near the Pascamanset River which was sometimes referred to as Slocum's River in the History of New Bedford. 

         It is said that he moved in 1670 to the vicinity of Edenton, Albemarle Co., NC (now Chowan Co.) on Albemarle Sound at the mouth of the Chowan River.  Here we find him listed as a member of the Palatine Court in 1679.  Some records indicate he died in King Philip's War in 1675 (I ask you --- at age 85?), another states in Dartmouth in 1675, while still another says in 1689 & leaving a will in Albemarle Co., NC.  A further search might someday clear up this question.

    ANTHONY SLOCUM, born Nov. 11, 1590 Somersetshire, England, died most likely in 1689 at Edenton, Ablemarle Co., NC, married 1614 Somersetshire, Agnes (Mary) Harvey, born ca. 1594 in Ashill, Somersetshire, died 1689/90 Edenton, NC, the daughter of Thomas Harvey and sister of William Harvey.
      GILES, born ca. 1616 Edward, resided in Taunton 1647
      A daughter, married John Gilbert
      John, born 1641/2, died Mar. 1651 a cruel death by animals
      A son, born 1644, died 1644
    GILES SLOCUM, born ca. 1616 Somersetshire, England, died probably before Mar. 12, 1682, his will dated Oct. 8, 1681, Portsmouth, RI, married Joan Slocumbe in 1634, probably in or near Taunton, MA.  She was born in 1618, died Aug. 31, 1679 Portsmouth.  When he came to America with his parents he made his home with them and shortly after marriage, about 1638 he moved to Pocasset, which on Jul. 1, 1639 became the town of Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI.  He is listed many times in the land records of the area of Portsmouth and also in Shrewsbury Twp., NJ, the area where his son John resided.  Giles also joined the Society of Friends but escaped the penalty his father met because Rhode Island had more religious freedom. 

         An interesting note:  The ear mark of his livestock as recorded by Plymouth Town Clerk, Richard Bulger, was: "The eare marke of Gyles Slocum for his shepp, swine & cattlle is a Crope in the Right Eare and a hapeny under the same one the lime eare with a slitt in the left eare and a hapeny under", recorded Apr. 25, 1668.
      Johanna, born May 16, 1642
      John III, born May 26, 1645
      Giles II, born Mar. 25, 1647
      Ebenezer, born Mar. 25, 1650
      Nathaniel, born Dec. 25, 1652
      Peleg I, born Aug. 17, 1654
      , born ca. 1657
      Mary, born Jul. 3, 1660
      Eliezer, born Dec. 25, 1664
    SAMUEL SLOCUM, b. ca.1657 Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI, died before 1700.  He was first mentioned heir in his father's will and may have been the first born in 1640/1 but no record has been found either way.  He married 1677, Patience Murley and resided in or near Newport, RI.
      GILES III, born 1682
      Joseph I, (known as Joseph in the woods)
    GILES SLOCUM III, born 1682 near Newport, Newport Co., RI, died 1726, married Nov. 16, 1704 Newport, Mary Paine, daughter of Ralph Raine (Pain) and Dorothy _____? of Freetown, MA in 1688.
    Giles was admitted freeman in 1724.
      JOSEPH II, born Jan. 30, 1706
      Peleg II, born May 7, 1707
      Martha, born Sep. 20, 1709
      John IV, born Oct. 15, 1711
      Benjamin, born Jan. 30, 1714
    JOSEPH SLOCUM II, born Jan. 30, 1706 Newport, New- port Co., RI, married (1) Sep. 27, 1724 Newport, Patience Carr, the daughter of Caleb Carr of Jamestown.

         They moved about 1731 to East Greenwich Twp., Kent Co., RI where in 1732 he was admitted freeman.  He was a farmer and land dealer making many transactions, some of which were valued over 1000 Pounds.
      Joanna, born Apr. 4, 1725
      Mary, born Nov. 11, 1726
      Desire, born Oct. 1, 1731
      Jonathan, born May 1, 1733
      Abigail, born Sep. 4, 1740
      Patience, born Nov. 19, 1742
    He married (2) 1743 in the Greenwich area, Hannah _____? and was chosen in 1741,42 & 44 as a Deputy in the Rhode Island General Assembly to represent West Greenwich.  It is believed he later moved to the Wyoming Valley in Luzerne Co., PA as one of the early settlers of the valley.
    Their daughter:

    MARTHA SLOCUM, born Mar. 9, 1744/5 West Greenwich Township, RI, died July 1822, married Jun. 14, 1762, Philip Aylesworth, born Jun. 7, 1737, the son of Philip (3), Arthur (2), Arthur (1)
    (See General text Fourth generation)

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