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    35a. Ketchum Family

         Our record of the Ketchum family begins in England.  There are many various spellings of the name.  Mostly:  Cacham,  Catcham,  Chattham,  Cecham,  Catchani,  Cetchman,  Chattham,  Kecham,  Ketchem,  Ketham and the one now used,  Ketchum. 

         The earliest member known was EDWARD KATCHAM or Catcham, born ca. 1590 most likely in Kent near Chatham, England.  He died June 8, 1655 in Stratford Plantation, Colony of Connecticut.  He was known as a rogue or wonderer as he resided in many places.  He is recorded as being in Cambridgeshire at the time of his marriage to Mary Hall.  By her he had his first five children, four of which were born in England. 

         Edward emigrated to America, to the then Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1629 with two sons.

    He married 2nd, in Suffolk County, L. I., NY ca. 1640, Sarah Salmon, born ca. 1615 in London and died post 1673.  By her he had four children all born in the town of Hashamommock, Southold, Long Island. NY.

      Sarah, born ca. 1640
      Edward, born ca. 1642
      Rebecca. born 1643
      JOSEPH, born ca. 1648

    JOSEPH KETCHUM. born ca. 1648, Hashamommock, Southhold, L. I., NY, died June 1730 , Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut.  He married first April 3, 1678, Norwalk, NY, Mercy Lindall, born Dec. 18, 1658, New Haven Colony, CT, died post 1684, Norwalk, NY, the daughter of Henry Lindall and Rosamond Street.  By Mercy he had:

      NATHANIEL, born Jan. 23, 1679
      Sarah, born Feb. 19, 1681
      Hannah, born May 9, 1683
      Elizabeth, born ca. 1684

           Note:  He married 2nd post 1684 Sarah Jaggers, and had four
                       more children.
    NATHANIEL KETCHUM, born Jan. 23, 1679, Norwalk, Fairfield County, CT, died Sep. 19, 1738, Wilton, (nee Norwalk) Fairfield Co.,  CT., married June 12, 1710, Norwalk, Sarah Wakelee, born Dec. 1, 1683, Stratford, New Haven, CT, the daughter of Deliverance Wakelee and Hannah Nash.
      Nathaniel. born Mar. 17. 1710
      Elihu I, born Apr. 22. 1714
      Hannah. born Nov. 27. 1717
      EPHRAIM, born Aug. 11, 1719
      Ebebezer, born May 6, 1722
      Joseph, born Mar. 9, 1725
      Sarah, born Mar. 9, 1725
      Nathan. born Apr. 5. 1729
    EPHRAIM KETCHUM, born Aug. 11, 1719, Wilton CT, married Apr. 2, 1746, Wilton, CT, Mary Spencer born 1725, Haddam, Middlesex Co.,  CT, the daughter of John Spencer and Mary_____?
      Nathaniel, born Aug. 16, 1747
      Joseph, born Apr 9 1748
      Hannah, born Feb. 24, 2751
      Mary, born Jul. 19, 1752
      Sarah, born 1759
      EPHRAIM. born 1761
      Adelaida. born 1763
      Hannah, born 1765
    EPHRAIM KETCHUM, born 1761, Wilton. Fairfield Co. CT, died Sep. 2, 1803. Virgil,  Cortland Co., NY, married, Dec. 22. 1785, Spencertown,  Columbia Co.. NY, Jimima Calkins, born Mar. 15, 1766, Lyme, New London Co., CT, died June 2, 1857, Blodgetts Mills, Cortland Co.. NY, the daughter of Turner Calkins and Marcy Cooley.
      Matthew, born Mar. 16. 1786
      Polly born ca 1789
      ITHAMER, born April 1792
      Obedius, born ca. 1796
      Seneca, born ca. 1798
    ITHAMER KETGHUM, born Apr. 1792, Rensselaerville, Albany Co., NY, died Jan. 2, 1857, Tioga Co., NY, married Dec. 14, 1814, Homer, Cortland Co., NY, Azuba Doud, born Sep. 18, 1795, CT, died Nov. 20, 1861, Tioga Co., NY, the daughter of Reuben Doud.
      Reuben D., born Oct. 1, 1861
      Ephraim, born Aug. 10. 1818
      Harriet N., born Nov. 14. 1820
      Henry Doud, born Apr. 13, 1822
      Vestad Delphine, born May 5, 1824
      Lafayette, born Sep. 17, 1826
      DIANTHA V., born Feb. 23, 1829
      Seneca A. , born Jan. 7, 1831
      Betsy B., born Sep. 23, 1833
    DIANTHA V. KETCHUM, born Feb. 23, 1829, died Feb. 27, 1851, married Nov. 6, 1848, Caleb Sheldon Butts Aylesworth, born Apr. 14, 1829, Butternuts, Ostego Co., NY, died Jan. 2, 1906, Appleton, Outagamie Co., Wisconsin
    (See Sixth Generation) The subject of this record.

    Ref: (5), (23), (33), (73)  And the Asa Ketchum,  Internet Home Page.




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