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    34. Hoskins Family

        The parents of the progenitor of the Hoskins Family in America was Henry Hoskins, born ca. 1570 in England, died ca. 1634/5 in County Cork, Ireland. His wife, Anne Winthrop, the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Poulton or Powlton) Winthrop. She was a first cousin to John Winthrop, the first governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony.

              a daughter

    WILLIAM HOSKINS, the progenitor of the Hoskins family in America settled in Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA prior to 1634 and then moved to Plymouth, MA where he became a freeman in 1634. , born  ca. 1612, County Cork, Ireland, died Sep. 7, 1695, Lakenham, Plymouth Co., MA,  married (1), Nov. 2, 1636 at Plymouth, MA, Sarah Cushman, who died Dec. 1637 shortly after the birth of Sarah.

      Sarah, born Sep. 16, 1637, Plymouth, married Dec. 4, 1660, Plymouth, MA Benjamin Eaton, born 1692, Plymouth, MA, son of Francis and Christian (Penn)
    Married (2) Dec. 21, 1638, Plymouth   Ann Hinds (or Hynes), born 1615/16 in England (Court records in Plymouth show Ann Hinde, wife of William Hoskins, on Mar. 2, 1642 was examined by the court in Plymouth in a case pending before it).
      Mary, born 1639/40, Plymouth, MA, married (1) Nov. 28, 1660 Edward Cobb,  Mar. (2) May 15, 1676, Samuel Phillips
            and poss. (3) Richard Godfrey Mar. 26, 1684.
      Rebecca, born 1642/43, Plymouth, MA, married Aug. 15, 1662, Richard Briggs
      John, born Nov. 1647 in Plymouth
      Elizabeth, born 1644/45, Plymouth, MA, died Oct. 8, 1715, married Jul. 7,1666, Ephraim Tilson
      Richard, born Nov. 30, 1647 (most records left him un-named)
      SAMUEL, born Aug. 8, 1654, Plymouth, MA.
      William, born Sep. 7, 1659, died Mar. 26 - May 27, 1730, Taunton, MA, married Jul. 3, . 1677 Sarah Caswell

    SAMUEL HOSKINS, born Aug. 8, 1654, is said to be of Taunton, Bristol Co., MA, married (1) 1675, Plymouth, MA, Abigail Stacey, died 1679/84, daughter of Richard Stacey.

      SAMUEL, born ca. 1680
      Lydia, married Samuel Cobb Nov. 9, 1675
    He married (2) Feb. 5, 1684 in Taunton, Mary Austin, born May 12, 1663, died 1687/91 daughter of Jonah  Jr. and Esther (Reade) Austin.  (James Savage records the marriage on the same date in Windsor, CT).
      William, born Feb. 5, 1685, Taunton, MA, mar. ca. 1716, Mary Cobb. Their children were: William, Bethia, Ruth, Joanna, Alice, Mary & Abigail.
      Abigail, married pre 1718 Joseph Eddy, lived in Taunton, MA
    He Married (3) May 12, 1692, Rebecca Brooks, died pre 1702 Taunton, MA,  daughter of Gilbert and Elizabeth (Simmons) Brooks.
         Records of the Town of Plymouth, p. 217 (Ref. 81) show: "The eare mark of Samuel Hoskins neat Cattle sheep and swine  A crop on ye Topp of the Rite eare and a hapeny cut out of the under side of the left."

    SAMUEL HOSKINS JR., born ca. 1680, died Sep. 11, 1732 in his 53 year, married, Mercy Cobb, borb Aug. 12, 1680, daughter of Augustine & Bethia Cobb

              Joshua, born 1712/13, died Apr. 2, 1785, mar. Lydia Robinson
              Samuel, born ca 1715, died May, 1750, mar. Apr. 8, 1736, Joanna Harvey,
                   their children were: Peter, Abigail, Sarah, Phebe, Amy and John.
             NEHEMIAH, born ca. 1715
             Mercy, mar. Ebenezer Porter of Taunton.

             (Ref: some data from George Ely Russell, Jamesville, MD.)

    NEHEMIAH HOSKINS, born ca. 1715, died post 1776, married Jul. 17, 1738 Taunton, Bristol Co., MA, Mary Blake, born ca. 1717, died April 1810 Littleton, Grafton Co., NH at the home of her son Elkanah, at the age of 93, the daughter of Edward Blake and Anne Hanover.

         Nehemiah was a 2nd. Lieutenant in Capt. Matthew Randall's Co., Col. Jacob French's Regt.  He also commanded a Company in a Regiment raised in Bristol & Cumberland Co's, stationed at Winter Hill Feb. 27, 1776.  He was a field officer in Col. Thomas Marshall's 2nd. Regt. raised for the defense of Boston, May 8, 1776.  He served until Nov. 1, 1776  (5 mos. 17 days).  Also some other minor service.
    Their son:

    ELKANAH HOSKINS, born Sep. 11, 1741 Taunton, Bristol Co., MA, died Sep. 24, 1805 Littleton, Grafton Co., NH, interred the Meadow Cemetery (also known as the Southwest Burying Place) Littleton, NH, married Oct. 29, 1765 in Taunton, Mindwell Barney, born Oct. 21, 1746 Taunton, died Oct. 1832 Littleton, interred next to Elkanah, the daughter of Johnathan Barney and Ann Dean.
    (See Barney Family and Dean Family Addendums)

         Elkanah served in the French and Indian Wars & the Revolutionary War.  He is shown on the Muster Rolls of Taunton, on Apr. 19, 1775 as a Sergeant in Capt. Robert Grossman's Company of Minute Men of Col. Nathaniel Leonard's Regt. which marched, Apr. 20, 1775, from Taunton to Roxbury and was discharged Apr. 29, 1775.  He enlisted Jun. 20, 1775 as a Sergeant in Capt. Josiah King's Co. of Col. David Brewer's 9th. Regt. and served at least until Nov. 6, 1775.  He enlisted Dec. 8, 1776 in Capt. Edward Blake's Co. of Col. George William's Regt. and served until Jan. 2, 1777. I n Oct. 1777 he served with Gen. Spencer at an alarm at Lexington.  He was also prominently connected as a Capt. in Shay's Rebellion, with Capt. Daniel Shays in 1786 to Jan. 25, 1787. 

         The 1790 U.S. Census shows Elkanah living in Westmoreland, Cheshire Co., NH with probably his then seven youngest children; 4 sons, 3 daughters & wife Mindwell.  Elkanah & Mindwell it would appear tried to move their family North at least twice.  The birthplaces of their children and the census record show at least two trips to Westmoreland.  They arrived in Littleton, NH on May 22, 1796 having left Petersham, Worchester Co., MA, probably of necessity due to his activities in Shay's Rebellion, after a quick sale of his land for he was carrying with him 1200 silver dollars. 

         In the years that followed he added much to the character and wealth of the area.  The Town Records of Littleton indicate he was Town Meeting Moderator on Aug. 27, 1798;  Highway Surveyor on Mar. 10, 1798 & Mar. 7, 1800 being paid 8 Pounds, 9 Shillings for post guides and setting them.  On Mar. 5, 1799 he was elected a Town Selectman of Littleton. 

         The 1800 U.S. Census locates him at Littleton with his 4 youngest sons, youngest daughter, his wife and his Mother, Mary Blake Hoskins.  They lived on a farm (owned in 1905 by Noah Farr).  On Mar. 18, 1800 and again on Mar. 15, 1805 he obtained a License to Sell Distilled Spirits and kept a tavern near Upper Cohos, on the road to Lower Cohos, that was called, Captain Caswell's Cabin, the property later acquired by his son David .

          The 1810 & 1820 Census shows his wife, Mindwell Barney Hoskins living with son David.  The 1830 census is missing however the record shows she was at the home of David at her death in Oct. 1832.
      Elkanah, born Aug. 14, 1766 Taunton, died Sep. 26, 1766 Taunton.
      Elkanah, born Oct. 21, 1767 Taunton, died Dana, MA.
      Barney, born Sep. 4, 1769 Taunton
      MINDWELL, born Jun. 7, 1771 Taunton
      Unnamed, born 1772 Taunton
      Olive, born Nov. 25, 1773 Taunton
      Sybil, born Nov. 5, 1776 Taunton
      David, born Aug. 30, 1778 Petersham MA, died Jul. 26, 1859 Lyman, NH
      Sally, born Mar. 21, 1780 Petersham, died Sep. 6, 1886 Littleton
      Luther, born Mar. 23, 1782 Petersham, died Oct. 31, 1879 Lyman
      Lyman Sr., born Mar. 2, 1784 Westmoreland, NH died Jul. 13, 1862
           Stratford, NH
      Anna, born Mar. 21, 1786 Petersham, died Oct. 20, 1875 Littleton
      Nehemiah, born Mar. 12, 1789 Petersham, died Jul. 6, 1856 Bath, NH
      Salmon, born Aug. 14, 1790 Petersham, died Dec. 22, 1880 Littleton
    MINDWELL HOSKINS, born Jun. 7, 1771 Taunton, Bristol Co., MA, died Oct. 14, 1870 Lyman, Grafton Co., NH, married (possibly 2nd) 1797 Winchester, Cheshire Co, NH, Mathew Bartlett II, baptized, Mar. 3, 1769, died Aug. 13, 1822
    (See Bartlett Family Addendum)

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