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    24. Gray Family

         The early members have eluded all efforts to identify  their names and arrival in America.  The record starts at the very end of the 18th Century at a place no longer found on maps of the area.

    HENRY LAURENS GRAY, born Oct. 17, 1799, Popular Corner, Haywood Co., TN, died Mar. 24, 1823 probably in Rutherford Co., TN, married Apr. 4, 1820 Rutherford Co. (Book 1804-1837, p. 64) Mary Henrietta Dyer, born Oct. 14, 1804 Haywood Co., died Mar. 28, 1844, the daughter of Joel Dyer and Sarah (Sallie, Sally) Ann Christmas.
    (See Dyer Family Addendum)
    Their only child:

    James William Gray, M.D., born Aug. 19, 1822 Rutherford Co., TN, died Dec. 28, 1907 Holly Springs, Marshall Co., MS, buried Holly Springs Cemetery, married (1) Dec. 3, 1844, Mary Glover Cottrell, daughter of Thomas Cottrell and Mary Ann Dabney
    (See Dabney Family Addendum)
    Their only child:
      Benjamin Cottrell Gray, married 1866,Cordelia Scales,  born Jul. 18, 1843 "Woodlawn" OPrange Co. VA, daughter of Peter Scales (born 1790 Patrick Co. [old Henry Co.] VA, died 1863 Marshall Co.,  MS, mar. Jun. 25, 1827) and Ann "Nancy" Meriwether Minor
      (See Minor Family Addendum).
        Their daughter:
        Lillian Gray, died Oct. 24, 1962, married Frank Wall, died 1945.
        And their daughter:
        Ann Dabney Wall, married Herbert Clopton Murdaugh who supplied much of the material on the families from Virginia in this record.  Our Thanks.
    Married (2), Jun. 3, 1856, Cordelia Lewis Dabney (Aunt of his first wife), born May 13, 1839, died Jul. 31, 1895 Marshall Co., MS, buried Holly Springs Cemetery, the daughter of Samuel Hopson Dabney and Cordelia Lewis Minor
    (See Dabney Family and Minor Family Addendums)
         The descendants of this marriage are eligible for membership in:

      1. Colonial Dames of America, through line of Gov. Edward Digges of
      2. Daughters of the American Revolution, through John Hopson
      3. The Dames of the Magna Charta, from several of the Surities for the
           Magna Charta, through Wm. Clopton and Margaret Waldegrave.
      4. Americans of Royal Descent, through the Clopton, Knevet,
          Lunesford, Echyngham, Arundelline and through the Digges,
           St. Leger, Nevill line.
      5. Society of the Descendants of the Royal Bastards of Europe,
          through the first line in 4 above.

      The descendants of the following marriage are also eligible for
            membership in:

      6. United Daughters of the Confederacy, through Mathew Franklin
           Willis who served in the Confederate States Army.

    Children:      (number unknown)
      Annie, born 1862, married Mr. Roberts
      Nellie D, born 1864, died May 2, 1946, buried Holly Springs Cemetery.
      James William Jr., born 1866
      Rivers, born 1868
      SAMUEL DABNEY, born Jan. 8, 1871
      Henry, born ca. 1873
    SAMUEL DABNEY GRAY SR., born Jan. 8. 1871 Holly Springs, Marshall Co.. MS, died Jun. 3. 1903 Holly Springs, MS, married Feb. 4, 1895 Holly Springs, Corrine (Corrie) Willis, born Oct. 17, 1870 in Cornersville (near Holly Springs), MS, died May 28, 1964, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA, interred (Lot 5, Sec.12232, Blk. 1) Valhalla Memorial Park, North Hollywood, Los Angeles Co., CA, the daughter of Mathew Franklin Willis and Julia F. Hoke.
    (See Willis Family Addendum)

      SAMUEL DABNEY JR., born Apr. 23, 1896
      Henry Willis, born 1901, died 1957

    SAMUEL DABNEY GRAY JR., born Apr. 23, 1896 Holly Springs, Marshall Co., MS, died Mar. 7, 1949 Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA, interred (Lot 6, Sec. 12232, Block. 1 with his brother) Valhalla Memorial Park, North Hollywood, Los Angeles Co., CA.  He served as a Sargeant in Headqurters Troop, 3rd. Army, in World War I and was with the Army of Occupation after the war in Germany.  He married Nov. 20. 1920 Tempe. Maricopa Co., AZ, Velma Louise Clanton, born Mar. 14, 1901 Arlington, Maricopa Co., AZ, died Dec. 10, 1980 Tucson, Pima Co., AZ, the daughter of Joel Elmer Clanton and Mary Sue Douglas.
    (See Clanton Family and Douglas Family Addendums)

      MARY CORRINE. born Nov. 19. 1921
      Samuel `Jack' Dabney III. born Dec. 14. 1924

    MARY CORRINE (PATTI) GRAY. born Nov. 19, 1921 in Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ, died May 22, 1996, Los Angeles Co., CA, married (1) Dec. 11, 1941, Yuma, Yuma Co., AZ (Vol.76, p. 599) Russell Morris Wood, born Mar. 29, 1908, the son of Wade Wood. born Mar. 2. 1873 Allendale. MO. died May 23. 1961 and Flora Margaret Neiger, born Mar. 28, 1882, Denver, MO, died Jan. 31, 1956.
      Curtis Wilson, born Nov. 21, 1943, died April, 2016
       (Birth record # 1978-704 Los Angeles Co, CA)
      Donald  Wilson         Birth registered as son of her mother and Cleo Wilson. He later changed his name to Dawn as  a transgender.
    Married (2) Sep. 9, 1945 Las Vegas, Clark Co., NV, (Vol. 51, P. 363) Earl Kenneth Steiert.
      Barbara Lynn, born July 17, 1949, Yuma, Yuma Co., AZ, died Sep. 12,
           1953 Upland, San Bernardino Co. ,  CA.
    Married (3) Dec. 26, 1955 Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA, (Santa Barbara Co. Marriage record Vol. 1300, p.429) Owen Roy Aylesworth, born Jan. 21, 1926 Appleton, Outagamie Co., WI.
     (See # 7A-2 General text Ninth Generation)
      Nancy Denise, born Apr. 23, 1957