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    21. Franklin Family

          The story handed down through many generations about the relationship of Benjamin Franklin, the "Statesman" , to Mary Franklin, wife of Arthur Aylworth (1684/5-1761) appears to be a figment of the imagination of Abel Aylsworth (1745-1830).  He is I quoted in the book, "Arthur Aylworth, and His Descendants in America . (Ref.10, p32) as having been named by "Aunt Mary" Franklin Aylworth, for her brother, Abel Franklin, the uncle of Benjamin. 

         Many hours of intensive research was devoted to substantiating this yarn.  The record appears quite clear on this subject.  Benjamin did not have  an Uncle Abel, nor did his father have a sister by the name of Mary. The ancestors of 'Ben' are here detailed for all to judge the merits of this claim.  From a chart, hand prepared by 'Ben' himself, and confirmed by all the sources found, the following are the facts.

         Thomas Franklin of Ecton, Northamptonshire, England, had five children:  Robert,  Jane,  John,  James and  Henry.  His son Henry Franklin, born May 26, 1573, had two sons named Thomas; the first of which died two months before the second was born.

    THOMAS FRANKLIN, born Oct. 8, 1598, died Mar. 21, 1682, a blacksmith, married 1636 to Jane White who died at Ecton Sep. 1, 1696.
    They had 9 children:
      1. Thomas, born Mar. 11, 1637, married Eleanor ? and had only one
           daughter, Mary, born Oct. 24, 1673 who married Richard Fisher
      2. Samuel, born Nov. 7, 1641, died 1664
      3. A son, died young .
      4. A son, died young
      5. John, who married Anne ? and had five daughters and one son.

        a. Thomas who died in Birmingham after 1752 and left one son Thomas.
        b. Hannah who married & lived in Hamberg
        c. Ann who married & died without issue
        d. Mary who married & died without issue
        e. Jane who married without issue
        f. Eleanor who died without issue

      6. Joseph, died Nov. 30, 1683, married Sarah ? and had a son Joseph.
      7. Benjamin (not the statesman), born Mar. 23, 1650, married Hannah
             Mills, Nov. 23, 1683 and had ten children:

        a. Samuel, died 1728, came to New England and had one son Samuel.
        b. Benjamin (not the statesman), born Aug. 6, 1686
        c. Jane, born Sep. 14, 1687
        d. Hannah, born Nov. 11, 1689
        e. Thomas, born Aug. 31, 1694
        f. Elizabeth, born ca. 1696
        g. A daughter
        h. A daughter
        i. Joseph
        j. Josiah, born Jan. 3, 1702

              Note: all but Samuel died early
      8. Hannah, born act. 23, 1654, died 1716, married John Morris and had
           three daughters:  Eleanor,  Jane &  Hannah.
      9. Josiah, born Dec. 23, 1657, died Jan. 17, 1745, married (1) Ann Child
           in England and had his first seven children before she died. 

        a.  Elizabeth, born Mar. 3,1678, married Mr. Douse.
        b.  Samuel, born Mar. 16, 1681 No Issue
        c.  Hannah, born May 25, 1683, married (1) . Mr. Eddy, (2)
            Thomas Cole
        d. Josiah, born Aug. 23, 1685, died ca. 1715 without issue
        e.  Ann, born Jan. 5, 1687, mar. Mr. Harris
        f.  Joseph I., born Feb. 6,1688, died at 5.
        g. Joseph 2., born Jun.  30, 1689 died at 15 days.

      He married (2) in New England, Dec. 1689 or Jan. 1690, Abiah Folger and had ten more . ( The parents of "BENJAMIN" ) 

    h.  John, born Dec. 16, 1690, married and had John Jr.,
    Jan. 1716 Peter, born Nov. 22, 1692, married Mary?
    o issue
    i.   Mary, born Sep. 26, 1694, died ca. 1730, married
         Mr. Holmes.
    j.  James, born Feb. 4, 1697, died 1733, married Rachel
         ? had 4  children.
    k.  Sarah, born Jul. 9, 1699, married John Davenport.
    l.   Ebenezer, born Sep. 20, 1701
    m. Thomas, born Dec. 7, 1703, died young
    n.  BENJAMIN, The Statesman, born Jan. 6, 1706 (new
         Style -Jan. 17), married and had issue (some
    o.  Lydia, born Aug. 3, 1706, married Mr. Scott 1758.
    p.  Jane, born Mar. 27, 1712, married Mr. Mecom and
         had issue.   (Bens favorite)

         The name Abel does not appear in 'Ben's' family ancestors.  The name Mary does appear but they are all taken or of the wrong generation to marry Arthur Aylworth Jr. 

         So this author says:  "While it may have been nice to have been related to you Ben, you will have to look elsewhere for Aunts & Uncles."  And to the tall story Amen!!!!

          Should there be anyone among the readers of this book that can prove the above assumptions wrong and be willing to provide said proof to the family we shall then welcome Old Ben back with open arms.

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