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13. Corbin Family

     This family is descended from many of the royal houses of Europe. One of the very early roots being Robert the Strong who died in 866, Count of Anjou and Blois, who was killed in the battle at Brissaethe in Oct. 866. His son was Robert I (860-932)  King of the Franks (King of France) crowned June 15, 923.  Sixteen generations later we find Lady Felicia de Sutton, daughter of Lady de Somery Baroness de Dudley  and Richard de Suitton, Baron of Sutton.  Lady Felicia married William Corbin of Kings Gwinford (Swinford) Staffordshire, England in the reign of Edward III, son of William Corbin of Birmingham, Warwichashire and his wife Edith Frebody, the daughter of William Frebody, and the grandson of Thomas Corbin and Felicia de Lutterley and decendant of Robert Corbin (son of Robert) who gave lands to the Abby of Talesworth 1154-1161.  Next we come to the son of Felicia and William Corbin to Henry Corbin of Swinsford, Staffordshire who married Margaret de Whitmore daughter of  Robert de Whitmore of Duiley. their son:

William Corbin of Swinford, married Elizabeth, dau. of John Blunt, their son:

Thomas Corbin of Straffordshire, died Sep. 22, 1460, married Joan dau. and heiress of Agnes Holback (dau & heiress of Roger Overton). Their son:

Nicholas Corbin of Hall End, Warwichshire. He was granted Hall end and other lands in Warwick in the reign oif Richard II and Henry VII & VIII at which time Hall End became to "The Seat of the Corbins." Nicholas married Joan, dau. & heiress of Jon Sturmey and his wife Joan Clark, gr.dau. of William Sturmey of Hall End and William Clark of Dudley. Their son:

Richard Corbin of Swinford and Hall End died 1539, mar. Anna, dau. & heiress of Thomas Ramsey of Kitcham , Buckshire. Their son:

Thomas Corbin of Hall End died 1584, mar. Anna who died in 1606 dau. of William Ripington of Annington, Their son:

George orbin of Hall End (1553-1637) mar. Marie dau. of William Faunt of Foston, Leicestershire. Their son:

   Thomas Corbin of " Hall End " , Warwich Co. , born May 24, 1594 at "Hall End", died June 1637 at "Hall End", married 1620 Winifred Grosvenor,(1604-1660) the daughter of Garvin Grosvenor of Cheshire, England and his wife  Dorothea Pudsey. Winifred was the grandaughter of Walter Grosvenor of Bushberie, Staffordshire and Jocasa Foulk and of Geoirge Pudsey of Langly.  ( The Grosvenors are descended from Sir Gilbert Grosvenor who came to England with William the Conqueror from Normandy).
Their son:

HON. HENRY CORBIN of "Buckingham House", Middlesex Co. , VA, born 1629 at "Hall End", Warwich Co. , England, died Jan. 8, 1676 at "Buckingham House".  His will dated Jul. 25, 1675 indicates he had large estates in England & Virginia, married Jul. 25, 1656 Lancaster, England, Alice Eltonhead who died 1684, the daughter of Richard Eltonhead of Lancaster and Ann Sutton.  (Alice was the widow of Rowland Burnham).   Henry came to Virginia Colony in 1654 on the ship "Charity" and resided first in Stratton Major Parish, King & Queen Co., VA.  He was registrar of the Parish in Middlesex Co., 1663-1667, member of the Kings Council 1663, Burgess from Lancaster Co., 1657, 59, 60.  He also owned "Pickatone" in Westmoreland Co. , and "Corbin Hall " in Middlesex Co. , VA.

    Lelitia, born 1657, died Oct. 6, 1706, married 1694, Col. Richard
        Lee of "Mt . Pleasant" .Westmoreland Co. , VA. , VA.
    Alice, born Feb. 14, 1660, married Sep. 28, 1679, Hon. Philip
        Lightfoot of "Tadding- ton", Gloucester Co., VA.
    Winifred, born Nov. 3, 1662, died 1709, married Col. Le Roy
        Griffin of Northumberland Co. , VA.
    Ann, born Feb. 9, 1664, died 1694, married 1684, Hon. William
        Taylor (Tayloes) of Lancaster Co. & Richmond Co., VA.
    Henry, born 1666, died in infancy
    Thomas, born 1668, died Nov. 4, 1736
    Garvin, born 1669, died 1744
    FRANCES, born 1671

FRANCES CORBIN, born Dec. 1671, died Nov. 22, 1713, Middlesex Co. VA,  married Hon. Edmund Jennings of "Ripon Hall", York Co. , VA.
(See Jennings Family Addendum).

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