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12. Clopton Family

     The family is descended from William Peccatumor Peche who lived in Cloptunne in 1086. 
His son:

Walter de Cloptunne started the transition of the name to Clopton.  Seven generations later, one Sir William Clopton, Knight, born 1450, died Feb. 20, 1530, married Thomasyne Knevet, the daughter of Sir Thomas Knevet (died 1536, a direct descendant of the Plantagents and Henry III King of England.
Their grandson:

William Clopton, married Margery Waldgrave ( the daughter of Edward Waldgrave and Joan Acworth) a direct descendant of Roger Le Bigod, died 1220 &  his son, Hugh Le Bigod, died 1255, both Magna Charta Sureties. 
Two more generations brings us to the father of our immigrant.
REV. WILLIAM CLOPTON of Eastwood, County Essex, England, born Oct. 9, 1613, died 1671, married Elizabeth Sutcliffe, the daughter of Rev. Isaiah Sutcliffe and Elizabeth Joyce.
Their son:

WILLIAM CLOPTON, Gentleman, born 1655 County Essex, England, died before 1733 in Kent Co., VA, married 1677/8 Ann Booth, born 1647, died Mar. 4, 1716 VA, the daughter of Robert Booth.
Their daughter:

ANN CLOPTON, born before 1682 York Co., VA, married, Nicolas Mills.
Their daughter:

ELIZABETH MILLS, married David Anderson who died , 1786
Anderson Family Addendum) .

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