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11. Clanton Family
(Also spelled: Clanterne, Clanthorne & Clanthorn)

     The earliest known family member in America left London, England, Oct. 24, 1635 on the ship "Abraham" under Master John Baker bound for Virginia.  The record shows  Jo. (John) Clanton, born 1608 in London at age 26 arrives in America but no mention is made of any family accompanying him on the trip.
    William, born before 1631, England
    Edward, born 1634, England
    MARMADUK, born 1637, James City, VA
MARMADUK CLANTON, was born in 1637 in James City, Va. and married _____? Briggs.
Children: (All born in James City, VA)
    EDWARD, born 1658
    Thomas, born ca. 1660
    Samuel Briggs, born ca. 1662
EDWARD CLANTON, known to have been a landowner in Charles City County, VA in 1673 No record of his wife was found.
    William, Born 1683, Surry, VA, died,1726 The Tombstone Line) Richard, born 1685, Surry, VA
    EDWARD, Born 1690, Charles City, VA
    Thomas, born 1695, Surry, VA

        The major division of the Clanton Families occurs with his children. The Clantons of the "OK Corral " in the famous Tombstone, Arizona epic are descended from his son William. Their line follows through one Henry Clanton, who on Jun. 26, 1816 married Polly B. Hailey in Davidson Co., TN. Henry's son, Newman Haynes Clanton, born late in 1816 Davidson Co., married Jan. 2, 1840 Callaway Co., MO, Mariah P. Kelso. Newman died Aug. 13, 1881 in Guadalupe Canyon, five to six miles south of the Arizona-Mexican border when attacked while on a cattle drive up from Mexico. Known as 'Old man Clanton'
    His sons were:
      John Wesley, born 1841 Calaway Co., MO
      Joseph Isaac,
      (Ike) Phineas, (Phin)
      William, (Billy), died Oct. 26, 1881

       To claim them as cousins would be a true statement however quite distant.
EDWARD CLANTON, born most likely about 1690 in Charles City County, VA, died 1741 in Brunswick Co., VA, married in Brunswick, VA, ca. 1705, Sarah Evans, born ca. 1685, Charles City, VA, died Oct. 6, 1748 Brunswick Co., VA.
    Edward Jr. was a landowner in Surry Co., VA (area, later part of Sussex Co.) as of Mar. 24, 1725.  He apparently moved to Brunswick
Co. by Apr. 27, 1737 when he is again shown as purchasing land.  In June 1739 he buys another 1000 acres in Brunswick Co.  His estate was inventoried in 1741 probably indicating his death that year.
    THOMAS, born Jan. 7, 1708, Brunswick Co., VA, died 1794
        Surry, NC
    Benjamin, born ca. 1712, Brunswick Co., VA, died ca 1665/68
        Orange Co., NC
    Sarah, born 1718, Brunswick Co., VA
    Charles, born, 1720, of Surry, VA, died ca 1765/68, Orange
        Co., VA
    William, born 1722, Brunswick Co., VA, died Mar. 3, 1773
        Warren, Bute Co., NC
    Mary, born 1724, Brunswick Co., VA
    Ann, born 1726, Brunswick Co., VA
    Edward III, born 1728, Brunswick Co., VA, died ca. 1763,
        Brunswick Co., VA
THOMAS CLANTON, born ca. 1708 Sussex Co., VA, died ca. 1794 Surrey Co., NC, married ca. 1745 Elizabeth ____?, born ca. 1737, VA.

    Thomas relocated first to Brunswick Co., VA by 1748 however he purchased 290 acres of land on Apr. 24, 1747 in Northampton Co., NC on the Roanoke River near his brother William's land. He is shown many times as buying or selling land in Brunswick Co. prior to 1768 about which time he moved to Surry Co.
    Thomas Jr. born ca. 1746
    Edward, born ca. 1748, Brunswick Co., VA
    Frances, born ca. 1750
    BENJAMIN, born ca. 1751, Brunswick CO., VA
    Elizabeth, married Thomas Marlowe
    Mary, born ca. 1752, Surry Co., VA
    Sarah, born ca. 1757, Brunswick Co., VA, died ca. 1810/20
        Surry, Co., VA
    Mary, born 1759, of Surry Co., VA, died Jun. 14, 1844 Yadkin,
        NC, married Thomas Wright
    Martha Patsy, born ca 1765, VA died ca. 1843/50 Iredell, Co., NC
    Frances, born Jan. 6, 1767, Brunswick Co., VA, died Dec. 29, 1849
        Henry, IN
BENJAMIN CLANTON, born ca. 1751 Brunswick Co., VA, died 1810, married ca. 1772 (name unknown) Surrey Co., NC.

     He received land from his father on Deep Creek, Surry Co., NC of approximately 225 acres, and upon his death this land was inherited by his son Edward on Apr. 17, 1811.
Children :
    Thomas, born ca. 1773, married Sarah Moore
    A daughter, born ca. 1775
    EDWARD, born ca. 1777, married Rachel Moore
    Mary, born ca. 1780, married Moses Sprinkle
    Charles, born ca. 1781, married Mary Wiles
EDWARD CLANTON, born ca. 1777 Surry Co., NC, died ca. 1837 Adams Co., IL, married Nov. 15, 1797 Surry Co., NC, Rachel Moore, born 1781 Surry Co., NC, died. after 1856 State Census in Madison Co., IA, interred St. Charles Cemetery, Madison Co., IA.

     Edward sold the land he received from his father, Apr. 17, 1811, the same day to his brother Thomas and soon after moved to Wayne Co., IN.  This restless family, like many pioneers, continued westward.  I n about 1818 they moved to the area now known as Scott Co., IL.  It was here they headed north into Morgan Co. in 1830 and then again west to Adams Co., IL in 1832.  In 1838 the family left, without a father, packing up their belongings and heading west to the new frontier near St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., MO.  Still the frontier spirit holds and on Mar. 1, 1846 they make yet another move, this time north to Madison Co., IA. On May 3, 1846 they finally settle on what was to become known as Clanton' s Creek.  Most of the family remained in this area .
    ISAAC, born late in 1811 IN
    Joel M., born Jan. 22, 1816 IN
    Ruth, born Jan. 10, 1818 IN 
    Nancy, born Sep. 9, 1819 IL 
    A son, fate unknown
ISAAC CLANTON, born 1811 Wayne Co., IN, died Sep. 22,1858, married ca. 1833, Adams Co., IL, Lorana Smith, born early in 1814 KY (Note: she married (2) Oct. 7, 1867 Madison Co., IA, Soloman Carpenter).

     Isaac moved with his family to Missouri and to Madison Co., IA where he obtained the first land claim in the area.
    Joel, born Jul 5, 1834 Adams Co., IL., married Angeline Shutt,
         died  Mar. 15, 1913
    Nancy, born 1836 Adams Co., IL
    William, born Nov. 2, 1837 Adams Co., IL, married Feb. 22,
         1856,Hannah Steel.
    Isaac Wesley, born 1838 Buchanan Co., MO,
    MOSES EDWARD, born Sep. 5, 1840, Buchanan Co., MO
    George, born 1841 Buchanan Co., MO, married Oct. 22, 1865,
         Mary Jane Steel
    Thomas Newton, born 1Oct. 5, 1843 Buchanan Co., MO,
         married May 7, 1865, Madison Co., IA, Susan E. Keeler.  He
         died Aug. 3, 1926, Buckeye, AZ
    Rachel C., born 1848/9 St. Charles, Madison Co., IA, married
         Dec. 27, 1877, William H. Black
    Charles Harding, born 1856St. Charles, Madison Co., IA, married
         Apr. 4, 1882, Wintertset, IA, Mary Victoria Wheeler.  He died
         1947 St Charles, IA
MOSES EDWARD CLANTON, born Sep. 5, 1840 Buchanan Co., MO, died Jul. 19, 1910 Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., CA, married Sep. 2, 1860 Madison Co., IA, (Vol. B,) Louisa Margaret Viney, born Mar. 2, 1842 Gentry Co., MO, died Dec. 15, 1921 Long Beach, CA, the daughter of Nathan Viney, born 1793-1899 VA, died between May 29 & Jul. 29, 1863 who married Margaret ____ ? born 1800/1 VA. (both died in Madison Co. IA.
 (See Viney Family Addendum)

     Moses lived in Madison, Co., IA until 1874/5 when he moved to Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ and resided at Five Points, near what is now the center of town, and ran a Blacksmiths Shop.  When the post office was established on Nov. 23, 1800,  Moses became the first Post Master of Phoenix.  In 1900 he helped build the Buckeye Canal.  They moved a little further west to Arlington, Maricopa Co., AZ (the town named by his wife Louisa) and helped build the first school in that city, assisted by his son Joel. Both of his grand-daughters attended this school.
    Ida Viney, born 1864/5, Madison Co., IA
    Laura Jane, born 1867, Madison Co., IA
    Alice M. born 1868/9, Madison Co., IA
    JOEL ELMER, born Dec. 23, 1873
    Nancy E., born ca. 1875, died 1876
    Ernest Moses, born ca. 1877/8, died 1912
JOEL ELMER CLANTON, born Dec. 23, 1873 Des Moines, Polk Co., IA, died Jul. 8, 1940 Gila Bend, Maricopa Co., AZ, interred Palo Verde Cemetery, Palo Verde  (near Buckeye), Maricopa Co., AZ, married Jun. 15, 1 1898 Tucson, Pima Co., AZ,  Mary Sue Douglas, born Jun. 24, 1876 Caddo, Stephens Co., TX, died Nov. 4, 1963 Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ, interred Palo Verde Cemetery, the daughter of Warren Douglas & Rebecca Evans
 (See Douglas Family Addendum) .

     Joel was 4 years old and still wearing curls and dresses when his parents came from Iowa to settle at Five Points, AZ. He started in the cattle business when about 25 and had a cattle ranch in Camp Creek, AZ where he frequently was bothered by raiding Indians.  He used the F T (F-T-Bar) brand until he went out of business as an old man.  He served both as Justice of the Peace and Cattle Inspector at Gila Bend, AZ.
    Beulah Mae, born May 23, 1899 , died 1982
    VELMA LOUISE, born Mar. 14, 1901

VELMA LOUISE CLANTON, born Mar. 14, 1901 Arlington, Maricopa Co., AZ, died Dec. 10, 1980 Tucson, Pima Co., AZ, interred Palo Verde Cemetery, Palo Verde, Maricopa Co., AZ, married (1) Nov. 20, 1920 Tempe, Maricopa Co., AZ, Samuel Dabney Gray Jr., born Apr. 23, 1896 Holly Springs, Marshall Co., MS, died Mar. 7, 1949 Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA, interred Valhalla Memorial Park, North Hollywood, Los Angeles Co., CA. Samuel served in World War I as a Sgt. in Headquarters Troop 3 of the U. S. Army.
(See Gray Family Addendum)

    MARY CORRINE `Patti', born Nov. 19, 1921
    See General text 7A-2 Ninth Generation)
    Samuel Dabney Jr. (Jack), born Dec. 14,1924.

    Velma Louise married (2) J. (Jasper) Cleo Wilson, born Sep. 7, 1903
    No Issue.

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