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Michigan Migration
(from the book "Arthur Aylsworth & His Descendents" by Homer Elhanan Aylsworth)
    George Aylsworth (6) --William (5), William (4), Arthur (3), Philip (2), Arthur(1)
    George seems to be the first to migrate to the State of Michigan.  He was born in Clarence,
    New York, March 22, 1819.  Married Eliza Ann York, the daughter of Jeremiah and Rhoda
    on York July 11, 1845.

    He dwelt on his farm which adjoined that of his brother Aaron, in Clarence, until 1866 when he
    moved with his family and engaged in the wood business on North Manitou Island, Michigan.
    In 1869, he moved his business to Chicago. In 1872 he started farming in Empire, Michigan,
    where he engaged largely in getting wood out for the Milwaukee market.  He was one who
    thoroughly enjoyed looking on the bright side of life and had a hearty laugh.

    His children were: Marian,  Emeline, George Franklin, Anson Wolcott, all of whom were born
    in New York  He married secondly on June 8, 1868 of Chicago.  From this marriage came:
    Georgianna Eleanor, Jessie, Clarence Aaron and Nettie Maggie all of whom were born in Empire,
    Michigan except Georgianna who was born in Chicago.  See more on George Franklin,
    his oldest son, and his descendants.

    An added note:

    From North Manitou Island: Between Sunrise and Sunset by Rita Hadra Rusco:
    The mid-1840's marked the beginning of community life on the island and a period of ;
    growth lasting for the next twenty-five or thirty years.  Simon Pickard built a second 
    pier and wooding station on the west side in 1854.  He sold this business in 1857, 
    probably to George Aylesworth.  It was during this period Aylesworth founded the 
    short-lived village bearing his name on the west side.  Aylsworth continued operation 
    of the wooding station until 1872 when he moved to Empire, Michigan. [p. 29]
    Cornelius Jones built a sawmill on the east side which he operated until 1855.  In 1856, 
    a second sawmill was built for Edwin Munger in the village, then known as Aylsworth, 
    and later as Crescent.


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