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Immigration to America...who? when?
    Editor's Note: This text was quoted from "A Register of the Aylsworth Family Begining with Arthur", by Sylvester Aylsworth (1840).  There is much discussion concerning the accuracy of the statements quoted
    below and is presented here as unverified and for informational purposes only.
In 1660, Charles II was restored to the throne of Great Britain.  Four years after, A.D. 1664, the Episcopalians having obtained the ascendancy of power in Church and State, commenced a severe and cruel persecution upon those dissenters who refused compliance to the "Conformity Act" imposing fines, imprisonment, proscription, banishment and death.

In 1664, one of three brothers, probably the eldest, fled to Holland.  He there became incorporated with the Dutch, and spelt his name after the Dutch pronunciation ELSWORT.  After a few years residence there, he with his family immigrated to America, and settled in the city of New York. Where many of his decedents still remain.  His name is believed to be THEOPHILUS.

He and his decedents professed their attachment to the Dutch Reformed Church.  They spell their name Elsworth.

In 1670,  six years later, the persecution was again renewed with increased severity by the same power.  It appears the second brother fled at this time.  He came to America and settled in Connecticut.  From him descended the families of that state who spell their names ELLSWORTH.

The third brother, who remained in Great Britain and is our ancestor, was several years younger than the other two.  At the time of persecution, he was too young to excite suspicion. He came to America in the late 1670's and settled in Rhode Island.  His name was Arthur.




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