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George Franklin Aylsworth
 by Robert Aylsworth

George Franklin Aylsworth (7) -- George (6), William (5), William (4), Arthur (3), Philip (2), Arthur(1) George Franklin was born June 20, 1853, the oldest son of George Aylesworth, who established the Michigan Branch of the family.

George married Sadie Thorn ( ) of Wisconsin. She was born in 1867 and died in 1947 George worked in the logging industry which was big business in that area in that day. His expertise was in wagon making which was used to carry lumber from the saw mill to the shipping dock in lake Michigan. He also owned a farm there which is still in existence.

George married Sadie Thorn ( ) of Wisconsin. She was born in 1867 and died in 1947.


Anson Franklin

Anson Franklin Aylsworth -- (8) George Franklin (7) George (6), William (5), William (4), Arthur (3), Philip (2), Arthur(1) born in Empire1896 He worked in the saw mill until it burnt down in 1916? He moved to Detroit, Michigan and worked for the Detroit Street & Railway Co. and finally Ford Motor Company as a millwright. Anson died in 1951.

He had married Ruth LaVerne Cooper in 1917, she was born Sep. 10, 1900, QWest Branch, MIand died in 1990. That marriage broke up in 1925 & Anson never remarried.


Robert Lloyd -- born Oct 24, 1918, West Branch, MI,
Viginia Ruth -- born Dec 31, 1924

Robert Lloyd Aylsworth -- (9) Anson Franklin (8) George Franklin (7) George (6), William (5), William (4), Arthur (3), Philip (2), Arthur(1) born Oct. 24, 1918. He married Henrietta Jacoba Rozema on May 16, 1942, born Sep. 20, 1920, Detroit, MI, She died Oct 20, 1999. Robert worked for Ford Motor Company for 36 years and retired to Florida.


Robert James, born Aug. 7, 1944
  Has two sons & lives in Jacksonville Florida
Kathleen Sharon, born May 19, 1947,
  Married _____Brantigan and has two daughters, and three sons, lives in Denver Colorado
Craig Delano, born Feb 13, 1950
Wendy Lynn,  born Oct 12, 1953, married Dana Willis Alden, Aug. 20, 1977, a direct descendent of the Mayflower Aldens, They have three sons.
  Erik Anson Alden, born Mar. 19, 1982
  Ian Patrick Alden, born Sep. 29, 1983
  Bryce Alexander Alden, born Apr. 16, 1985

Wendy Lynn Alden -- (10) is Vice President of Technology for Warner Bros. She holds an MS/MBA (Beta Gamma Sigma) in Managerial Sciences/Strategic Planning from Univ. of Southern California. Her BS is in Computer And Communication Sciences from the Univ. of Michigan. She has been with Warner Bros. 13 years and spent fifteen years in the aerospace industry. Wendy speaks frequently on technology panels and has published papers on software languages and training devices. In 1978 she received the YMCA award for Outstanding Woman of the Year in Engineering . Currently Wendy is Chairman of the Klimke Endowment Fund and Vice President of the Board of Trustees of High Point Academy.


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