Descendents of Robert Irvin Aylesworth
Compiled by Glenn Charles Aylesworth, 8th Generation
Last update 5/11/2020

The first four generations are from the book Arthur Aylsworth and His Descendants in America, 1887 and are continued from # 541, Robert Irwin Aylesworth on page 181 & 338. Names in bold type are continued in the following generation of this record.

A numeric alphabetic system has been added to allow easy identification of descendants starting with the five siblings born in the seventh generation.  For example: all descendants of Asa Aylesworth are numbered starting with 1A. All from Charles are 1C. All from Harvey are 1D. All from William are 1E. A number or letter is added for each subsequent generation. In addition, to find all descendants (children, grandchildren, etc.) of any one person, select all the subsequent persons having the same leading code of that person.

1st Generation

Arthur Aylworth - immigrated to America possibly from Gloucestershire, England or Wales circa 1678; married Mary Browne (possibly spelled Brown) about 1681/1682 in Providence, RI. Died Nov 9, 1725 in Quidnessett, RI.

Children of Arthur Aylworth and Mary Browne
i Robert (2) eldest son, m. Ann Davis.
ii Arthur (2) m. Mary Franklin.
iii John (2) m. Dorcas Jones.
iv Philip (2) b. 1692, m. Rachel Green.
v Chad (2) b. 1696, m. (1) Elizabeth Major, (2) Mary Wood.
vi Thomas (2) was deaf and dumb.
vii Mary (2) eldest daughter, m. John Greene.
viii Elizabeth (2) m. ..... Green.
x Martha (2) m. John Davis.

2nd Generation

Chad Aylworth, (Arthur 1) the youngest son, was born in 1696 in Washington County, RI. He married (1) in Newport, R.I. Nov. 15, 1725, Elizabeth Major, and dwelt in North Kingstown certainly until March 30, 1733, sometime after which they moved into old Scituate, and settled within the present limits of the town of Foster, R.I., where she died. He married (2) Mary Wood, who was living when his will was made, April 23, 1757, seventeen years before it was proved, May 22, 1773. He died 28 Mar 1773. Chad signed his Will as “Aylesworth” in 1756.

Children of Chad Aylworth and Elizabeth Major.
i Capt. Thomas (3) b. Aug. 21, 1726, m. (1) Susanna Randall, (2) Martha Harrington.
ii Elizabeth (3) bapt. Aug. 11, 1728, m. Dec. 6, 1747, James Hunter. She and her first born child are said to have died together.
iii Juda (3) m. Stephen Colegrove.
iv Mary (3) m. Philip Haynes, at Newport, May 25, 1875. "She had many sons and daughters." Their home was probably in Rhode Island.
v Rachel (3) m. Dec. 2, 1753, Thomas Colegrove.
vi Anna (3) died of croup in childhood.

3rd Generation

Thomas Aylworth, (Chad 2, Arthur 1) was born Aug. 21, 1726, baptized Oct. 16, 1726, at Trinity Church, Newport; admitted freeman May 6, 1746; made Ensign of 9th Company May, 1756, 2d Lieutenant March 14, 1758, and Captain of 2d Company of Scituate July 13, 1761.
He married (1) Susanna Randall, and settled in Scituate, where she died before June 24, 1758. He took part in the Expedition against Fort Frontenae in 1758, and afterwards married (2) Martha Harrington, who was born April 25, 1739, and who was a daughter of Amos and Mary (Bates) Harrington, of Scituate. The family moved probably in 1776 to "Old Dutch Hoosick," in Rensselaer Co., N.Y. where they lived until quite infirm from old age, spending their last years with their children in Burlington, Otsego Co., N.Y. Mary died there, April 5,1803, at the house of their daughter, Tabitha Weightman. Thomas died at the house of their son, Elhanan Aylsworth, Oct. 13,1814, at age 88 years, 1 month, and 22 days. They were members of the Baptist Church. And were buried in the old Baptist Church cemetery, between West Burlington and Garrattsville. He was a man of simple habits, a plain, sturdy man, frugal, generous, neighborly, and honest.

Children First Marriage.
i Chad (4) b. April 10, 1753, d. at 17 years of age, of consumption.

Children Second Marriage.
ii Elizabeth (4) b. April 20, 1761, m. Amos Taylor, b. Sept. 1, 1748, d. Nov.
21, 1818. She d. Dec. 11, 1849, in Burlington, N. Y.
iii Andrew (4) b. Oct. 10, 1763, m. Lydia Hicks.
iv Susanna (4) b. Dec. 7, 1765, m. Elijah Stone.
v Tabitha (4) b. March 14, 1768, m. Samuel Weightman.
vi Elhanan (4) b. Aug. 31, 1772, m. Mary Harrington.

4th Generation

Andrew Aylsworth, (Thomas 3, Chad 2, Arthur 1) was born Oct. 10, 1763. He married, in Hoosick, N. Y., to Lydia Hicks, who was born Sept. 17, 1767. in the State of Connecticut, probably. They dwelt in Hoosick a number of years, but in 1808 settled permanently in the town of Barnbridge, Chenango Co. N. Y., where he died July 13, 1840, and she died Feb. 10, 1855. (Note the “s” has been added to the name. Also, Barnbridge later became known as “Bainbridge”.)

Their family of children consisted of seven sons and three daughters :

i Hannah (5) unmarried, died June 4, 1850, aged 60 years and 6 months.
ii Amos (5) died young of scarlet fever, in Hoosick, age about 13 years.
iii Thomas (5) b. Feb 7, 1794, m. 1st Betsey Newton; dwelling in Barnbridge.
iv Clarissa (5) b. 1796, m. Charles Morris Newton; dwelling in Barnbridge.
v Prudence (5) b. April 10, 1799, m. Marshall Newton; dwelling in Barnbridge.
vi Arthur (5) died young of scarlet fever in Hoosick, aged about 3 or 4 years.vii Dexter (5) b. June 2, 1804, m. 1st Nancy Taylor; dw. last East Pike, N. Y.
viii Robert Hicks (5) b. April 16, 1807, m. Elizabeth Arnold; dwelling in Hunlocks
Creek, Pa.
ix Benjamin Lewis (5) b. July 1, 1809, m. Mary Ann Briggs; Afton, N. Y.
x Chadiah (5) b. July 6, 1812, m. Mahala Myers; dwelling in Roulette, Potter Co., Pa.

5th Generation

Robert Hicks Aylsworth, (Andrew 4, Thomas 3, Chad 2, Arthur 1) born, April 16, 1807, Hoosick, NY. He married Elizabeth Arnold on May, 8 1836 at Hunlock’s Creek.; Elizabeth was born, April 18,1818, daughter of Stephen and Martha (Williams) Arnold, of Huntingdon, Pa., They dwelt in Bainbridge, NY until they moved to Hunlock’s Creek in Luzerne County, PA in 1845. He was a wagon maker and preacher.


i Andrew Stephen, born, Jun.28, 1837,  Bainbridge, Chenango, NY
ii John Arnold, born, Aug. 3, 1840, Bainbridge, Chenango, NY
iii Robert Irvin, born, Apr. 19, 1842,  Bainbridge, Chenango, NY
iv Thomas Eddy, born,. Jun. 30, 1851,  Hunlock’s Creek, PA
v Reuben Nelson, born, Mar.19, 1858,  Hunlock’s Creek, PA

6th Generation

Robert Irvin Aylesworth; married Sarah Elizabeth Nagle, Jan 12, 1871. She was a daughter of Charles and Mary Ann (Custard) Nagle of Hanover, Luzerne Co. PA. Robert Irvin Aylesworth was a farmer and a Blacksmith, and they dwelt at Hunlock's Creek, Pa.  (Middle name has been spelled either Irvin or Irwin.) (note an ”e” has now been added to the name.)

7th Generation

Children of Robert Irvin Aylesworth and Sarah Elizabeth Nagle were:


1A}. Asa Elmer Aylesworth (b. Nov 18, 1871 in Hunlock’s Creek, PA: died 1933)

1B}. Anna Dora, (b. Jun 1, 1876 in Hunlock’s Creek, Luzerne County, PA; died ????)

1C}. Charles Augustus Aylesworth (born Sep 7, 1878 in Hunlock’s Creek, PA; died May 15, 1944 while visiting his daughter in Babylon, Long Island, NY; buried in Glenwood Cemetery in Afton, NY)

1D}. Harvey Everett Aylesworth (Born Aug 1, 1881 in Hunlock’s Creek, Luzerne County, PA; died May 9, 1967)

1E}. William Howard Aylesworth (born August 6, 1883, d. Feb 13, 1952)

8th Generation

           Children of Asa Elmer Aylesworth and Drusie (Brooks) Aylesworth


1A-1}. Norman Aylesworth (b. Dec 4, 1905; Died Oct 2, 1979; burial in Kattelville Cemetary, Kattelville, NY); married to Marion Louise Folmsbee, date unknown. No children.

1A-2}. Marvin Aylesworth (b. Sep 9, 1908; d. Nov 1987). Married to Lena M. Johnson in February 1929.


            Children of Anna Dora Aylesworth (unknown)


            Children of Charles Augustus and Clara (Aylsworth) Aylesworth:

Married Clara Bertha Aylsworth, daughter of William and Gertrude [Bradshaw] Aylsworth; Clara b. 1878; died May 8, 1941; buried in Glenwood Cemetery in Afton, NY)


1C-1}. Glenn Frank Aylesworth (born Leishirestown [now Johnson City] NY, Oct 28, 1901;Married Cora May Brady June 16, 1921;  died Jan 11, 1955 in Edison, NJ; buried in Van Liew Cemetery, North Brunswick, NJ)

1C-2}. Irma Aylesworth (born May 19, 1906; died Feb 6, 1969 in Babylon, NY; married Charles Lull, b. 10 Sep 1902, d, 13 Feb 2001; buried in Glenwood Cemetery in Afton, NY). Irma and Charles Lull had no children.


            Children of Harvey Everett and Eva (Tuttle) Aylesworth: Eva b. ????; Married date????


1D-1}. Harvey Richard (Dick) Aylesworth (born Feb 18, 1914; died Oct 5, 2000 in Binghamton, NY). Dick and his wife, Doris, were responsible for maintaining and running the Aylesworth Dairy (a raw milk dairy) after his father was unable to keep the farm going. The farm was located near Chenango Forks northeast of Binghamton. When the farm became unprofitable, the family sold the land and it has since become a housing development. Dick and Doris are buried in Kattellville Cemetery in Kattellville, NY.

1D-2}. Marion Aylesworth (born 1917; died 1995); lived in Edwardsville, Ill. Marion married John [called Jack] Cunningham (m. ????); lived in Edwardsville, Ill; Jack born Oct 6, 1919; died 9/26/01.

1D-3}. Leonard (Cy) Edwin Aylesworth (Born Jan 7, 1920; died Sep 16, 2008 in Panama City, FL) Cy passed away while a resident of the Clifford Chester Sims State Veteran's Administration Nursing Home. He enlisted in the Army Air Corps (USAF) in 1942 and served through late 1944 as a member of the Flying Tigers, flying a P-40 in missions into China during World War II. He left active duty in 1945 and was discharged as a major by the USAF in 1958.

Married Dec. 8, 1944, Cy and Mary raised their family in Johnson City, N.Y., and the family shared many vacations at its summer cottage on Sandy Pond off the eastern end of Lake Ontario. Cy was as industrious in business as he was in his family life. He started, owned and operated three successful businesses during his lifetime. Two businesses were operated in nearby Binghamton, N.Y., before leaving the area in 1974 to open a Safari Campground in Stafford, Va. After selling his own campground in 1979, he continued to work as a representative of Safari (Jellystone Parks) for a number of years, traveling the country assisting other franchise campground owners.

Cy and Mary retired to Panama City, Fla., in 1989, where he became one of the founding members of Emmaus United Methodist Church. Cy personally was instrumental in the construction of the original portion of the present structure on Highway 2297 in Sandy Creek and in development of the church as a whole.


            Children of William Howard and Emma (Boughton) Aylesworth:

Emma;  b. Jul 30, 1889; d. Oct 31, 1979; married ????.


1E-1}. Evelyn Mae (Aylesworth) Halstead, b. Aug 19, 1911; d. Jul 24, 1998; married Raymond Harold Halstead on October 25, 1947. Evelyn was a missionary to the Indians for 10 years in Red House, NY; Tennessee; Missouri; and Kentucky.

1E-2}. Emily Lucille (Aylesworth) Benjamin; b. Sep 16, 1913 in Triangle, NY; married to Roger Benjamin Sep 24, 1966; d. Jan 3, 2005; in Johnson City, NY. (Roger’s DOB: 6/11/1911)

1E-3}. Delos Robert Aylesworth b. 11 Oct 1916; d. 15 Apr 1999. Married Frances Stalker, b. 1911, d. April 20, 1999; no children

1E-4}. Ella Elizabeth (Aylesworth) Matthews, b. 1919, d. April 17, 1957; was married to Woodrow E. Matthews, on August 9, 1940.


9th Generation


            Children of Marvin and Lena M. (Johnson) Aylesworth:

Lena M. Johnson, b. Feb 23, 1908; d. Oct 27, 1995; Lisle, NY.


1A2-A}. Earl I. Aylesworth, b. Nov 19, 1931 (still living in Binghamton).

1A2-B}. Alva Aylesworth: b. Jun 3, 1933; d. Dec 9, 1953; killed in a truck crash.


            Children of Glenn Frank and Cora (Brady) Aylesworth:

Married Cora May Brady in Tabernacle Methodist Church in Binghamton NY on, June 16, 1921; Cora was born In Randallsville, NY, on Jan 24, 1892, died Oct 18, 1994 in Chambersburg, PA; buried in Van Liew Cemetery, North Brunswick, NJ.


1C1-A}.  Eleanor Bertha Aylesworth (born Mar 20, 1922; died Feb 10, 1981 in West Islip, NY; buried in Van Liew Cemetery, North Brunswick, NJ)

1C1-B}.  Beverly Joyce Aylesworth: stillborn.

1C1-C}.  Glenn Charles Aylesworth (born May 9, 1933 in New Brunswick, NJ; still living in Chambersburg, PA)



            Children of Harvey Richard (Dick) and Doris (Smith) Aylesworth:

Married Doris Smith , June 24, 1950, Doris: b. Dec 22, 1921; died Sep 16, 2008 in Binghamton, NY. They are buried in Kattellville Cemetery in Kattellville, NY.




Children of Marion (Aylesworth) and Jack Cunningham:

Marion married John [called Jack] Cunningham (m. ????); lived in Edwardsville, Ill; Jack born Oct 6, 1919; died 9/26/01.


1D2-A}.  John; born Nov 28, 1946. Currently lives in Urbana, Ill. Wife: Vanna

1D2-B}.  David Richard; born Aug 27, 1949.  Married wife Annabelle Towarak on March 18, 1978 in Unalakleet, Alaska. Annabelle was born on August 13, 1951. Annabelle is a graduate of University of Alaska at Fairbanks (1975) with a BA in Elementary Education. Dave and Annabelle own West Coast Aviation Services, Inc. and Dave is the sole proprietor of West Coast Construction, all based in Unalakleet.

1D2-C}.  Barbara; born Jan 17, 1954. Was married to Pat Brockhaus and had a child named  Christopher. Barbara committed suicide after her father died.

1d2-d}.  Kathleen (Katie); born Aug 3, 1956. Katie was killed in a car crash as a teenager.


            Children of Leonard (Cy) and Mary (Portz) Aylesworth:

Mary b. Aug 24, 1924; married Mary Dec 8, 1944; Mary is still living in Panama City, FL. Cy died in the VA home in Panama City, FL, on Sep 16, 2008


1D3-A}.  Ruth Aylesworth Bardeen, b. Mar 1, 1947; lives with husband Irving (b. Sep 1, 1942) in Conklin, NY. Ruth was a 1977 graduate of Binghamton University with a Master of Arts (MA). In 1986 she earned a MA-Teaching from the same University, and in 1991 earned a Master of Science in Education (MSEd) also from BU. After many years of teaching at both the elementary and secondary levels, she retired in 2005.

1D3-B}.  Chris, b. June 28, 1948; married Gayle (Gager) in 1982.

Chris is a graduate of the DVM program at Cornell University. After practicing as a veterinarian, he taught high school science classes in Rangeley, Maine for 14 years. He also had a sport shop he called The Fly Shop. In July 2004, Chris Aylesworth, DVM Cornell '74, and his wife Gayle moved to Ferrum, VA, where he was an assistant professor at Ferrum College.  He subsequently became Director of Professional Health Services at Ferrum College. His hobbies and major interests are horses and fly fishing. They sold their fly fishing business before heading for Ferrum. In June 2015, they moved from VA to Hinsdale, MA. Unfortunately Gayle passed away on July 4th, 2016.


Children of Evelyn Mae (Aylesworth) and Raymond Halstead;

Evelyn married Raymond Harold Halstead Oct 25, 1947; Raymond was born Dec 15, 1912, and died May 29, 1966.


1E1-A}.  Russell Lee Halstead, b. Feb 14, 1950; died in a car accident Apr 8, 1973.

1E1-B}.  Geraldine Ruby (Halstead) Collins, b. May 1, 1951; married  Richard Anthony Collins on November 2, 1973. Currently lives in Oklahoma City, OK.

1E1-C}.  Sharon Mae (Halstead) Swanson, Oswego, Ill; b. Oct 19 1952; married to John D Swanson, Dec 3, 1983.  Both still living in Oswego, ILL.


Children of Emily Lucille (Aylesworth) and Roger Benjamin:

Lucille married Roger Benjamin, Sep 24, 1966 in Johnson City, NY. Lucille was a missionary for twenty years in Tennessee and Kentucky.


1E2-A}.  Barbara Adams, Lexington Park, MD (stepdaughter)

1E2-B}.  Jerry Benjamin, Bandera, TX (stepson)


Children of Ella Elizabeth (Aylesworth) and Woody E.  Matthews.

1E4-A}.  Alma Mae, b. Aug 14,1941, d. April 17. 1957

1E4-B}.  Carl W., b. 1947, d. April 17, 1957

Note: Ella and both children were stabbed to death in the same incident. The husband died two days later (April 19, 1957) from burns suffered when their house caught on fire.


10th Generation


            Children of Earl I. Aylesworth & Iva (Sturdevant) Aylesworth:

Iva, b. Nov 23, 1930; d. June 1981 in Castle Creek, Broome Cty, NY; m. June 1951. Earl still living, married Rose Drake on April 22, 1992, after Iva’s death. Rose was born on Aug 12, 1935.


1A2A-1}.  LuAnn Mae (Aylesworth) Biviano: b. Dec 27, 1953; lives with husband Dick in Lansing, NY.

1A2A-2}.  Stephen Allen: born on May 11, 1955; married Chris B. Romain and lives in Columbia, SC. Stephan died Jan 26, 2017.

1A2A-3}.  Randy: Born on Aug 7, 1956; married Emily Rouse in 1974; divorced in 1981. Married June Janet Scott (DOB: May 8, 1960) on June 11, 1982; he adopted her two boys. They live in Gray Court, SC.

1A2A-4}.  Darlene Naomi (Aylesworth) Harrington; b. Aug 1, 1958; married to Richard Lee Harrington, Aug 10, 1979; Richard (Rick) born August 17, 1958; lives in Greene, Chenango Co., NY

1A2A-5}.  John Marvin: DOB: Apr 26, 1963; married Rhonda Hughes in 1991; divorced in 2000. John re-married to Yvette Donaldson Hioco on April 6, 2006. They have no children. They currently reside in Harpursville, NY.

1A2A-6}.  Joyce Leona (Aylesworth) Williams: born Feb 1, 1965; Married to Greg Williams in 1987; now divorced; lives in Mauldin, SC.



            Children of Earl and Rose (Drake) Aylesworth:




            Children of Alva and Charlotte (Leet) Aylesworth:

Charlotte Leet, b. 3/2/1934, married October 1951. Alva killed in truck crash. Charlotte remarried to David Truxal. Charlotte died on Sep 30, 2011. Her husband lives with her daughter in Vestal, NY.


1A2B-1}.  Kathy (Aylesworth) Truxal: b. Mar 10, 1952; married Robert R. Truxal July 4, 2002; Robert born Aug 15, 1942; died April 2, 2008. Kathy still living in Port Crane, NY

1A2Bb-2}.  Patricia (Aylesworth) Herzich, b. Sep 9, 1953; married Frank J. Herzich  May 1, 1976; still living in Vestal, NY.


            Children of Eleanor (Aylesworth) and E. Robert Ochs:

Emanuel Robert (Bob) Ochs b. Jan 22, 1923 and died Sep 3, 1994, in Glendale, Maricopa County, Arizona. Bob is buried in National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona in Maricopa County. They were married  on Nov 13, 1943, by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale in the Marble Collegiate Church in NYC.


1C1A-1}.  Linda Gale (Ochs) Hansen, b. May 28, 1946, m. Carl Leonard Hansen, Aug 24, 1968, divorced eleven years later,  Lived for several years in Broomfield, CO; now lives in a nursing home in Northglenn, CO. Carl died Sep 22, 2013.

1C1A-2}.  Beverly Joy (Ochs) Greene, b. Aug 15, 1948; married James Joseph Greene on Dec 14, 1968; now divorced and still lives in Denver, CO. Graduated Regis University in Denver, May 8, 2005.

1C1A-3}.  (Robert) Bruce Ochs, b. Aug 13, 1951; Graduated Long Island University, Brookville,  NY in 1976 with a degree in Criminal Justice; m. Catherine May Horst, Apr 8, 1979; Cathy, b. Nov 8, 1954 in Bayshore,  NY; Cathy has a BE in Elementary Education from Dowling College (1976), and a Masters in Special Education from Long IslandUniversity (1977). In 2019 they moved from Long Island to Ocala, Florida.


            Children of Glenn Charles and Nathalie Wilhelmina (Poulson) Aylesworth: Nathalie b. July 30, 1935; m. Jan 24, 1959 in Perth Amboy, NJ; both live in Chambersburg, PA


1C1C-1}.  Sherrie Deneen (Aylesworth) Ray, b. Oct 14, 1964; Married Stephen Ray, Apr 1, 1985; one son, Stewart Kelly Ray.  Divorced one year later. Now living in Naples, FL.

1C1C-2}.  Noreen Jean (Aylesworth) Selby, b. Oct 24, 1967; Graduated from Juniata College, Huntington, PA in 1989 with a degree in Psychology and Biology; married Dwayne Selby in Nov 19, 2004; lives in Waynesboro, PA with husband and daughter Mathilda Mae Selby.

1C1C-3}.  Scott Charles Aylesworth, b. Aug 26, 1970; Scott is a graduate of Drexel University with a bachelor in Commerce and Engineering in 1993 and Masters in Finance and International Economics in 2003. Married Christian Burchill on Oct 29, 2013. Chris was born on April 12, 1963. Chris has a B.S.N degree from West Chester University (1985), a M.S.N. degree from University of Pennsylvania (1989), and graduated with PHD from Temple University in 2001 in Adult and Organizational Development. He is a research doctor at Cleveland Clinic hospital complex. They live in Cleveland, Ohio.


            Children of Annabelle and Dave Cunningham


1D2B-1}.  Tera M. Cunningham: Born Aug 25, 1978; married Mattox (Matt) Roesch on June 18, 2005; Matt was born on Apr 30, 1977. Matt is a successful fiction writer. Matt earned a Master of Fine Arts degree for fiction writing from Warren Wilson College in July 2010. Tera is a graduate of University of Minnesota, 2006. Currently she is a councilwoman on Unalakleet (Alaska) City Council.

1D2B-2}.  David Reuben Cunningham: born Dec 9, 1980;


            Children of Ruth (Aylesworth) Bardeen and Irving Bardeen:


1D3A-1}.  Matthew: b. Aug 22, 1973; accomplished photographer and self-professed “computer geek”,  with own web site titled, “My Life”. Graduated Virginia Commonwealth University; obtained Masters of Science from University of Sussex in Brighton, England, about Feb 2003; Married Veronica Gomez Aug 22, 2005 in England. Now living in Talca, Chile. Both teach at a local university. Veronica was born on Feb 14, 1972.

1D3A-2}.  Christopher: b. June 17, 1976; Married to Denise Lombardo, July 13, 2002. Currently living in Port St Lucie, FL. Denise was born on Dec 5, 1975. 

1D3A-3}.  Daniel Clarke: b. Feb 10, 1978; married to Erin Kathleen Moughan Oct 23, 2004 at St Josephs Church in Endicott, NY. Graduate of Binghamton University. Works as a computer programmer. Currently living in Binghamton, NY. Erin was born on Aug 14, 1977.


            Children of Chris Aylesworth & Joanne (George) Aylesworth:


1D3B-1}.  Jennifer  L . Aylesworth: b. Nov 8, 1971; Graduated from College of the Atlantic in 1994. Now works in a chiropractic office and lives in South Paris,  Maine. Jennifer married Christopher Harris on Jan 19, 2013.

1D3B-2}.  Brendan W. Aylesworth: b. Mar 27, 1973; currently works at the zoo in Atlanta, GA.. Married Elizabeth (Liz) Bain in May 9, 2011 in Bora Bora. Liz, born on May 27, 1978 is an Emergency Room nurse at a hospital in Georgia.

1D3B-3}.  Jillian Ruth (Aylesworth) Lee: b. June 12, 1977; inducted Phi Beta Kappa at Binghamton University in 1999; Married Patrick Lee, Nov 10, 2007; lives in Island Lake, IL.


Children of Chris & Gayle (Gager) Aylesworth:


1D3B-4}.  Ryan J. Aylesworth: b. Apr 18, 1983; Married to Laura Jane Cochran (DOB: Dec 1, 1983) on July 29, 2006. Ryan is a 2005 graduate of Cornell University. Laura graduated from Mt. Holyoke College in 2006, and obtained her DMV from University of Minnesota in May 2011. They currently live in St. Paul, Minn.



            Children of Geraldine Ruby (Halstead) and Richard Anthony Collins:


1E1B-1}.  Richard Michael Collins, b. Sep 16, 1974; married Tina Michelle Martin on March 20, 1999.


            Children of Sharon Mae (Halstead) Swanson and John D Swanson:


1E1C-1}.  Sharon, b. Jul 30, 1985. Graduated with Assoc of Science Degree in Accounting in May, 2006, and a Bachelor of Science at Aurora University, Aurora, Ill., with a major in Accounting in 2008; and an MBA in Accounting in May 2009.




11th Generation


            Children of LuAnn Mae (Aylesworth) Clark?  Married and divorced.


1A2A1-A}.  Valerie Ann (Clark) Davis: DOB: Dec 29, 1972. Graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Science in 1995; received a Master’s Degree from Case Western University in Cleveland Ohio. Valerie married Kechia Davis on Jan 10, 2008. They had a girl baby named Emma Davis on July 25, 2009. Valerie currently works for VA as a nutritionist and living in Wilmington, Mass.


            Children of LuAnn Mae (Aylesworth) and Richard Angelo Biviano:

Married Richard Angelo Biviano on June 26, 1982. Currently living in Lansing, NY.


1A2A1-B}.  Twin boys - Matthew Thomas, born Aug 28, 1984. Matthew graduated from State University New York at Brockport in 2007 with a degree in Business Administration and is currently living in Rochester, NY.  Matt married Christina Baggetta on August 4, 2012 in Albany, NY. Christina was born on Jan 21, 1988. Daughter Ava Sophia Biviano was born on July2, 2016. Son Nicholas born?

1A2A1-C}. Jeffery Michael Biviano; Also born Aug 28, 1984; Jeffery graduated from Tomkins Community College and currently lives in Greene. Works at Raymonds.



            Children of Stephen and Christine B. (Romain) Aylesworth:


1A2A2-A}.  Ashley Nichole Aylesworth; DOB: Aug 13, 1986. Ashley married Jason Ellie on April 24, 2009. Jason was born on Dec 11, 1984. Ashley graduated from University on South Caroline with a BS in Science in 2008.

1A2A2-B}.  Hope Elizabeth Aylesworth; DOB: Mar 9, 1990. Hope is currently attending Midlands Technical College in Columbia, SC. and plans to be a graphic artist.


            Children of Randy Aylesworth and Emily (Rouse) Aylesworth:


1A2A3-A}.  Christopher Michael Aylesworth; DOB: July 14, 1974. Christopher married Stephanie Martin (DOB: Oct 5, 1974) in September 1995. They have three children and live in Hickory Tavern, SC.

1A2A3-B}.  Leslie Hope Aylesworth; DOB: Sep 27, 1977. Leslie married Ramon Rivera (DOB: Feb 3, 1978) in Aug 1997. They have 3 children and live in Fountain Inn, SC.

1A2A3-C}.  Bobbie Jon Aylesworth; DOB: July 30, 1979. Bobbie married Kelly Dembishach (DOB: May 9, 1981) on July 24, 2004. They have two children and live in Hickory Tavern, SC.


            Children of Randy Aylesworth and June Janet (Scott) Aylesworth:


1A2A3-D}.  Scott Michael; DOB Mar 18, 1976. Scott currently lives in Virginia Beach, VA.

1A2A3-E}.  Sean Owen; DOB: May 11, 1979.   Sean lives in Gray Court, SC.


            Children of Darlene Naomi (Aylesworth) and Richard Lee Harrington:


1A2A4-A}.  Stephen Robert Harrington; DOB Aug 6, 1980. Stephan married Karen Leigh Skelly on July 7, 2006. Karen’s DOB is Sep 25, 1980. They had a baby girl on Aug 13, 2009. The baby was named Rayna Arbor Harrington.

1A2A4-B}.  Jesse Lee Harrington; DOB: May 6, 1981. Jesse married Erika Au Strickland on Oct 31, 2008.  Erika was born on April 19, 1985.



            Children of Joyce Leona (Aylesworth) and Greg Williams:


1A2A6-A}.  Heather Leigh Williams; DOB: Jan 28, 1989. Heather graduated from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. On May 7, 2011 with a degree in Early Education. Heather married Darion Fredrick Reid on June 19, 2015 in Greenville, SC.

1A2A6-B}.  Haley Lynn Williams; DOB: Aug 31, 1995. Haley is a freshman at Mauldin High School in Mauldin, SC.  Haley became engaged to Charles Weathers in 2018.


            Children of Kathy (Aylesworth) Truxal:


1A2B1-A}.  Jennifer (Aylesworth) Williams: b. Sep 22, 1979; married James Williams June 30, 2000. They have two sons, James Williams, born in Jun 22, 2003, and Jassiah Ray born on Feb 21, 2008. They reside in Port Crane, NY.


            Children of Patricia (Aylesworth) and Frank Herzich:


1A2B2-A}. Scott Herzich: b. April 2, 1981. Scott graduated from State University of New York at Oswego with a major in Criminal Justice. He married Ashley King on March 17, 2012.  They currently reside in Morrisville, North Carolina.

1A2B2-B}.  Stephanie Herzich: b. Sep 25, 1988. Stephanie lives in Morrisville, NC.


            Children of Linda Gale (Ochs) and Carl Hansen:


1C1A1-A}.  David Eric Hansen: b. Nov 10, 1972; married Jennifer Marie Olsen, Sep 2, 2000; Jennifer b. Apr 25, 1977; David and Jennifer currently live in Ft. Lupton, CO.


            Children of Beverly Joy (Ochs) and James Greene:


1C1A2-A}.  Robert Paul Greene: b. Aug 20, 1971; married Carrie Trupiano, Oct 15, 2000; Carrie b. Jul 14, 1976; Robb graduated from Metropolitan State College, Denver, CO,  December 15, 2001;  They had one son, Eric Matthew, on Dec 16, 2001. Robb and Carrie divorced and Robb married Brenda Gray in Italy on June 8, 2016. In 2020 they bought and currently own a Bed and Breakfast and live in Grand Junction, CO.

1C1A2-B}.  Kerry Greene: b. Nov 22, 1973; Kerry married Peter Harnish March 3, 2009 in Hawaii. Kerry & Peter currently live in Renton, WA. Kerry and Pete had a boy named James Ezra Harnish on 22 December 2009.


            Children of Robert Bruce and Catherine (Horst) Ochs:

Cathy b. Nov 8, 1984; Cathy and Bruce married April 8, 1979.


1C1A3-A}. Erin Allison Ochs: Born June 21, 1982 in Mass. Erin only lived a couple of hours and died the same day.

1C1A3-B}.  (John) Quentin Ochs: b. Oct 18, 1983; graduated from Scranton University, May 29, 2005. Married Brittany Anne Boscia on Nov 23, 2013. Brittany was born on May 28, 1989. Quentin obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in 2005 and a Masters in Literacy from St. Johns University in NY in 2009. Brittany was conferred with a Bachelor’s Degree From St Josephs in Psychology in 2011 and a Master’s Degree in School Psychology from Queens University in 2014. Both Q and Brittany are currently working in the Binghamton City School District, and they are living in the Binghamton, NY area.

1C1A3-C}.  (Brian) Jason Ochs: b. Nov 9, 1985;  Jason married Courtney Aleen Patterson in Colfax, CA on Dec 31, 2007. Courtney was born on June 20, 1986. Courtney graduated from Tulane University in Jan 2008 with a major in political science and a minor in Latin American Studies. After college she spent 4 years in the Marines, and left as a Captain.  Jason graduated from NY Maritime Academy in Jan of 2008. Jason obtained a Certificate as a Professional Mechanical Engineer in Portland, Oregon. They divorced in 2015 and Jason moved to Monterey, Calif. After a few years, Jason moved back to Portland, Oregon, but has since moved back to Manhattan, NYC.


            Children of Sherrie (Aylesworth) and Steven Ray:

Sherrie and Steve were married April 1, 1985; divorced one year later. Sherrie currently lives in Naples, FL.


1C1C1-A}.  Stewart Kelly Ray: b. Jan 28, 1986. Stewart married Savanna Bell Hindy on Feb 22, 2007. They have one daughter, Sienna Skye Ray, born July 22, 2005. Stewart and Savanna have since divorced.


            Children of Noreen (Aylesworth) and Dwayne Selby:

Dwayne b. Mar 24, 1971. Married Nov 19, 2004. Noreen and Dwayne live in Waynesboro, PA.


1C1C2-A}.  Mathilda Mae Selby: b. Oct 7, 2004


            Children of Scott Aylesworth and Chris Burchill:




            Children of Tera and Matt Roesch


1D2B1-A}.  Ayuu Cecilia Roesch: born Aug 19, 2008         

1D2B1-B} Kiiriq Belle Roesch: born Mar 7, 2011



            Children of Matthew and Veronica Gomez-Bardeen:




            Children of Christopher and Denise (Lombardo) Bardeen:


1D3A2-1} Daniel Perez; DOB: Dec 15, 1999

1D3A2-2} Mayleena Bardeen; DOB: May 2, 2005


            Children of Daniel Clark and Erin Kathleen (Moughan) Bardeen:


1D3A3-A}.  Margaret (Maggie) Elizabeth Bardeen; DOB: Dec 24, 2006.  7lbs, 10 oz.

1D3A3-B}.  William Isaac Bardeen. Born Mar 16, 2010.

1D3A3-C}. Colin John Bardeen. Born August 11, 2011.


            Children of Jennifer (Aylesworth) and Christopher Harris:




            Children of Brendan and Elizabeth (Bain) Aylesworth:


1D3B2-1} Oliver; DOB: Oct 26, 2014

1D3B2-2} Breelyn Harper Aylesworth; born Apr 3, 2017; 7 lbs, 4 oz.



            Children of Jillian R. (Aylesworth) and Patrick Lee:




            Children of Ryan and Laura Jane (Cochran) Aylesworth:





            Children of Richard Michael and Tina Michelle (Martin) Collins:


1E1B1-A}.  Tyler Anthony Collins; Born on September 25, 1997; graduated from high school May 21, 2015.

1E1B1-B}.   Tiffany Michelle Collins; born on March 15, 2002

1E1B1-C}.  Amy Nicole Collins; born on January 20, 2004

1E1B1-D}.  Kelsey Mae Collins; born on October 30, 2006


            Children of Sharon Swanson:


None. Not married



12th Generation


            Children of Valeria and Kechia Davis


1A2A1A-1}.  Emma Davis; DOB: July 25, 2009


            Children of  Matt and Christine Biviano


1A2A1C-1}.  Ava Sophia Biviano. DOB: July 2, 2016


            Children of Karen Leigh (Skelly) and Stephan Harrington


1A2A4A-1}.  Rayna Arbor Harrington; DOB: July 13, 2009

1A2A4A-2}. Falene Opel Harrington; DOB: Nov. 13, 2012


            Children of Erika (Strickland) and Jesse Lee Harrington


1A2A4B-1}.  Oren Bell Harrington; DOB: March 7, 2016

1A2A4B-2}.  Soma Hawk Harrington; DOB: July 17, 2018


            Children of Ashley (Aylesworth) and Jason Ellie




            Children of Christopher and Stephanie (Martin) Aylesworth:


1A2A3A-1}.  Amber Renee Aylesworth; DOB: Aug 10, 1995. Amber married Arron Chappell on Jun 21, 2019.

1A2A3A-2}.  Elizabeth Garrett Aylesworth; DOB: Apr 13, 1998

1A2A3A-3}.  Matthew Christopher Aylesworth; DOB: Jan 14, 2000


            Children of Leslie (Aylesworth) and Ramon Rivera:


1A2A3B-1}.  Andrew Ramon Rivera; DOB: Mar 25, 1998. Andrew married Annistia Cryer on Nov 17, 2018.

1A2A3B-2}.  Ellen Mikayla Rivera; DOB: Nov 5, 2000

1A2A3B-3}.  Ramon Nikolaus Rivera; DOB: Jan 26, 2005


            Children of Bobbie and Kelly (Dembishack) Aylesworth:


1A2A3C-1}.  Taylor Marie Aylesworth; DOB: Oct 23, 2002

1A2A3C-2}.  Katlyn Nicole Aylesworth; DOB: Jan 12, 2005


            Children of Sean Owen Aylesworth & Jennifer Harreld Bumgarner:


1A2A3E-1}.  Jordyn Elizabeth Aylesworth; DOB: June 1, 1998


            Children of Sean Owen and Kayci (Wilkes) Aylesworth


1A2A3E-2}.  Owen Aylesworth; DOB: May 2, 2012

1A2A3E-3}. Eli Corbin Aylesworth; DOB: August 29, 2013.

1A2A3E-4}. Layton Aylesworth; DOB: Jan 3, 2015

1A2A3E-5}. Addilyn Aylesworth; DOB: Feb 2, 2017


            Children of  Heather and Derion Reid


1A2A6A-1}. Tayvon Lee ; DOB: Nov 9, 2007.

1A2A6A-2}. Trayshaun Lee;  DOB: May 17, 2011.

1A2A6A-3}.  Elijah James; DOB: Feb 9, 2018.

1A2A6A-4}.  Dawson Fredrick; DOB: Jan 18, 2020.


            Children of Jennifer (Aylesworth) and James Williams


1A2B1A-1}.  James Williams; DOB: June 22, 2003

1A2B1A-2}.  Jassiah Ray Williams; DOB: Feb 21, 2008


            Children of Scott and Ashley (King) Aylesworth


1A2B2A-1} None


            Children of David and Jennifer (Olsen) Hansen:


1C1A1A-1}.  Dallas Hansen; DOB: Feb 17, 1994. Dallas married Thalia Garcia (DOB: Mar 21, 1994) on Aug 12, 2017 in Santa Clara, Calif. Both are graduates of Western State College (Colorado) in Gunnison, CO. they currently live in Centennial, CO.

1C1A1A-2}.  Shania Marie Hansen; DOB: Sep 10, 2001. She graduated high school in Ft Lupton, CO in 2020, and has been accepted at Dawson Community College in Glendive, Montana.


            Children of Robb and Carrie Greene:


1C1A2A-1}.  Alexandria Trupiano Greene; DOB: May 3, 1998

1C1A2Aa-2}.  Eric Matthew Greene; DOB: Dec 16, 2001


            Children of Robb and Brenda Gray-Greene


            None. But Brenda has two boys from a previous marriage.


             Children of Quentin and Brittany Ochs


1C1A3B-1}. Jackson John Ochs; DOB: Feb 2, 2020.


            Children of Kerry and Peter Harnish


1C1A2B-1}.  James Ezra Harnish; DOB: Dec 21,  2009.


            Children of Stewart and Savanna Ray


1C1C1A-1}.  Sienna Skye Ray; born July 22, 2005. Currently lives in Florida.