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Sir Allen B. Aylesworth

Born: 1854
Died:  Feb 13, 1952

Sir Allen Bristol Aylesworth of Canada, was  born in Newburgh, Ontario Canada.  He achieved prominence as Postmaster General of Canada - 1905 and Canadian Minister of Justice -1906.  In the early 1900's he was part of a commission that argued the Alaskan/Canadian boundaries.  That commission however was not successful in that endeavor.  He later, however made a masterly defense of Canadian waters before the Hague Tribunal of 1910.  For that achievement he received a Knighthood.

Sir Allen Bristol Aylesworth was a member of the International Boundary Commission (IBC). Mount Aylesworth, approximately. at 13840' West & 950' North, was named for him by the U. S. Coast & Geodetic Survey (USC&GS).  Also known as Mt. Armour & Border Peak 176.  It is a point on the US/Can. border where a change in direction takes place east of Yakutat, Alaska.

He went on to serve in the Senate in 1923 and nominated MacKenzie King for leadership Liberal Party, resulting in King later becoming Prime Minister of Canada.

Genealogy info: Arthur (the immigrant), Phillip, Job, Job, John, Sir Allen.
Married Adelaide Augusta Miller in 1878.

Information provided by John T. Brown of Ontario, Canada.


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