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2A1-A. ELEANOR MAE RUSTENHAVEN, born Aug. 7, 1930 Married  __________ ? Ballard


2A1-B. JOSEPH "JOE" RUSTENHAVEN JR., born Sep. 23, 1938 CA. Married Jan. 31, 1959 Inglewood, Los Angeles Co., CA (1959-2428) Mary Louise Collings, born 1940 MN, the daughter of Durwood F. Collings, born MT and Gertrude W. Hagen, born MN. 

2A1B-1. Helen Louise, born Jan. 23, 1960 
2A1B-2. Joseph III, born Jul. 24, 1962 

2B1-A. ROBY ADELBERT AYLESWORTH JR., born Aug. 9, 1947 Bemidji, Beltrami Co., MN. Married Jun. 30, 1972 Wilton, Beltrami Co., MN Karren Lynn Shelquist, born Aug.6, 1952 Fosston, Polk, Co., MN (Bk. 44, p. 408 line 5) (also in Clearwater Co., MN Bk. E, p. 298 - 5), the daughter of Duane Vincent Shelquist, born Apr. 1, 1933 Clearbrook, Leon Twp. Clearwater Co., MN (Bk. C. p. 155 line 112), (the son of Victor Shelquist, born Sweden ca. 1855 and Sadie Brun, born ca. 1897 MN.) and Jeanette Joy Brewer, born Apr. 13, 1935 Bagley, Clearwater Co., MN (Bk. C, p. 175 line 15), (the daughter of Stanley E. Brewer, born ca. 1896 IL, married ca. 1919 IL & Leonora E. Hudspeth, born ca. 1902 IL). 

2B1A-l. Chad David, born Apr. 9, 1975 
2B1A-2. Rachel Jae, born Dec. 15, 1977 
2B1A-3. Bret Jonathan, born Oct. 1, 1979 

2Bl-B. MILDRED ANN AYLESWORTH, born Aug. 26, 1955 Bemidji, Beltrami Co., MN/ Married Dec. 20, 1975 Bemidji, MN Alan Gerald Hauge, born Dec. 30, 1954 Newton, Jasper Co., IA, the son of Claude Harold Hauge, born Jun. 18, 1922 Walnut, Pottawattamie Co., IA & Teresa Jessie Healy, born Apr. 19, 1932 Newton, IA. 

Children :
2B1B-1. Elizabeth Ann, born Aug. 8, 1977 
2B1B-2. Andrea Lynn. born Dec. 31, 1979 
2B1B-3. Alan Glen, born Mar. 6, 1981 

2B2-A. CARROL JANE AYLESWORTH, born Jan. 15, 1947 Bemidji, Beltrami Co., MN. Married (1) Mar 18, 1967 St. Paul, Ramsey Co., MN James Phillip Maszaros, born May 19, 1949 St. Paul, MN, the son of Emre Lawrence Maszaros Sr., born Apr. 29, 1908 Cogswell. Sargent Co., ND and DeLois Lorre Anderson, born Mar. 9, 1918 Clarkfield, Yellow Medicine Co., MN. 

2B2A-1. Jamie Faith, born Aug. 26, 1967 
2B2A-2. Niki Marie, born Mar. 27, 1970 

Note: Underlined data are corrections made after publication.

Married (2) May 24, 1980 Tulsa, Tulsa Co., OK Leo Stephen Niscinski, born Oct. 19, 1951 in Dearborn, Wayne Co., MI, the son of Joseph Casmir Niscinski, born Dec. 24, 1921 Detroit, Wayne Co., MI, died Mar. 27, 1967 and Louise Virginia Pyle, born Oct. 15, 1923 Louisville, Jeffson Co., KY. Died Feb. 2, 1963 

2B2A-3. Stephanie Lee, born Jul. 5, 1981 

2B2-B. LINDA RAE AYLESWORTH, born Dec. 14, 1950 Bemidji, Beltrami Co., MN. married Aug. 26, 1983, Bemidji, Beltrami CO., MN Lee Charles Warneka, born May 5, 1950, Bigfork, Itasca Co., MN (adopted - born KY) son of Albert Warneka, born Jun. 15, 1912, Waterloo, BlackHawk Co., IA, died May 15, 1982 and Rose Lucille Bain, born Aug. 5, 1920, Aurora (center), Aurora Co., SD Linda and Lee now (2010) reside in Fargo, ND/

2B2-C. JODY ANN AYLESWORTH, born Jul. 13, 1954 Bemidji, Beltrami Co., MN. 

2B2-D. RUSSELL HAROLD AYLESWORTH, born Aug. 9, 1962 Bemidji, Beltrami Co., MN. 

2B3-A. HAROLD ROBERT AYLESWORTH, born Sep. 3, 1954 Bemidji, Beltrami Co., MN. Married Jan. 25, 1975 St. Cloud, Stearns Co., MN Neomi Mae Schneider, born May 22, 1955 St. Joseph, Stearns Co., MN, the daughter of Marcellus Norbert Schneider, born Jan. 5, 1908 St. Stephen, Stearns Co., MN and Margaret Rose Studer, born Nov. 30, L912 St. Cloud, MN. 

Children :
2B3A-1. Ryan Sean, born Jun. 7, 1975 
2B3A-2. April Mae, born Nov. 7, 1978 

2B3-B. JAMES DEAN AYLESWORTH, born Dec. 18, 1956 Bemidji, Beltrami Co., MN. Married Nov. 20, 1976 Bemidji, MN Julie Ann Carr, born Apr. 9, 1958 Bemidji, MN, the daughter of Richard Bruce Carr, born Nov. 2, 1933 St. Paul, Ramsey Co., MN and Judy Ann Fraasch, born May 30, 1938 Fargo, Cass Co., ND. 

No Issue 

2B3-C. ROBIN ANN AYLESWORTH, born Feb. 24, 1959 Bemidji, Beltrami Co., MN. Married Oct. 24, 1981 NY Thomas Anthony 0'Reilly, born Apr. 5, 1951 Shercock, County Cavan, Ireland, the son of Joseph O'Reilly, born Oct. 5, 1912 Shercock, Ireland and Eileen Waters, born May 10, 1922 Grange, County Sligo, Ireland. 

2C2-A ASHLEY NICOLE AYLESWORTH, born Jan. 19, 1989 St. Charles, IL 

2C2-B BRIANNA LINNEA AYLESWORTH, born Nov. 16, 1993 Geneva, IL 

4A2-A. CONSTANCE KAY THACKER, born Oct. 17, 1938 Beloit, Rock Co., WI. Married (1) ca. 1958 Rockford, Winnebago Co., IL Clayton "Micky" Jones, born ca. 1936/7 Rockford, IL, the son of Fred Jones and 
Rose ________?

4A2A-1. Gregory Thomas (Hammond), born Aug. 18, 1962 (Adopted) 

Married (2) Dec. 18, 1976 Fort Atchison, Jefferson Co., WI Paul Orrie Bessel, born Apr. 8, 1942 Milton, Jefferson Co., WI, the son of Fred Willard Bessel, born Apr. 19, 1914 Janesville, Rock Co., WI and Lucille Carol Pautsch, born Dec. 25, 1916 Janesville. WI. 

No Issue 

4B1-A. BARBARA B (initial only) BAKER, born Aug. 9, 1944 Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., WI., died Jul.22, 1986 in Las Vegas, Clark Co., NV, her ashes scattered in Hawaii, married (1) Aug. 27, 1963 Waukegan, Lake Co., IL William Charles Weissbrodt, born Feb. 24, 1938 Milwaukee, WI, the son of Victor Richard Weissbrodt, born ca. 1909 Milwaukee, WI (the son of William C. Weissbrodt and Amanda Krause) (Note: Victor married (1) Aug. 5, 1929 Evelyn Schwartz) married (2) Jan. 14, 1937 Milwaukee, WI (#6451937) Marcella Josephine Mackey, born ca. 1914 Milwaukee, WI (the daughter of Charles E. Mackey and Sara I. Lando). 

4B1A-1. Kimberly Jean, born Feb. 22, 1965 
4B1A-2. Tracey Lynn, born May 30, 1966 

Married (2) Oct. 20, 1977 Waukesha, Waukesha Co., WI Arthur Charles Olsen, born Apr. 13, 1936 Milwaukee, WI (# 4780-1936), died Jan. 22, 1981, Milwaukee, WI, the son of Arthur Harold Olsen, born Mar. 20, 1904 Milwaukee, WI (Vol. 372, p. 156) (the son of Charles Knute Olsen, born Norway and Sigrid Johnson, born Norway) married Jul. 27, 1935 Milwaukee, WI (# 3885-1935) Anna Rislove, born Oct. 8, 1909 Rushford, Houston Co., MN (the daughter of Ingebret Rislove and Bertha Solberg) 

No Issue 

5C1-A. LESLIE EDWIN VANCE, born Sep. 28, 1949 Richland Center, Richland Co.. WI. 

5C1-B. LAURIE LEE VANCE, born Nov. 10, 1950 Richland Center, Richland Co., WI. Married Apr. 11, 1970 Richland Center, WI. (Vol. 18, p. 49) Stephen Clinton Stephens, born May 20, 1950 IA, the son of Clinton E. Stephens, born WI and Dorene Ruth Cook, born Oct. 10, 1930 Boaz, Richland Co., WI (Vol. 21, p. 179) the daughter of Farreit C. Cook, born 1905 Boaz, WI and Martha Marcus, born 1910 Boaz, WI. 

5C1B-1. Angelica Lee, born Sep. 9, 1970 

5C1-C. DAVID CHRISTOPHER ELLIOTT, born Aug. 29, 1960 Richland Center, Richland Co., WI. married  Nov. 15, 1986, Albert Lea, MN, Pamela Newman, born Aug. 1, 1966, Naeve Hospital, Albert Lea, MN the daughter of Daryl Edward Newman, born Jun. 15, 1942, Freeborn Co., MN and Suzanne Marie Jacobson, born Dec. 10, 1945, Freeborn Co., MN

5C1C-1. Nathan Christopher, born May 7, 1987
5C1C-2. Amanda Pamela, born Nov. 10, 1988

5C2-A. SUSANNE KAY ZIMMERMAN, born May 1, 1959 Dodgeville, Iowa Co., WI. Married May 12, 1979 Dodgeville, WI William Gerard Knudson, born Aug. 10, 1957 Mineral Point, Iowa Co., WI, the son of James Perry Knudson, born Nov. 6, 1929 Platteville, Grant Co., WI and Agnes Mae Lawinger, born Mar. 10, 1930 Mineral Point, WI. 

5C2A-1. Carissa Susanne, born Jun. 2, 1981 
5C2A-2. Christina, born Jan. 15, 1987
5C2A-3. Caitlyn, born Jul. 22, 1988

5C2-B. MICHAEL PAUL ZIMMERMAN, born Jul. 15, 1960 Dodgeville, Iowa Co., WI. 

5C2-C. SANDRA JOAN ZIMMERMAN, born Nov. 18, 1961 Dodgeville, Iowa Co., WI.  married Jun 25, 1988, Todd Johnson, born Apr. 2, 1962

5C2-D. JEFFERY JOSEPH ZIMMERMAN, born May 9, 1963 Dodgeville, Iowa Co., WI. 

5C2-E. JOHN WALTER ZIMMERMAN, born Sep. 16, 1970 Dodgeville, Iowa Co., WI. 

6A1-A. PATRICIA JOYCE CHEWNING, born Apr. 25, 1946 Turner Valley, Alberta, Canada. Married Aug. 26, 1967 Calgary, Alberta, Canada Edward Ronneberg, born Mar. 21, 1944, the son of Rudy Ronneberg, born Norway and Lee ? 

6A1A-1. Brent Allen, born Apr. 21, 1976 
6A1A-2. David Arnie, born Dec. 3, 1977 

6A1-B. DEBORAH GAIL SKAUGE, born Feb. 28, 1953 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Married ca. 1974 probably in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 
6A1B-1. Jason Edward, born Aug. 3, 1975 
6A1B-2. Farrah Lorraine, born Dec. 27, 1977 
6A1B-3. Terry John, born Sep. 16, 1978 

6B1-A. LINDA GAIL AYLESWORTH, born Jun. 10, 1958 Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada. Married Apr. 2, 1977 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Stephen Paul Joseph Bernard Coucke, born Mar. 3, 1958 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the son of Paul Coucke and Shirley Hamlin.     . 

6B1A-1. Tanya Lynn, born Apr. 15, 1977 
6B1A-2. Angela Dawn, born Feb. 17, 1979 

6B1-B. VALERIE SUSAN AYLESWORTH, born Jan. 25, 1960 Kindersley, Saskatchewaw, Canada. Married Sep. 27, 1980 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Mark Robert (Wilson) Germain, born Oct. 15, 1957 Kingston, Ontario, Canada, the son of Ronald Wesley Wilson, born Feb. 29, 1928 Perthroad, Ontario, Canada and Geraldine Keitha Thompson, born Jul. 7, 1931 Denby, Ontario, Canada. 

6B1-C. BRENT LOUIS AYLESWORTH, born Jul. 26, 1961 Kindersley, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

6B2-A. MARGARET SONJE MELNYK, born Jan. 8, 1955 Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada.
Died March, 20, 2009 

6B4-A. LORIE JEAN CHAPUT, born Jul. 31, 1957 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 

6B4-B. RONALD WILLIAM CHAPUT, born Aug. 14, 1958 Edmonton. Alberta. Canada. 

6B4-C. KARREN LEE CHAPUT, born Jan. 10, 1961 Edmonton. Alberta. Canada. 

6B6-A. ELANA FAYE GOODFELLOW, born Jan. 4, 1966 Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada. 

6B6-B. CRYSTAL RAE GOODFELLOW, born Feb. 17, 1975 Trenton, Ontario, Canada. 

6C1-A. KATHLENE ROSE AYLESWORTH, born Jan. 30, 1959 Glendon. Alberta. Canada. 
Married Jan. 18, 1979 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Frederick Charles Stephens, born Jun. 12, 1958 Burnaby, British Colombia, Canada, the son of Charles Milton Stephens, born Feb.28, 1928 Vancouver, B.C., Canada and Joan Mary Neale, born Dec. 25, 1934 Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

Children :
6C1A-1. Nathaniel Clayton, born May 17, 1979, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 
6C1A-2 Benjamin Clifton, born Oct. 25, 1981, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
6C1A-3 Jonathon Tyrell, born Jan. 18, 1990, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

6C1-B. KENNETH GARTH AYLESWORTH, born Jul. 8, 1960 Glendon. Alberta, Canada. (died at birth)

6C1-C. VIVIAN ELAINE BUCHARD (nee AYLESWORTH), born May 29, 1961 Glendon, Alberta, Canada. Married Dec. 22, 1979 St. Albert, Alberta, Canada, Eric Reid MacDonald, born Apr. 14, 1961 Toranto, Ontario, Canada, the son of James Reid MacDonald, born Feb. 24, 1934 Oban, County Argyll, Scotland and Phillis Jenenti, Kereluik, born Sen. 1, 1940 Cheathean, Ontario, Canada. 

6C1C-1. Brieanna Marie, born Mar. 9, 1980

Married (2) Nov. 10, 1988, Edmonton. Alberta, Canada, Marc Joseph Bouchard, born Apr. 25, 1961, Boucherville, Quebec, Canada, the son of Jules Ephrem Bouchard, born Aug. 11, 1935, Montreal, Quebec, Canada and Michelen Marie Andree Parayre, born Jul. 14, 1939, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

6C1C-2. Sebastien Marc, born Oct. 9, 1988
6C1C-3. Daniel Alexander, born Oct. 10, 1990

Married (3) Feb. 5, 1999, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Blain Ivan Zuk, born Dec. 16, 1968, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the son of Terry William Zuk, died 1998 and Ruby Sylvia Hook of Edmonton, Alberta Canada. His children by previous marriage: Dustin Fabian Zuk, born Nov. 4, 1988 Edmonton and Cody Dion Zuk, born May 21, Edmonton,.

6C1-D. GLEN GARY AYLESWORTH, born Feb. 11, 1963 St. Paul, Alberta, Canada, married Jun. 24, 2000, Vernon, British Columbia, Canada, Petra Weidenhausen, born Apr. 1, 1966, Frankfurt, Germany, the daughter of Kurt Weidenhausen and Regina Knecht of Germany.
Her children by previous marriage:
     Dusty Beck, born Aug. 31, 1995, Kelowna, BC.
     Brandy Dee Beck, born Jun. 14, 1997, Kelowna, BC., died Dec. 6, 2005

6C1-E. WENDY JEAN AYLESWORTH, born Oct. 5, 1965 St. Paul, Alberta, Canada. (died at birth)

6C1-F. GWENOLYN SHAWNA GAY AYLESWORTH, born Jan. 24, 1967 St. Paul, Alberta, Canada. married Jul. 24, 1999, Goodridge, Alberta, Canada, Chuck Alexander Suhai, born Feb. 13, 1976 Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada, the son of Alexander Maurice Suhai, died Dec. 15, 1986 and Margaret Colleen Jordon (mar. (2) Antone Gagne' of  Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada.)

6C1-G. SHELLY ANN AYLESWORTH, born Jun. 6, 1969 St. Paul, Alberta, Canada. married Aug. 7, 1993, Goodridge, Alberta,  Wayne Victor Blake, born Oct. 29, 1969, Edmonton, Alberta, the son of Wayne Victor Luchak (nee Luciak) , born Mar. 29, 1946, Two Hills, Alberta and Inez Genevieve Gamblin, born Jun. 21, 1936, Glendon, Alberta.

6C1G-1. Joshua Wayne, born Nov. 12, 1998 St. Paul, Alberta.
6G1G-2. Kaylee Rose, born Jun. 3, 2001 St. Paul, Alberta

6C1-H. EVE AYLESWORTH, born Apr. 28, 1975 St. Paul, Alberta, Canada. (deceased - date unknown.)

6C2-A. TODD LARRY AYLESWORTH, born Jul. 24, 1968 St. Paul, Alberta, Canada.  Significant Other, Lisa Anderson

6C2A-1. Lane Todd Roy, born Jan. 24, 1995

6C2-B. JULIE GAIL AYLESWORTH, born Nov. 4, 1970 St. Paul, Alberta, Canada. married Oct. 14, 1994, Rodney Andriachuk, born Oct. 14, 1970, the son of victor Andriachuk and Maureen Watrich

6C2-C. TRAVIS KELLY AYLESWORTH, born Dec. 31, 1973 St. Paul, Alberta, Canada.,  married Oct. 30, 1999 Goodridge, Alberta, Canada, Roberta Jean `Bobbi' Creber, born Apr. 21, 1974 Two Hills, Alberta, Canada, the daughter of John Allen Synclair, born May 31, 1951 High Prairie, Alberta, Canada and Diana Lynn Creber, born Sep. 2, 1955 Hamiota, Manitoba, Canada. Bobbi has two children by a previous marriage: Kenidy Paige Watkins, born Jul. 26, 1995 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and Casey James Watson, born Jun. 24, 1997 Saint Paul, Alberta, Canada. Their names were changed on adoption April 8, 2002 at St. Paul, Alberta, Canada.

6C2C-1 Kenidy Paige Aylesworth, born Jul. 26, 1995
6C2C-2 Casey James Aylesworth, born Jun. 24, 1997
6C2C-3 Emily Jean born Nov. 26, 2001
6C2C-4 Wyatt Kelly, born May 27, 2003
6C2C-5 Ryder Kelly, born Sep. 13, 2005

7A1-A. BRENDA JUNE AYLESWORTH, born Aug. 8, 1964 Redondo Beach, Los Angeles Co., CA, married Nov. 23, 1986, Las Vegas, NV Jay Robert Dossey, born May 23, 1954, Santa Monica, Los Angeles Co., CA the son of Robert Vernon Dossey, born Feb. 19, 1928, Antioch, CA and Margaret Ann Boyd, born Dec. 9, 1932, Topeka, KS.

7A1A-1. Cassie Jo, born Apr. 16, 1987
     Stepson: Jay Raymond Dossey, born Feb. 1, 1981, Antioch, CA.

7A2-A SHELDON ROY AYLESWORTH, born Feb. 8, 1947 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (Vol. 28, p. 223) Served in the U. S. Air Force during the Vietnam War. Married (1)Apr. 3,1970 Rendon, Tarrant Co., TX Sue Ann Earney, born Jul.15, 1950 Fort Worth (Cow T7own), Tarrant Co., TX, the daughter of Earnest Everett Earney, born Oct.13, 1925 Boerne, Kendall Co., TX (the son of Thomas E. Earney & Lora ?) married Jul. 3, 1948 Fort Worth, TX Geneva Jewel Yarbrough, born Mar. 1, 1930 Arlington, Tarrant Co., TX., died Oct. 29, 1985 TX. 

7A2A-1. Timothy Ray, born Feb. 10, 1971 

Married (2) Sep. 13, 1981 Everman, Tarrant Co., TX, Vickie Lynn Rakestraw, born Oct. 25, 1952 Sherman, Grayson Co., TX, the daughter of Frank Edward Rakestraw and Sammye Louise Whiteside. (see Whiteside Familv Addendum

Adoption Jun. 14, 1984:
7A2A-2. David Edward [nee Young] Aylesworth, born Aug. 13, 1970
7A2A-3. Amanda Jeanne [nee Jean Young] Aylesworth, born Jul. 13, 1971
     (See: 51.  Whiteside Family Addendum)

Married (3) Lynda Vise, born Mar. 23, 1949, the daughter of Harrell and Imogene Vise.

No Issue

Married  (4) July 24, 2009, Fort Smith, AK, Myrtle Marie `Snookie'  Kennedy. b. Feb. 27, 1944 Van Buren, AR. the daughter of William David Kennedy and Mary Lucinda Poor-Armstrong.  Grand daughter of Joseph H. Kennedy & Mary Susan Stewart  and Christople Robert Poor & Myrtle Mae Ridenour     

No Issue


7A2-B. EARL LYNN AYLESWORTH, born Apr.3, 1948 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (Vol. 30, p.360) Served in the U. S. Air Force in the Vietnam War.  Graduated Suma Cum Laude, BS in Electronic Engineering Technology.

Partner: Alicia Capelle Kelly, born Jan. 14, 1950, Berkeley, CA, died Mar. 10, 2006, Goleta, CA,  daughter of Douglas McGlashan Kelley, born August 11, 1912, died Jan. 1, 1958, intered Sierra Mountains Cemetery, Truckee, Nevada Co., CA [son of George Frank Kelley (1880 - 1971) and June Laura McGlashan (1880 - 1955)] and Alice Vivienne (Hill) Kelley, born Apr. 12, 1914, died ca. 1987.
7A2B-1. Susan Aylesworth, born & adopted as Virginia Darleen Kursaitis Aug. 29, 1967, Atlanta, GA.

Married: Nov. 23, 1974 Aurora, Adams Co., CO Sharon Lavonne Cairns, born Aug. 2, 1949 Casper, Natrona Co. WY, the daughter of Douglas Turner Cairns, born Mar. 3, 1921 Rawlins, Arbon Co., WY and Helen Juanita Seiloff, born Mar. 8, 1924 Dixon, Arbon Co., WY. Sharon Cairns married (1) Leonard Randolph Wilcox, born Jul. 2, 1943, the son of John Clifford Wilcox, born Encampment, Arbon Co., WY & Marion Grace Robertson, born May 29, 1916 Rawlins, WY. Born of this marriage: Troy Randolph [Wilcox] Aylesworth, born Oct. 26, 1970 Denver, Denver Co. CO. (Name legally changed by him to Aylesworth) 

7A2B-2. Todd Donavon, born Aug. 30, 1979 

7A2-C. NANCY DENISE AYLESWORTH, born Apr. 23, 1957 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (Vol. 70, p. 419) Holds BA Degree in Business Management from Pepperdine University, married Apr. 6, 1985 South Lake Tahoe, CA, David Eugene Domnick, born Sep. 18, 1959, Fremont, CA the son of Leopold Ralph Domnick, born Sep. 8, 1927 Oakland CA and Marjorie Medeiros Amorine [adopted name Marjorie Ann Campas], born Oct. 22, 1931 Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii.

7A2C-1. Tanya Nicole, born Nov. 4, 1987
7A2C-2. Kaila Danielle, born Sep. 6, 1990 

Married (2) May 19, 2002, Brazilian Room, Tilden Park, Berkeley, Alameda
 Co., CA,  Howard Sidney White III, born Jun. 22, 1957, Oakland, CA son of Howard Sidney White Jr., born Oct. 30, 1929/30 Atoka, OK, died Apr. 1986, Oakland, CA and Juanita Louise Fletcher, born Jan. 2, 1929, Mankato, MN.

     Children of Howard by previous marriage, (to Carolyn Lenore Meissner, born Apr. 20, 1959, Pasadena, CA, daughter of William Sattler Meissner and Patricia McGuinness.)
      Kathryn Elizabeth White, born Jun. 22, 1981, Concord, CA, maried Leonard 'Lenny' Bronsky
                      Riley Kyleia Bronsky, born Oct. 16, 2017
      Rebecca Lenore White, born Jan. 21,. 1984, Walnut Creek, CA,  Married Jon Maley

7A3-A. RODNEY LOW STRIBLING, born Oct. 30, 1950 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (Vol. 36, p. 113) Married Feb. 28, 1970 Montecito, Santa Barbara Co., CA Gail Leigh Hoke, born Sep. 11, 1951 Cedar Falls, Black Hawk Co.,IA,  died April 24, 2016 Santa Barbara, CA, the daughter of Mervin William Hoke, born Jun.13, 1929 Cleghorn, Cherokee Co., IA, died Apr. 19, 1991 Hemet, CA and Virginia Ann Middlekauff, born May 8. 1928 Cedar Falls. IA. 

7A3A-1. Mark Christopher, born Jun. 27, 1973 
7A3A-2. Joleigh Micah, born Oct. 3, 1976 

7A3-B. JAMES LOREN STRIBLING, born Dec. 17, 1953 
Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (Vol. 54,p. 234)Married Oct. 8, 1971 Montecito, Santa Barbara Co., CA Rita Rochelle Rodgers, born Mar. 13, 1954 King City, Monterey Co., CA, the daughter of Edwin LeRoy Rodgers, born May 4, 1933 Coalinga, Fresno Co., CA, died Nov. l, 1965 Coalinga, CA and Rhoma Venetia Stonebarger, born Jul. 7, 1938 Lompoc. Santa Barbara Co., CA. 

7A3B-1. James Edwin, born Jan. 31, 1972 
7A3B-2. Rochelle Louise, born Mar. 28, 1974 
7A3B-3. Amy Denise, born Aug. 7. 1979 
7A3B-4. Braden Alexander, born May 24, 1983

7A3-C. RANDY LEE STRIBLING, born Sep. 4, 1957 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (Vol. 73 p. 292). Married Jul. 25, 1981 Montecito, Santa Barbara Co., CA Lori Jo Kennedy, born Oct. 10, 1958 in Glendale, Los Angeles Co., CA, the daughter of Laurence Alma Kennedy, born Sep.7, 1923 Liberty, Saskatchewan, Canada and Mary Kathleen Cain, born Mar. 26, 1920 Northboro, Page Co., IA.

7A3C-1. Katie Christine, born Mar. 18, 1986
7A3C-2. Casey Lee, born Feb. 28, 1989 

7A4-A. GARY DONOVAN AYLESWORTH, born Jan.9, 1951 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (Vol.36p. 691) Died Feb. 18, 2023, Bishop (Chalfant), Inyo Co. CA , Married Jun. 5, 1971 Montecito, Santa Barbara Co., CA (Vol. 3004, p. 874) Rosemary Vivian Wheatley, born May 12, 1950 Hancock, Houghton Co., MI, the daughter of William Joseph Wheatley, born May 25, 1921 Calgary, Alberta, Canada and Daisy Mae Graham Kilmer, born Nov. 12, 1919 in Mass. Ontonagon Co., MI. 

No Issue 

Married (2) May 16, 1987, Santa Barbara, CA Ann Elizabeth Thomas, born Mar. 27, 1957 San Mateo, CA, the adopted daughter of William Spencer Thomas, born Dec. 18, 1920, Los Angeles, CA and Betty Jane Paxton born Dec. 4, 1919 San Francisco, CA, died Oct. 20, 1985.

7A4A-1. Parker Donovan, born Nov. 7, 1988
7A4A-2. Jordan Leigh, born May 4, 1990

7A4-B. DAVID SCOTT AYLESWORTH, born May 27, 1958 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (Vol.77,p.364) , married Mar. 27, 1983, Santa Barbara, CA  Bonnie Sue Geller, born Apr. 12, 1958, Los Angeles, CA  the daughter of Fred Marvin Geller, born Jun. 6, 1926,  San Francisco, CA and Lyla Lieberman, born Aug. 10, 1927 Los Angeles, CA.

7A4B-1. Adam S. (initial only), born Aug. 13, 1985

7A4-C. TIMOTHY CRAIG AYLESWORTH, born Mar.20, 1961 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (Vol.102,p.22) married Jun. 18, 1988, Sacramento, Sacramento Co., CA, Christina Lee Woods, born Dec. 20, 1961, Hayward Alameda  CO., CA, the daughter of  Daryl Leroy Woods, born Dec. 31, 1930 Avon, Fulton Co., IL and Betty Lorraine Hansen, born May 9, 1932 Watsonville, Santa Cruz Co., CA

7A4C-1. Kevin Eli, born Feb. 28, 1991  
7A4C-2. Danielle Janae, born 1994

7B1-A. ALLAN DARRELL AYLESWORTH, born May19, 1963 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., (Vol.125 p.336)  mar. Brenda Riley

7B1-B. KENNETH JAMES AYLESWORTH, born Aug. 9, 1965 Santa Barbara Santa Barbara Co..CA (Vol.147 p.420) 

7B1-C. CATHERINE ANN AYLESWORTH, born Jun. 2,1967 Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara Co., CA. (Vol.171 p. 349)  mar. Paul Lorigan

7B1-D. KRISTIN MARY AYLESWORTH, born Apr. 9, 1974 Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara Co., CA (Vol.242,p.178) 

7B2-A. SHAWN CHRISTOPHER AYLESWORTH, born Jul. 26, 1969 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (Vol.194, p.361) married Apr. 27, 1991, High Hill Ranch, Camino, El Dorado Co., CA, Lisa R. Engler. 

7B2-B. TOREY GAVIN AYLESWORTH, born Mar. 25, 1972 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (Vol.223, p.347) 

7C1-A. STEVEN MICHAEL BRADLEY, born Aug. 5, 1948 San Jose, Santa Clara Co., CA.Married (1) Nov. 19, 1967 Long Beach, Los, Angeles Co., CA Dianne Marie Rott, born Oct. 22, 1949 Aberdeen, Brown Co., SD, the daughter of Harry Eugene Rott, born Feb. 22, 1930 Aberdeen, SD and Marle Magdelena Barbara Gruenstein, born Dec. 19, 1929 Aberdeen, SD. 

7C1A-1.  JoAnn Marie, born Mar. 14, 1969 

Married (2) Jun. 27, 1981 Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA Nikki Jo Black, born Feb. 28, 1952 Lyons, Rice Co., KS, the daughter of Wilford Glen Black born Aug. 2, 1930 and Lois Irene Rife, born Feb. 3, 1930. Nikki Jo had by her (1) marriage: Michel Renee Haller, born Sep. 17, 1969 Long Beach, Los Angeles CO., CA.

Step daughter: Michel Renee Haller , born Sep. 17, 1969

7C1-B. CARLTON PAUL BRADLEY, born Feb. 8, 1951 San Jose, Santa Clara Co., CA, died Oregon, Jun. 27, 2002. Married (1) Vivian ? 

No Issue 

Married (2) Diane ? 
No Issue 

Married (3) Aug. 28, 1986, Jarren Sue Schultz, born May 29, 1953 Victoria, Texas, the daughter of Ernest C. Schultz, born Aug. 24, 1929 and Elizabeth Trimyer, born Aug. 17, 1933 Norfolk, VA.

7C1B-1. Elizabeth Marie, born Mar. 14, 1987

7C1-C. JOHN DAVID BRADLEY, born Aug. 22, 1953 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co.,CA(V.49,p.336) Married Dianna ? 

7C1C-1. David Michael, born Aug. 4, 1978 

7C2-A. GAIL ANN BRADLEY, born Jul 31, 1951 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (Vol. 37, p.978) Married Sep. 1, 1973 Santa Barbara, CA Peter Ted Mosgofian, born Feb. 15, 1950 Santa Barbara, CA, the son of Bedros Oskian Mosgofian, born Aug. 15, 1892 Sivas, Anatolia, Turkey, died Feb. 13, 1970 Santa Barbara, CA and Leona Bogumita Kozminska, bornFeb.28,1913 Saver,Bradford Co., PA , died Dec. 27, 1985 Santa Barbara, CA.

7C2A-1. Isaac Peter, born Sep. 11, 1974 
7C2A-2. Joy Alisha, born Jul. 19, 1976 
7C2A-3. Noel Evette, born May 13, 1980 

7C2-B. ROBERT "REB" EMMETT BRADLEY, born Apr. 13, 1953 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (Vol. 47, p. 329). Married Jun. 17, 1978 Torrance, Los Angeles Co., CA Beverly Ann Choate, born Apr. 26, 1953 Inglewood, Los Angeles Co., CA, the daughter of Jack Edward Choate, born Dec. 11, 1922 Texarkana, Bowie Co., TX and Daphine Louise Clubb, born Sep. 1, 1929 Stratford, Garvin Co., OK. 

Children :
7C2B-1. Nathaniel Hayden, born Sep. 30, 1979 
7C2B-2. Anna Noelle, born Dec. 6, 1980 
7C2B-3. Benjamin Edward, born Aug. 31, 1984
7C2B-4. Leah Celeste, (adopted) born Apr. 6, 1991
7C2B-5. Michael Robert, born Dec. 13, 1993
7C2b-6. Emily Claire, born Jun. 25, 1995

7C2-C. CATHLEEN EVETTE BRADLEY, born May 13, 1958 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (V.77, p. 293) Married Mar. 6, 1982 Santa Barbara, CA Gary Ray Baxter, born Mar. 16, 1951.

No issue

Married (2)  Sep. 21, 1991, Jeffery `Jeff' Dade, born ca. 1944/45

7C2C-1. Trevor Chase, born Dec. 22, 1994
7C2C-2. Skyler Mae, born Apr. 22, 1997 

7C2-D. TAD ALAN BRADLEY, born Jan. 9, 1960 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA. 

7C4-A. WENDY DARLEEN MANNING, born Feb. 25, 1956 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (V. 64,p.141) Married Apr. 14, 1979 Santa Barbara, CA Ralph Wayne Gibbons, born Apr. 7, 1957 Wichita, Sedgwick Co., KS, the son of Albert Wayne Gibbons, born Jul. 21, 1922 Lakin, Kearny Co., KS and Evelyn Ann Kutz, born Dec.24, 1933 Pratt, Pratt Co., KS. 

7C4-B. VALERIE EILEEN MANNING, born Mar. 1, 1958 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (V.76, p.l94) died Nov. 28, 2003 Santa Barbara, CA. Married Mar. 31, 1979 Santa Barbara, CA Will Lee Holladay Jr., born Apr. 9, 1957 Inglewood, Los Angeles Co., CA, the son of Will Lee Holladay Sr., born Nov. 9, 1928 Augusta, Richmond Co., GA, died May 29, 1979 Los Angeles, CA and Delores Marie Platte, born Jan, 30,1930 Norfolk, Norfolk Co., VA.

No issue

Married (2) Apr. 30, 1983, Paul Guido Cetti, the son of Guido Enrico Cetti and Katherine Potier. 

7C4B-1. Lea Nicloe, born Aug. 30, 1985
7C4B-2. Whitney Rachelle, born Jul. 10, 1988

7C4-C. COLLEEN LYNN MANNING, born Apr. 25, 1963 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (V.124, p.418) married Aug. 1991, James `Jim' David Mishler, born ca, 1956/7

No issue

Married (2) Oct. 1999 Victor  J. Miles

7C4C-1. Jack Anthony, born Oct. 17, 2000

7D1-A. DOROTHY "DOLLY" JEAN IRVINE, born Apr. 29, 1948 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (Vol. 30, p. 726) Married Jul. 9, 1966 Montecito, Santa Barbara Co., CA (Vol. 2600, p. 1147) Dennis Henry Doherty, born Dec. 2, 1946 CA, the son of Jack Doherty, born IL and Estelle Toller, born NM. 

Children :
7D1A-1. David Allen, born Oct. 30, 1968 
7D1A-2. Jamie Scott, born Jan. 2, 1972 
7D1A-3. Amy Lynn, born Feb. 27, 1979 

7D1-B. DONNA ALLISON IRVINE, born Feb. 24, 1950 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (V.34, p.503) Married Oct. 27, 1973 Santa Barbara, CA (Vol. 3009, p. 377) Leffler William Rogers, Born Jul. 1, 1948 CA, the son of George Rogers, born MA and Virginia May Holmstrom, born IA. 

7D1-C. LORRIE LEE IRVINE, born Jun. 10, 1957 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (Vol. 71, p. 144) Married Aug. 29, 1981 Santa Barbara, CA Raymond Attleberger.

7D1C-1. Nicholas Raymond, born May 5, 1982 

7D1-D. DEBBIE LYNN IRVINE, (Adopted), born Apr. 6, 1961. 

7D2-A. SHERI LYNN AYLESWORTH, (Adopted), born Oct. 7. 1960. 

7D2-B. MARLA DEE AYLESWORTH, (Adopted), born Mar. 17. 1963. 

7D2-C. DON LEE AYLESWORTH JR., (Adopted), born Jun. 17, 1968. 

7D3-A. BURT DARRIN AYLESWORTH, born Jul. 28, 1965 La Mesa, San Diego Co., CA. Christened Sep. 5, 1965, San Diego, Santa Diego Co., CA. Married  Sept. 20, 1986, Michelle Gaylene Davis, born Aug. 9, 1963 in Inglewood, Arappaho Co., CO , the daughter of Royce Edward Davis, born June 12, 1941, Witchata, KA and Judy Gaylene Powers, born mar 18, 1942 Adam City, CO. 

7D3A-1. Ryan Scott, born July 15, 1987, Ventura, Ventura Co., CA 
7D3A-2. Jessica Gaylene, born May 18, 1988 , Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., UT
7D3A-3. Kyle Michael, born Dec. 30, 1989, Santa Paula, Ventura Co., CA 
7D3A-4. Kevin Allen, born Mar. 27, 1992, Santa Paula, Ventura Co., CA  

7D3-B. CYNTHIA DAWN AYLESWORTH, (Adopted), born Dec. 11, 1972 Inglewood, Los Angeles Co., CA. Christened Mart. 3, 1974, Canoga Park, Los Angeles Co., CA, married Feb. 6, 1999, Mesquite, NV, Jason Scott Westfall, born Oct. 17, 1974, Twin Falls, ID, son of William George Westfall & Betty Hulse

7D3B-1. Isaac Scott , born Aug. 17, 1999, Layton, Davis Co., UT, Christened Jan. 15, 2000 Layton, UT
Soren Alexander, born Jul. 12, 2001, Layton, Davis. Co., UT

7E2-A. DEBORAH LOUISE FOX, born Mar. 29, 1963 Redwood City. San Mateo Co., CA. married Mar. 26, 1983, Clovis, Curry Co., NM, Tomas Eugene Tree, born Mar. 28, 1960, Monroe, Green Co., WI, the son of Frank Arthur Tree, born Jan. 25, 1940, Monroe, Green Co., WI and LaVon Mae Runke, born Oct. 29, 1938, Wausaw, Marathon Co., WI.

7E2A-1. Nicholas Allen, born Dec. 16, 1983

7E2-B JENNIFER LEE CLARK, born Aug. 10, 1983 San Bernardino, CA.

7F1-A. CHRISTOPHER SCOTT SMITH, born Mar. 3, 1967 San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo Co., CA. married May 25, 1997, Chenoweth Woods, Sonoma Co., CA , Cyrette Elaine Beauchemin , born - the daughter of Alfred Edgar Beauchemin III, Apr. 18, 1939 Middleboro, MA and (married Jun. 7, 1963 Colorado Springs, CO) Georgia Gettman, born Nov. 1, 1941, Denver, CO

7F1-B. KATHLEEN SUE SMITH, born Feb. 20, 1969 Los Banos, Merced Co., CA. married Russell Wayne Kammerdiener, born Dec. 28, 1958, Kettering, England the son of ?-- Kammerdiener and Daphne Gwendoline Palmer, born Jan. 25, 1912, died Jun. 13,1983, Salinas CA Daughter of Alfred Frank Palmer, born Jan. 25, 1912, Burton Latiner England died Nov. 13, 1994, Kettering, England and Lucy Wood, born Feb. 1912, Kettering, England, died Feb. 26, 1996, Kettering, England.

7F2-A. JUDY BETH WISE, born Feb. 10, 1965 Pasadena, Los Angeles Co., CA.,  married May 1, 1991 Michael `Mike' Henke, born Apr. 2, 1964 

7F2A-1. Kali Ann, born May 3, 1991

Married (2) Aug. 15, 1998 Santa Maria, Santa Barbara Co., CA , Julian William `Bill' Anaya, born Aug. 19, 1963, Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA, the son of Jose Bravo Anaya, born Aug. 17, 1928 Mesa, AZ and Lina Saldana, born Sep. 23, 1929 Lockhart, TX.

7F2A-2. Megan Kristen, born May 6, 2000

7F3-A. JAMIE LEE BENSON, born Oct. 9, 1964 Riverside. Riverside Co.. CA. 

7F3-B. TROY LANESE BENSON, born Dec. 19, 1967 Fontana. San Bernardino Co.. CA., Love marriage with Gaberiel Parris Domenici, born Jan. 22, 1969.

7F3B-1 Sammantha Sue BENSON, born Jan. 19, 1991

Married, Nov. 27, 1999, Las Vegas, Clark Co., NV Daniel Leonard Gorman, born May 11, 1973 Redlands, San Bernardino Co., CA, the son of Thomas Leonard Gorman, born Dayton, OH and Jean Ann Gilpatrick, born Redlands, San Barnardino Co, CA

8A1-A. SCOTT NORMAN HILSON, born Oct. 8, 1955 Fergus Falls, Otter Tail Co., MN. Married May 19, 1978 Yankton, Yankton Co., SD Kimberly Patricia Cruzen, born Jun. 3, 1956 Florence, Fremont Co., CO, the daughter of Robert Bruce Cruzen, born Feb. 15, 1921 Laramie, Albany Co., WY and Patricia Louise Windborne, born Nov. 18, 1930 Rawlins, Arbon Co., WY, died Nov. 16, 1961 Florence, CO. 

8A1-B. MICHAEL THOMAS HILSON, born Sep. 19, 1958 Yankton, Yankton Co., SD. 

8A1-C. CHRISTOPHER ROBIN HILSON, born Jun. 21, 1962 Yankton. Yankton Co.. SD. 

8A2-A. FRANK STEVEN MAZZONI, born Dec. 22, 1949 Devils Lake, Ramsey Co., ND. Married Dec. 12, 1970 South Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., WI Cynthia Jane Nordall, born Nov. 15, 1952 Duluth, St. Louis Co., MN, the daughter of Kenneth Lloyd Nordall, born Aug. 24, 1921 Park Falls, Pierce Co., WI and Beatrice Helen Nephew, born Jun. 14, 1923 Park Falls, WI. 

8A2A-1. Stephanie Lyn, born Sep. 1, 1974 
8A2A-2. Danielle Marie, born Nov. 3, 1975 (Twin) 
8A2A-3. Michelle Lee, born Nov. 3, 1975 (Twin) 
8A2A-4. Todd Steven, born Nov. 17, 1976 

8A2-B. HALL WAYNE MAZZONI, born Jan. 17, 1951 Devils Lake, Ramsey Co., ND. Married Aug. 30, 1970 South Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., WI Susan Mae Duellman, born Sep. 2, 1949 Manitowoc, Manitowoc Co., WI, the daughter of Charles Alphonse Duellman, born Apr. 3, 1929 Alma, Buffalo Co., WI and Marcella Frances Holschbach, born Jul. 3, 1930 Manitowoc, WI. 

8A2B-1. Sharon Marie, born Dec. 26, 1968 
8A2B-2. Kurt Dwayne, born Feb. 25, 1970 
8A2B-3. Craig Martin, born Mar. 3, 1975 
8A2B-4. Jason Mark, born Jun. 3, 1979 

8A2-C. TERRANCE GEORGE MAZZONI, born Mar. 27, 1952 Grand Forks, Grand Forks Co., ND. 

8A2-D. TIMOTHY DANIEL MAZZONI, born Sep. 11, 1953 Devils Lake, Ramsey Co., ND. 

8A2-E. RUTH CATHERINE MAZZONI, born Dec. 16, 1959 Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., WI. Love marriage with David Alan Severson, born May 2, 1958 Milwaukee, WI (# 10545-1958), the son of Donald Louis Severson, born Oct. 5, 1932 Milwaukee, WI and Louise Marie Steege, born Jun. 27, 1932 Eau Claire, Eau Claire Co.. WI. 

8A2E-1. Jennifer Lynn (Mazzoni), born Aug.3, 1975 

Love marriage with Michael Charles Walker, born Dec. 7, 1956 Milwaukee, WI (# 257-1957), the son of Wallace Dean Walker, born Jul. 16, 1922 Jackson, Hinds Co., MS and Dorothy Ida Hanke, born Nov. 2, 1925 Milwaukee, WI, died Sep. 18, 1972 Milwaukee. WI. 

8A2E-2. Dorothy Mae, born Jan. 15, 1979 

8A2-F. LORI JEAN MAZZONI, born Oct. 17, 1961 Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., WI. Love marriage with Patrick Owen McDonald, born Jun. 18, 1959 Milwaukee, WI (# 15264-1959), the son of Henry James McDonald, born ca. 1933 and Barbara Ann Gaughan, born ca. 1938. 

8A2F-1. Jami Lee (Mazzoni), born Jan. 7, 1977 

Love marriage with Ronald Lee Beasly Jr. 

8A2F-2. Ronald Lee III, born Dec. 20, 1978 

Married Richard Janusiak, June 30, 1991, born Mar. 26, 1965

8A2F-3. Jessica Jean, born Nov. 23, 1985
8A2F-4. Jeanette Marie, born May 1, 1987

8A3-A. REBECCA RENE PASONAULT, (Name changed on adoption to Ryan), born Aug. 11, 1960 Denton, Denton Co., TX 

8A3-B. RUSSELL CLAYTON PASONAULT, (Name changed on adoption to John David Ryan), born Mar. 22, i962 Denton, Denton Co., TX. 

8A4-A. TRACY LYNN JACOBSON, born Mar. 29, 1962 Wahiawa, Oahu, HI. 

8A4-B. ROBIN WADE JACOBSON, born Dec. 25, 1964 Devils Lake. Ramsey Co.. ND. 

8A4-C. JAMI LEA JACOBSON, born Oct. 20, 1968 Devils Lake, Ramsey Co., ND. 

8A4-D. JENNIFER BETH JACOBSON, born Jan. 12, 1973 Devils Lake, Ramsey Co., ND. 

8B1-A. CYNTHIA RAE NELSON, born Jul. 14, 1953 Devils Lake, Ramsey Co., ND. 

8B1-B. SANDRA KAY NELSON, born Nov. 12, 1954 Devils Lake, Ramsey Co., ND. Love marriage with Byron Anthony Patrick, born Apr. 23, 1956 Breckenridge, Wilkin Co., MN, the son of Jacob A. Wawers Jr., born Jul. 19, 1933 Fairmont, Richland Co., ND from love marriage with Sharon Marlene Patrick, born May 30, 1938 Breckenridge, MN. 

8B1B-1. Brianne Patricia, born Feb. 11, 1980 

8B1-C. RICHARD JEROME NELSON, born May 20, 1956 Devils Lake, Ramsey Co., ND. Love marriage with Sandra Irene McCoy, born Oct. 15, 1958 Cavalier, Pembina Co., ND, the daughter of Elmer B. Conners and adopted by Cecil Erwin McCoy, born Austin, Travis Co., TX and JoAnne Lindtwed, born Sep. 6, 1939 Cavalier, ND. Sandra had by previous love marriage: Todd Allen McCoy, born Jan. 31, 1978 Breckenridge, MN. 

8B1C-1. Albert Chris II, born Aug. 25, 1980 

8B1-D. JEFFERY HUNTER NELSON, born Nov. 21, 1958 Valley City. Barnes Co.. ND. 

8B1-E. MARY BETH NELSON, born Oct. 8, 1962 Fargo, Cass Co.. ND. married Aug. 27, 1983, Timothy Andrew Kowal, born Aug.2, 1960 Minneapolis, MN the son of Vern George Kowal, born Nov. 2, 1931 Browerville, MN and Donna Marie Schmanski, born Apr. 26, 1932 Blue Earth, MN. 

8C1-A. ROBERT JOHN AYLESWORTH JR., born May 29, 1952 Devils Lake, Ramsey Co., ND. Married Dec. 26, 1975 Madison, Dane Co., WI Susan Marie Kock, born Dec. 10, 1953 Madison, WI, the daughter of Donald Frederich Kock, born Mar. 8, 1928 Madison, WI and Mary Louise Schuchardt, born Nov. 3, 1927 Madison. WI. 

8C1A-1. Rebecca Ann, born May 7, 1978
8C1A-2. Brett Michael, born Feb. 4, 1981

8C1-B. MARK RICHARD AYLESWORTH, born Aug. 30, 1953, Neenah, Winnebago Co., WI, married Aug. 23, 1975, Sun Prairie, Dane Co., WI Mary ann severson, born Jun. 17, 1954, Madison, WI, the daughter of Norman Harold Severson, born Jan. 14, 1932, Rioce Lake, Barron Co., WI and Rachel Marie Thompson, born Jul. 3, 1934, Madison, WI (Vol. 111, p. 302) the daughter of Raymond Thompson, born ca. 1894, Cottager Grove, Dane Co., WI and Myrtle Irene Gaskin, born ca. 1897, Dearfield, Dane Co., WI

8C1B-1. Paul Richard, born Mar. 28, 1981
8C1B-2. Laura Rachel, born Oct. 7, 1982

8C3-A. JAMES RICHARD ROED, born Jan. 10, 1970, Grand forks, Grand forks Co., ND

8C3-B. CHRISTOPHER ROBERT ROED, born Feb. 10, 1972, Grand Forks, Grand Forks Co., ND

8C3-C. JESSE ALLEN ROED, born May 17, 1977, Rochester, Olmsted Co., MN

8D1-A. TAMMY LYNN BAUMAN-AYLESWORTH, born May 24, 1969, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN married Feb. 14, 1990, Owensboro KY, Dean Allen Sparks, born Jan. 19, 1972, Owensboro, KY the son of Harold Dean Sparks, born Jul. 29, 1934, died Jun. 29, 1983 and Christine J. Been, born Feb. 6, 1950, New Kingston, PA.

8D1A-1. Krystine Luanne, born Oct. 4, 1990

8D1-B. SUSAN NAOMI BAUMAN-AYLESWORTH, born Nov. 4, 1970, Navy Base Hospital, Japan  (Love marriage with) Thomas Boley

8D1B-1. Brandon Wayne Boley, born Aug. 28, 1987

8D1-C. DANIEL EDWARD GLYNN-AYLESWORTH, born Feb. 16, 1973, Jacksonville, Duval Co., FL

8D1-D. AILEEN REXANNA RUBO-AYLESWORTH, born Feb. 23, 1979, probably, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN

8D1-E. MICHAEL JARED PETTIT, born Jul. 31, 1982, Minneapolis, MN

8D1-F. KATHERINE ACACIA PETTIT, born Jun. 5, 1985, Sharon Grove, Todd Co., KY

8D1-G. ZOE CHRISTINE PETTIT, born Apr. 28, 1990 Sharon Grove, Todd Co., KY

8D2-A. AMANDA MARY WHITE, born Mar. 11, 1977 Duluth, St. Louis Co.. MN. 

8D2-B. ANDREW RUSSELL WHITE, born Jan. 18, 1981 Duluth, St. Louis Co.. MN 

8D2-C ADAM JOSEPH WHITE, born Feb. 10, 1984 Duluth, St. Louis Co., MN

8E2-A. TAWNY MARIE DeLEON, born Aug. 22, 1976 Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., WI. 

8G1-A. JAMES RICHARD McGRATH, born Sep. 12, 1974 Eau Claire, Eau Claire Co., WI (Bk. 91, p424). 

8G1-B. DANIEL DAVID McGRATH, born Jul. 24, 1977 Eau Claire, Eau Claire Co., WI (Bk. 97, p. 561). 

8G1-C. MELISSA McGRATH, born --/--1982

8G2-A. TIFFANY KAY BANDRUP, born May 20, 1974 Eau Claire, Eau Claire Co., WI. 

8G2-B. JODY LEA BANDRUP, born Jun. 29, 1977 Eau Claire, Eau Claire Co., WI. 

8G3-A. TIMOTHY JAMES KLINE, born Sep. 11, 1972 Menomonee Falls. Wallkesha Ca.. WT. 

8G3-B. MICHAEL WILLIAM KLINE, born May 28, 1977 Menomonee Falls. Waukesha Co.. WI. 

8G4-A. RYAN RICHARD AYLESWORTH, born, Aug. 24,1986 Eau Claire, Eau Claire Co. WI., resides in Fall Creek, Eau Claire Co. WI. A graduate of Electrical Power Distribution from Milwaukee Area Technical Collage, Milwaukee WI, Lineman for 6 years, now a Linework Construction Project Manager. Recreation: Hunting, Fishing, Pickling, working with hands to fix or build things, Spending time with Family, playing Guitar and other instruments. married, May 17, 2014, Virginia, St. Louis Co., MN. Jenna Ann Kostich, born, Jul. 27, 1987. daughter of Walter Nicholas Kostich, born, Jul. 3, 1963, Chisholm MN, and Carole Ann Jenko, born, Jul. 22, 1962, Chisholm, St. Louis Co., MN. (married Jun. 21, 1986 in Virginia, St Louis Co., MN.)

8G4A-1. Carson Ryan, born Eau Claire, Eau Claire Co., WI., Oct. 10, 2019

9A1-A. RICHARD FERROL RICE II, born Feb. 11, 1964 Montgomery, Montgomery Co., GA, married Stefanie Williams, born Nov. 23, 1971

9A1A-1. Mason Richard, born Feb. 15, 1994


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