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From this point on is the full line of Caleb’s descendants starting with his children. (Current  to 1982)

1. CHARLES AGUSTUS AYLESWORTH, born Jan. 26, 1863 La Crosse, La Crosse Co., WI, died Oct. 12, 1946 La Crosse, WI Married Jul. 26. 1893 West Salem, La Crosse, Co., WI (Vol. 7, p. 12 #270) Rose Agnes (Agate) Aylesworth (his 5th. cousin), born Oct.18, 1871 Sparta, Monroe Co., WI, died Jul. 18, 1960 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (Vol. 7, p. 3), interred Goleta Cemetery, Santa Barbara, the daughter of Ulerick Leslie Aylesworth and Rebecca Welch (See Aylesworth Family Addendum).

1-A. Thelma Ruth, born Jun. 1, 1900 

2. GEORGE ADELBERT AYLESWORTH, born May 21, 1865 La Crosse, La Crosse Co., WI, died Feb. 17, 1948. Married Jul. 4, 1889 West Salem, La Crosse Co., WI (Vol. 6, p. 94 #195) Mary Bell (Mame) Roby, born Sep. 15, 1868 La Crosse Co., WI, died Sep. 28, 1939, the daughter of Leonard Benjamin Roby (born ca. 1832 Lickins Co., OH [the son of Elija Roby, born 1806 VA and Elizabeth ?, born 1807 PA] married Dec. 4, 1867 Burns, La Crosse Co., WI [Vol.2,p, 183] Sarah A Lewis, [daughter of Rouland Lewis and Sarah ?]. Note: Leonard Benjamin Roby married (1) Oct. 14, 1855 Neshonoc, La Crosse Co., WI (Vol. 3, p. 76) Eliza Jane McClintock. (Ref. 92pp) 

2-A. Leonard Sheldon, born Sep. 20, 1892 
2-B. Harold Dan, born Jun. 7, 1896 
2-C. Arthur Gareth, born Jun. 13, 1910 (Adpt.) 

3. JAMES BARTLETT AYLESWORTH, born Feb. 16, 1867 Sparta, Monroe Co., WI, died Oct. 4, 1940 Sparta, WI (Book 23, p. 215), a brick maker. Married Jan. 21, 1898 West Salem, La Crosse Co., WI (Book 3, p. 260 Monroe Co.) (Application Book 1, p. 159) Elizabeth Edwards, born Jan. 18, 1872 Portland Ridge, Rockland Twp., Monroe Co., WI, died Oct. 12, 1936 Sparta, WI (Book 21, p. 32), the daughter of John T. Edwards (born 1822, died 1906) and (married ca. 1870) Phebe Owens, (born 1838 in Wales, died 1910) Phebe Owens and her brother Louis were brought to America by their mother, Charlotte (James) Owens. Charlotte was the youngest of seven children all of which worked in the tailor shop of her father. She had married a Mr. Owens, who worked for another man and thereby was an inferior. She was disinherited by her father for marrying beneath her social station. To be anybody in Wales in those days you had to own your own business, not work for someone else. 

Enroute to America the boat hit an iceberg near Newfoundland. The crash caused Charlotte to hit her head thereby causing a loss of memory and she was not able to recall the address of her deceased husband's brother. The brother in New York had sent for her to bring up his children along with her own. A man on the boat named Phillips helped them into a lifeboat and they finally reached shore in Canada. The long exposure to the cold and wet weather brought Charlotte down with pneumonia. Mr. Phillips saw to it that they all were cared for until Charlotte recovered. The time spent together followed into marriage and they made their way to Wisconsin. Charlotte James Owens Phillips was born in 1816 in Wales and died in 1896 in 

3-A. Wayne W., born Jan. 26, 1899 

To give credit where credit is due and to record what might otherwise be lost it should be mentioned here that Elizabeth Edwards had three brothers: Tom, Jack and Jim, and two sisters: Edna and Charlotte. Tom had a daughter Evelyn; Jack had two daughters, Charlotte and Shirley; Edna married an Olden and had a daughter Genevieve. Genevieve Olden married a Knapp and lived her later years with her cousin Evelyn until Evelyn died. Genevieve Olden Knapp was the contributing angel that provided most of the information on this branch of the family. All of our thanks to a real nice person, now also gone, but truly remembered. 

4. WINFRED LESTER AYLESWORTH, born Jan. 9, 1869 Sparta, Monroe Co., WI, "Les" died Sep. 16, 1935 Sparta, WI (Vol. 20, P. 293) Interred Mt. Hope Cemetery, Sparta, WI. (Blk.5, Lot 9, 2nd. Addition with his wife) Married Apr. 13, 1892 Sparta, WI (Vol. 3, p.59 #A-410), Cora Lavina McOumber born Dec. l8, 1871 died Jun. 12, 1957 Sparta, WI (Vol.32, p. 605), the daughter of Oscar Leonard McOumber, (born Porter Co., PA) and Amanda Ellen Burnhart, (born Tioga Co., PA). 

4-A. Irmagard Belle, born Sep. 15, 1895 
4-B. Inez Marie, born Sep. 15, 1898 

5. ANNA MAY AYLESWORTH, born Dec. 16, 1871 Little Falls, Monroe Co., WI, died Jan. 1, 1950 Richland Center, Richland Co., WI. Married Dec. 26, 1901 Sparta, WI (Book 3, p. 426 #33-6921), Henry Alonzo Waste, born May 26, 1870 near Sparta, WI, died Aug. 20, 1935 Brooklyn, Green Co., WI, the son of William Henry Waste & Sarah Jane Day. (See Waste Family Addendum)

5-A. Ellwyn Glen, Born Oct. 13, 1902 
5-B. Neal, born Feb. 16, 1904 
5-C. Kathryn Viola, born Jun. 24, 1905 
5-D. Alyce Lucille, born Jul. 13, 1907 

6. FRANKLYN GILLIAS AYLESWORTH, born Oct. 28, 1873 West Salem, La Crosse Co., WI, died Jan. 2, 1950 Rife, Alberta, Canada, interred Rife Cemetery. Naturalized a Canadian Citizen Apr. 1, 1913 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (Cert. # 7273), married Oct. 14, 1903 East Grand Forks, Polk Co., MN, Clara Amelia Gilbertson, born May 18, 1883 East Grand Forks, MN, died Feb. 26, 1972 Edmonton, Alberta, interred Rife Cemetery, the daughter of Louis (Lars) Gilbertson, born Oct. 26, 1850 Norway, died Jul. 31, 1928 Rife, Alberta, interred Artland, Saskatchewan, Canada, married Oct. 25, 1880,Sarah Ann Lind, born Mar. 16, 1861 East Grand Forks, MN, died Mar. 20, 1931 St. Paul, Minneapolis, MN, interred Artland, Saskatchewan. 

Frank was one of the early pioneers to settle in Northern Alberta. About the end of 1905 he got the urge to see new frontiers and left Minnesota with a team and wagon, some household items, a tent, a cow and a few chickens, in search of a new home for his growing family. 

Going by way of Kalispel, Montana, he decided to head north into Canada. Somewhere along the way, probably in Wetaskiwin, where he stayed for a spell, he was joined by his wife and two children. Clara had stayed behind to await the birth of their first son, Leland, in East Grand Forks, MN. Frank first took a homestead on the Iron River but it was not really what he wanted. Again heading North the family came upon an Indian encampment on a hill overlooking Bangs Lake near Rife and paused in their journey. With the winter of 1908-9 approaching, Frank located the place he had been searching for as a homestead, a site in the Rife Valley. Living in a tent in December of 1908, the 3rd. child, Raymond, entered into their lives with an Indian woman acting as mid-wife. 

It was on the way north when passing though Vegreville that they heard homesteads were available north of the Saskatchewan River. Having chosen his site he began to build a log cabin for his family and a barn for the livestock. When Spring came in 1909 he made his way back to Vegreville to establish his claim and file on the land. Over a thousand miles from their starting point, they now had a new home. 

Being pioneers, enduring many hardships and setbacks, working the land became a family project. Soon others heard of the family cabin. Travelers and Freighters began stopping off there enroute to their destinations. At the cabin they could rest, feed and bed their teams, obtain a warm supper and a hearty breakfast before pushing on their way. It was not uncommon to have as many as thirty people packed into the small cabin, swapping yarns, a few tall tales, and their experiences along the trail. Clara and Frank, helped by the children, continued to provide this shelter, warm hospitality and cheery atmosphere of good food and friendship around the Old Box Stove with its tamarack or jack pine logs crackling inside, for many years. When the railroad was pushed through to Bonnyville in 1927 the old place changed, traffic slowed, but the family continued to operate this "Stopping Place". Son, Leland, took over the major tasks and after his marriage to Ida they kept the place running well into the 1930's. Now and then Ida would find a tip tucked under a cup or plate, which really helped the income. 

Frank moved about the time the railroad arrived to start a new homestead in Franchere where the family remained for seventeen years. About 1944 he wanted to see what was called the "Caribou Country" in Britsh Colombia. They discovered that home was much better. Their family and many friends, and the love of the area, drew them back to Rife where they remained until Frank died. His son Raymond and wife Viola, their children and grand children, Leland's daughter Phyllis and her family still live in the nearby area. 

6-A. Alice Marie, born Jul. 30, 1904 
6-B. Leland Stanford, born May 16, 1906 
6-C Raymond Frank, born Dec. 19, 1908 

7. FREDERICK SHELDON AYLESWORTH, born Sep. 21, 1876 in Little Falls (near Catarac), Monroe Co., WI, 
Baptized Feb. 24, 1895 Baptist Church, Sparta, 
WI, died Dec. 22, 1943 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (Vol. 13, p. 405 # 816), inurned at Santa Barbara Cemetery, Santa Barbara, CA. A house painter, paperhanger, and interior decorator by profession. He is noted for the many brass lamps made over the years, most of which remain in the families of his children and grand children. Another pastime of his was writing poetry about the people and events in his life. One is on the following page. An amateur artist of quite some ability, his paintings adorn the walls of some of the lucky members of the family. 

Married (1) Feb. 14, 1901 in Lincoln (Oakdale), Monroe Co., WI (Vol. 3, p. 383 # 18-6670) Ruby Rose Tramblie, born Mar. 27, 1884 Midway, La Crosse Co., WI, died Apr. 6, 1939 in Portland, Multnomah Co., OR, interred Santa Barbara Cemetery, She married (2) Clark Andrews (Probably in Portland). She was a seamstress and amateur artist, working mostly in watercolors. The daughter of Philip Tramblie, born Oct. 13, 1847, died Oct. 22, 1910, and Hannah E. Andrus, born Feb. 2, 1850, died Aug. 1, 1931 (see the Tramblie and Gilbert Family Addendums). 

Can't you think of something? 
  Can you tell just why, 
Hell is here upon the earth 
  And heaven seem up in the sky? 

I guess its what we make of it, 
  I can not tell just why, 
Unless our thoughts are underfoot 
  Instead of soaring high. 

Then let us climb the ladder 
  And lift our thoughts up high, 
Then let the others watch us 
  As they go passing by. 

Keep our thoughts upon the plain 
  Where trouble never comes 
And hold good thoughts for others 
 That they may some day come. 


7-A. Frederick Donovan, born Sep. 20. 1901 
7-B. Darrell Tramblie, born Nov. 17, 1904 
7-C. Dorothy Willora, born Sep. 18, 1906 
7-D. Dean Burton Story, born Apr. 7, 1910 
7-E. Maurice Gerard, born Jul. 26, 1914 (Twin) 
7-F. Miriam Jurardine, born Jul. 26. 1914 

Married (2) Sep. 8, 1937 Santa Barbara, CA (Vol. 394, p. 447) Blanche (Wheeler) Fehrenbach, born 1884, died Aug. 10, 1961, the daughter of Harry Wheeler and Ella Fowler. 

Married (3) Sep. 20, 1941 Las Vegas, Clark Co., NV, Edna Fern Snyder, born Jun. 21, 1898 Algoma Twp., Winnebago Co., WI, died May 31, 1956 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (Vol. 34, #285), the daughter of Henry L. Snyder, born Apr. 27, 
1865 Elo, Winnebago Co., WI, died Aug. 22, 1937 Oshkosh, Winnebago Co., WI, and Mary Alice Searls, born Jan. 31, 1862 New Brunswick, Canada, died Aug. 10,1954 Santa Barbara, CA, inurned Oshkosh, WI. 

No Issue 

1880 Sparta, Monroe Co., WI, died Aug. 2I, 1958 Devils Lake, Ramsey Co., ND (Vol. 3, p. 205), interred Fairchild Community Cemetery, Fairchild, Eau Claire Co., WI. He was a meat cutter. Married Aug. 7, 1904 Fairchild, Eau Claire Co., WI (Vol. 6, p. 53) Grace Jane Hobart, born Apr. l9, 1886 Fairchild, WI, died May 27, 1963 in Devils Lake, ND (Vol. 3, p. 619), the daughter of James Patrick Hobart, born Apr. 17, 1849, died Apr. 3, 1917 and Mary Elizabeth McLyman, born May l9, 1854, died Jun. 22, 1913. (see Hobart Family Addendum

8-A. Ruth Evangeline, born Feb. 17, 1905 
8-B. Rowene Elizabeth, born Oct. 22, 1906 
8-C. Robert Clayton, born Jul. 14, 1909 
8-D. James Russell, born Jul. 8, 1912 
8-E. Darlene Grace, born Sep. 27, 1916 
8-F. Gerald Llewelyn, born May 30, 1919 
8-G. Richard Benjamin, born Jan. 6, 1924 

9. ETNA BELLE AYLESWORTH, born Oct.7, 1883 Sparta, Monroe Co., WI, died Dec. 25, 1947 Caldwell, Canyon Co., ID, interred Canyon Hill Cemetery, Caldwell, ID. 
Married Jan. 7, ]909 Maiden Rock, Pierce Co. WI, Jay R. Lonkey JR., born Dec.4,1876 Shiocton, Outagamie Co., WI, died Nov. 3, 1959 Caldwell, Canyon Co., ID, the son of John Lonkey Sr., born Mar. 7, 1828 Montreal, Quebec, Canada, died Feb. 18, 1908 Shiocton, WI, and Nancy Jeannette De Shaw, born Dec. 25, 1831 Braiser, St. Lawrence Co., NY, died Feb. 13, 1908 Shiocton, WI, (Married Jan. 26, 1856 Norfolk, St. Lawrence Co., NY). John Lonkey Sr. came from Canada to Port of Ogdensburg, NY in May of 1842 and lived in Norfolk a few years before moving to Iona, MI for another few years. Then in June of 1867 they moved to Bovina Co., WI near the town of Shiocton where they bought 80 acres of land and built their home. 

9-A. Kathryn Jeannette, born Oct. 25, 1914



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