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Let's Pause a Moment



Before reading this book you should review the following questions and mentally record your answers, true or false. 

    1. I have always maintained a purely puritan attitude throughout my life? 
    2. I have never allowed my actions to stray outside of the confines of the law? 
    3. I have always thought of myself as above reproach? 
    4. I find it easy to discover faults in those I come in contact with? 
    5. None of my actions or activities have ever produced an offensive situation? 
    6. I have yet to find one that I could consider superior to myself? 


    If you have recorded one or more “true” answers to these questions: Please close this book and return it to where you found it.  You are obviously not a member of our family. 

    If all of your answers are “false” WELCOME Cousin! You believe in all of the following. 

    1. That all men and women are created equal. 
    2. I live and let live, one and all. 
    3. I judge not lest I also be judged. 
    4. I practice the Golden Rule. 
    5. I love life and my fellow man. 
    6. I give freely of my affection and compassion. 
    7. I strive to find the best in everyone I meet. 
    8. I believe in getting the most out of life. 
    9. I do not seek gains or rewards at the expense of others. 
    10. I believe in being and associating with plain, warm and friendly folks. 

    These are OUR kind of people! 



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