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    The index shows all related members mentioned in this book.  Some are in addendums of ancestral branches of the family and appear in the index with a reference to the addendum in which they are located (i.e. Add 36) and the addendums are all numbered in the front of their section of the book. 

    To reach addendums where a person appears in an addendum of a different surname than were they appear in the index it will be necessary to click on the Addendum Index and then the addendum desired. Where a Surname is followed by an Addendum # (ADD-#) all of the names under that surname can be found in that addendum.

    Spouses of direct descendants of Caleb Sheldon are shown as 'H-' , 'W-' or `SO' (Significant Other) NP (Non married partner), followed by the code of the descendant.  In some cases where spouses Grandparents were located or provided and not enough data was available to include as an addendum for their family, they appear in the index as: (GF), Grandfather; (GGM), Great Grandmother; (GGGF), Great Great Grandfather etc. followed by the code of the descendants as (GF)W,7A-2 or Grandfather of the Wife of 7A-2.  They will be located in the text under the descendant’s name.

    Those members appearing in the first to sixth generations are followed in the index with (4th.gen.) or (5th. gen.) as the case may be.

    Those persons appearing in the book but not related in anyway have not been indexed as they are not of genealogical value to this record.  They do however add some interesting points, or provide connections to historical events and the family.  A few have been indexed where important facts are concerned or family stories  or tales have been proved or disproved.

    To find a person in the Index; first click on the first letter of the surname below.  That portion of the Index will appear.  Then scroll down to the name desired.  To reach the addendum of a surname click on that name at the top of the page or click on the scroll at the bottom of the page to reach the Addendum Index and select from it the addendum desired.

































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