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(Note: >NAME indicates the line as descends from Arthur to Caleb)
ARTHUR AYLWORTH, born ca. 1653 in England, died between Nov. 7, 1725 (date of the Codicil of his will) and Sep. 13, 1726 (date his will was probated as recorded in Wickford, RI). He settled in Quidnesset Neck, North King's Towne, Washington Co., RI, where he was appointed an inspector Feb. 6, 1699; elected a Ratemaker in May 1699; and a Viewer of Fences and Supervisor of Highways on Jun. 5, 1699. Married (possibly 2nd.) ca. 1681/2 North Kingstown, RI, Mary Brown, the daughter of Rev. John Brown and Mary Holmes. 

Mary (Possibly christened May 29, 1677) 
>ARTHUR Jr., born 1685 Elizabeth, born ca. 1687 John, born ca. 1689 
Katherine, born ca. 1689 Philip, born 1692 1694 
Chad (Judiah), born 1696 


ARTHUR AYLWORTH JR., born 1685 North Kingstown, RI, died Jul. 5, 1761 West Greenwich, RI (then part of East Greenwich). He moved from North Kingstown before Jun. 29, 1723 to East Greenwich, RI, where he owned 320 acres for which he paid E l00. Married to Mary Franklin, said to be the Aunt of the Statesman, Benjamin Franklin. 

Children (order of first six in question) 
>PHILIP, born ca. 1704/5 
Dimmis, born Jun. 22, 1725 
Austis, born Nov. 22, 1727 
Barbara, born Jun. 13, 1729


PHILIP AYLESWORTH, born ca. 1704/5 North Kingstown, Washington Co., RI, died after Nov. 17, 1789 Coventry, Kent Co., RI. He moved to Coventry about 1745 where he had a homestead farm straddling the boundary between West Greenwich and Coventry. He also had an interest in a sawmill and owned six lots in the Great Grass Swamp. He owned also what was referged to as his Susquehannah land. Married probably in East Greenwich, RI an Elizabeth ? 

Benjamin, born Feb. 5, 1735, died ca. 1810 
>PHILIP JR., born Jun. 7, 1737 
John, born Nov. 23, 1738 a Sea Captain 
Freelove, born Jan. 7, 1741 
James, born Apr. 3, 1743 
Phebe, born Nov. 15, 1744 
Sarah, born Nov. 11, 1746 
Hannah, born Dec. 15, 1748 
Mercy, born Oct. 2, 1750 
Elizabeth, born Dec. 21, 1752


PHILIP AYLWORTH JR. born Jun. 7, 1737 East Greenwich, Kent Co., RI, died ca. 1809/10 Milford, Otsego Co., NY. He owned land in West Greenwich which he sold in 1765 and in 1776/7 and in Coventry (Land he received as a gift from his father Sep. 12, 1761) in 1766, 1769 and 1777. He first moved to Pownal, Bennington Co., VT where his first four children were born and then to Milford, Otsego Co., NY where he died of cancer. Married Jun. 14, 1762 in West Greenwich, RI, Martha Slocum, born Mar. 9, 1745 West Greenwhich, RI, died Jul. 1822 Butternuts, Otsego Co., NY at the home of her son Samuel. She was the daughter of Joseph and Hannah Slocum. 

John, born ca. 1763 (Hannah, born ca 1764 
Phebe, born ca. 1765 
William, born ca. 1770 
Benjamin, born Aug. 2, 1774 
Ira, born Nov. 5, 1780 
Sally, born ca. 1785 
>SAMUEL, born Nov. 22, 1787


SAMUEL AYLESWORTH, born Nov. 22, 1787 Milford, Otsego Co., NY, died May 21, 1849 Lanesboro, Susquehanna Co., PA (at the home of his son Benjamin), interred South New Berlin, Chenango Co., NY. He lived (in an area known as Shacktown Mountain where he owned 50 acres) in the Town of Butternuts, Otsego Co., NY near the South New Berlin Post Office. Married Dec. 27, 1809 probably near South New Berlin, Mary Titus, born Aug. 7, 1790 near South New Berlin, died Nov. 19, 1843 Butternuts. Otsego Co., NY. 

Mahala, born Feb. 13, 1811 
Robinson, born Jun. 27, 1813 
Marshal D., born Dec. 18, 1815 (Twin) 
Marcia, born Dec. 18, 1815 (Twin) 
Benjamin, born Feb. 1, 1818 
Porter, born Jul. 7, 1820 
Nelson, born May 27, 1824 
Windsor, born May 5, 1826 
>CALEB SHELDON BUTTS, born Apr. 14, 1829 
George, born Jan. 24, 1836


CALEB SHELDON BUTTS AYLESWORTH, born Apr.14, 1829 Butternuts, Otsego Co., NY, died Jan. 2, 1906 Appleton, Outagamie Co., WI (at the home of his son Frederick Sheldon), interred Mt. Hope Cemetery, Sparta, Monroe Co. WI. Married (1) Nov. 6, 1848, Diantha V. Ketchum, born Feb. 23, 1829, died Feb. 27, 1851, the daughter of Ithamer Ketchum and Azuba Doud of Tioga Co. NY. (see Ketchum addendum)   He was working for the railroad when his wife was carrying their first child. One day he became sick and returned home only to pass his sickness on to his wife causing her death. Leaving his sorrow behind, he moved to Monroe Co., WI and lived with his brother Porter. Porter owned the Monroe House, a hotel which burned in 1857. He built a new hotel called the Warner House in Sparta which also burned in 1879. Sheldon, (the name he used for most of his life) was the proprietor of the Warner House in 1859 (Ref. 76d). Married (2) May 3, 1861 Monroe Co., WI, Catherine Almina (Mina) Bartlett, born Sep. 2, 1839 St. Claire, St. Claire Co., MI, died Sep. 27, 1921 in Sparta, Monroe Co., WI (Vol. 12, p. 441)(State Rec. Madison, #41Y62), interred Mt. Hope Cemetery Sparta, the daughter of Mathew Bartlett and Martha Collins (see Bartlett Family Addendum). They lived first in La Crosse until 1865, Sparta until 1872, West Salem in 1873, Little Falls by 1876, & Sparta in late 1880 where they remained. On Mar.16, 1902 fire again took it's toll and the family home burned down. Among his occupations: he was a farmer, inn keeper, and house painter. He performed many odd tasks for his neighbors and kept a record of his wages in a small pocket book; now cherished by this author. 

1. Charles Augustus, born Jan. 26, 1863 
2. George Adelbert, born May 21, 1865 
3. James Bartlett, born Feb. 16, 1867 
4. Winfred Lester, born Jan. 9, 1869 
5. Anna May, born Dec. 16, 1871 
6. Franklin Gillias, born Oct. 28, 1873 
7. Frederick Sheldon, born Sep. 21, 1876 
8. Llewelyn Benjamin, born Jun. 23, 1880 
9. Etna Belle, born Oct. 7, 1883



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