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1-A. THELMA RUTH AYLESWORTH, born Jun. 1, 1900 Sparta, Monroe Co., WI (Book 2, p. 141), died Jan. 29, 1962 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA, interred Goleta Cemetery, Santa Barbara, CA Married (1) Oct. 7, 1920 Winona, Winona Co., MN. Robert Lauren Post, born Nov. 10, 1885 Burns, La Crosse Co., WI (Vol. 66, p. 346), died Jul. 2, 1953 La Crosse, WI (Vol. 53, p. 466), the son of Jasper Orin Post, born WI and Sarah Jane Steicklin, born WI. 

lA-l. Junebelle Ruth, born Sep. 3, 1921 

Married (2) Jan. 18, 1943 Yuma, Yuma Co., AZ & also Jun. 17, 1943 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA, Earnest Barnes (Shorty) Burris, born Mar. 15, 1894 Durango, La Plata Co., CO, died Feb. 6, 1969 Summerland, Santa Barbara Co., CA, interred Goleta Cemetery, Santa Barbara, CA, the son of Thomas Ferguson Burris and Minerva Eleanor Reed. 

No issue 

2-A. LEONARD SHELDON AYLESWORTH, born Sep. 20, 1892 Hamilton, La Crosse Co., WI, (Book 7, p. 73), died Dec. 20, 1967 Sarasota, Sarasota Co., FL. In his early youth, Leonard joined the circus and followed it all of his life. 
 He earned the admiration, respect and friendship of those in the circus world and was honored by having a section the circus named the "Leonard Aylesworth Ring." In 1920 while working for the Sells-Floto Circus, Leonard and his life long friend, Charles Luckey, constructed a large steam calliope called "The Two Jesters Bandwagon." It was used for many years in the circus and in circus parades all over the North American Continent and now is on display in the Ringling Museum in Sarasota, Florida. From 1941 to 1949 he was known as the "24 hour Man" for Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Combined Shows, a job that meant preparing the next town for the arrival of the circus and solving all of the advance problems. He also did double duty as the head canvass man a position he was to regret having filled. 
 On July 6, 1944 in Hartford, CT, the most infamous day of all American Circuses, the "Big Top" caught fire. The cause of the fire is generally listed as a carelessly tossed cigarette near the entrance to the main tent. Aided by a strong Southwest wind and a return to the old method of water-proofing the canvas (decided on by the new management) of using paraffin and benzene, the flames quickly engulfed the entire tent. As a result of fire, 168 people lost 
their lives, over 500 more were injured and six Ringling Bros. Officials were charged with "involuntary manslaughter." Leonard was one of those charged but history and the facts will show that he was in Evansville, IL at the time of the fire conferring with the new President, Robert Ringling. The Coroner held them all guilty of "Wanton and reckless conduct either of commission or of omission where there is a duty to act." The circus agreed to assume all of the liabilities and a "Gentleman's agreement" was made to not send those charged to jail. Politics and public demand for vengeance played a big part in the trials and various sentences were set and served eventually by those who had spent their lives trying to bring happiness to millions. The ordeal broke the spirit of many including Leonard but he carried on. 

         How many of us have secretly thought of or dreamed of someday we would join the attractive life of the circus? For at least one of us that dream came true. Married (1) Nov. 3, 1910, Mable Julia Anderson, a circus Lion Tamer, born May 7, 1893,Freemont, Dodge Co., NE, died Sep. 30, 1951, Los Angeles, CA,  the daughter of Lars Casper Anderson born 1850, Oslo Norway, died 1925, Fremont, NB and Julia Bronson, born  1850 Stockholm, Sweden, died 1920, Omaha, NB. 

2A-1. Helen Mable, born Aug. 12, 1911 

Married (2) Apr. 3, 1919, Mildred Grace Lueder, born Aug. 4, 1899, died 1969 Sarasota, Sarasota, FL, the daughter of Carl John Lueder, born Feb. 2, 1868 (the son of Magnus Lueder & Caroline ?) and Daisy Alma Maston, born May 3, 1875 (the daughter of John Alfred Maston & Caroline Denica). 

No Issue 

2-B. HAROLD DAN AYLESWORTH, born Jun. 7, 1896 in Hamilton, La Crosse Co., WI (Book 8, p. 241), died Mar. 3, 1962 Sarasota, Sarasota Co., FL, interred Greenwood Cemetery, Bemidji, Beltrami Co., MN. Married Jun. 5, 1919 Crookston, Polk Co., MN, Elsie Elise Schmidt, born Jul. 28, 1896 Crookston, MN, died Apr. 6, 1976 Bemidji, MN, interred Greenwood Cemetery, Bemidji, MN, the daughter of Henry Schmidt Jr. (born Oct. 26, 1862 Germany, died Apr. 17, 1915 Crookston, MN [Book H, p. 3] who married Jun. 29, 1869 Crookston, MN [Book G, p. 106 and Application Book 5, p. 364]) and Henny Elsa Helm, (born ca. 1872 Germany) Henry Schmidt Jr. was the son of Henry Schmidt Sr. and Katherine ?. Note: Elise Elise Schmidt had at least one sister and two brothers born in Polk Co., MN. Kathrine Emma, born May 6, 1897 (Book 6, p. 159 # 8069), George, born Dec. 5, 1898 (Book 6, p. 183 line 30), and Walter Joseph, born Dec. 11, 1900 (Book B-2. D. 4 line 10) 

2B-1. Roby Adelbert, born Jun. 20, 1920 
2B-2. Wilbur Harold, born Jul. 7, 1928 
2B-3. Robert Dean, born Feb. 19. 1931 

2-C. ARTHUR GARETH AYLESWORTH, (Adopted), born Magnus Arthur Gudmundson, Jun. 13, 1910 Larimore, Grand Forks Co., ND Married Feb. 14, 1955 Chicago, Cook Co., IL, Dolores Mae Johnson (Solerno), born Mar. 2, 1924 Chicago, IL, died Mar. 12, 1983 the daughter of Alfred Arthur Johnson, (born Jan. 30, 1894 Waukegan, Lake Co., IL, died Feb. 15, 1965 Chicago, IL) and Florence Leona Sperling, (born Dec. 8, 1894 Chicago, IL, died Aug. 1973). Note: Delores Mae Johnson married (1) A Mr. Solerno and had Sandra Lee Marilyn Solerno, born Mas 4, 1949 and used the surname Aylesworth for most of her younger years. She was mentioned in the first book as being adopted but this was not completed. At her request, her #2C-l has been deleted from this text. All who know her will agree that it is our loss and she is appreciated for correcting the record. 

2C-1. Arthur Gareth Jr., born Jun. 9, 1956 
2C-2. Alfred Delbert, born Jun. 9, 1956 (Twins) 
2C-3. Pamelia Alice, born Jun. 15, 1957 

3-A. WAYNE W. AYLESWORTH, born Jan. 26, 1899 Sparta, Monroe Co., WI, died Sep. 15, 1941 Oshkosh, Winnebago, Co., WI, interred Mt. Hope Cemetery, Sparta, WI (Lot 7, Blk. 18, Org. Plt.) Wayne was affectionately known to members of the family as "Uncle Mutt" and was an accomplished Musician having played the drums with many Midwestern Orchestras. Although he never married he was truly a romantic and liked by all who knew him. 

4-A. IRMAGARD BELLE AYLESWORTH, born Sep. 15, 1895 Sparta, Monroe Co., WI, died Apr. 30, 1933 in Rochester, Olmstead Co., MN. A beauty operator. Married (1) ca. 1913 Sparta, WI, George Leonard Fell, born WI, died ca 1946/7 Minneapolis, MN. 

4A-1. Leonard Winnie, born Mar. 31, 1914 
4A-2. Leita Maria, born Sep. 7, 1916 

Married (2) ca. 1928 Northfield, Rice Co., MN, Carl "Slim" Gerber. 

No Issue 

4-B. INEZ MARIE AYLESWORTH, born Sep. 15, 1898 Sparta, Monroe Co., WI, died Dec. 5, 1984, Montello, WI. A Beauty Operator. Married (1) Jul. 4, 1917 Sparta, WI, Jason Carlyle Brendum, born Jan. 13, 1899 Wesby, Vernon Co., WI, the son of Albert Brendum (born Coon Valley, Vernon Co., WI, died ca. 1930) who married 1898, Elizabeth Haugen (born May 7,1880 Coon Valley, WI, died Nov.5, 1963 La Crosse, La Crosse Co., WI the daughter of Jacob Haugen and Ingabar Haugooroan) 

4B-1. Geraldyne Inez, born Apr. 18, 1918 
4B-2. Lester Jason, born Jan. 4, 1920 

Married (2) Jun. 28, 1936 Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., WI, William Austin Caryl, born Jun. 3, 1889 Watertown, Jefferson Co., WI (in Deeds Book 328, p. 296), died May 27, 1973 Milwaukee, WI, the son of William Waterman Caryl, (born Apr. 16, 1850 Sullivan, Jefferson Co., WI, died Jun. 22, 1914 Waukesha, Waukesha Co., WI [Vol. 11, p. 459], interred Waukesha, WI,[the son of Charles Caryl, born VT and Ruth Emma Swat, born VT]) and Marietta Olmstead, born Jul. 28, 1861 Waukesha, WI, died Jun. 19, 1928 Waukesha, WI (Vol. 22, p. 110) [the daughter of Wallace Olmstead, born VT, and Susan Goodridge, born VT]. 

No Issue 

5-A. ELLWYN GLEN WASTE, born Oct. 13,1902 Kendall, Monroe Co., WI, died Jun. 11, 1957 Madison, Dane Co., WI (Vol. 216, p. 137) Married 1938 Emilie "Millie" Kubescek, born in Bohemia. 

No Issue 

5-B. NEAL (NMN) WASTE, born Feb. 16, 1904 Viola, 
Richland Co., WI. died Feb. 18. 1904 Viola. Richland Co., WI (Vol. G, p. 59) 

5-C. KATHRYN VIOLA WASTE, born Jun. 24, 1905 Viola, Richland Co., WI. Married (1) Apr. 27, 1930 Muscoda, Grant Co., WI, Paul Herbert Harris, born Jul. 26, 1904 Marshall, Richland Co., WI, died Jul. 26, 1955 Richwood, Richland Co., WI, the son of Herbert Watson Harris (born Jul. 9, 1879 Marshall, WI, died Dec. 7, 1950 Clearwater, Pinellas Co., FL) and Sadie Betata Paul, born Oct. 30, 1879 Platteville, Grant Co., WI, died Jun. 22, 1943 Chicago, Cook Co., IL). Paul Herbert Harris interred, English Ridge Cemetery, Marshall, WI. 

5C-1. Beata Ann, born Jan. 9, 1932 
5C-2. Karren Lynn, born Jan. 7, 1936 

Married (2) Nov. 27, 1968 Caledonia, Houston Co., MN (Vol. V, p. 340) Thomas George Doudna, born Aug. 9, 1899 Marshall Twp., Richland Co., WI (Vol. K, p. 132), died Nov. 25, 1972 Richland Center, Richland Co., WI (Vol.27, p. 206} the son of George Burliegh 'Burle' Doudna born Jan. 18, 1882 Marshall Twp., WI, died May 25, 1951 Richland Center, WI (Vol. 18, p. 91), interred Fancy Creek Cemetery, (the son of Thomas Doudna and Janett Fogo) and Elsie M. Keys, born Oct. 22, 1885 Marshall Twp., WI, died Apr. 22, 1907 Richland Co., WI (Vol. G. p. 161), interred Fancy Creek Cemetery,(the daughter of George Keys). 

No Issue 

5-D. ALYCE LUCILLE WASTE, born Ju1.13, 1907 Knapp, Dunn Co., WI, died Aug. 14, 1979 Richland Center, Richland Co., WI, interred English Ridge Cemetery, Marshall, WI. Never married. 

6-A. ALICE MARIE AYLESWORTH, born Jul. 30, 1904 East Grand Forks, Polk Co., MN, died May 7, 1955 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, interred Evergreen Memorial Gardens, Edmonton, Alberta. Married Jan. 1, 1924 Bonnyville, Alberta, Wilbert Leslie Fox, born Sep.12, 1892 Forest Mills, Ontario, Canada, died Mar. 8, 1975 Meyerthorpe, Alberta (Note: he married (1) Apr. 15, 1916, Hester Evelyn Shannon and had Arthur, born Nov. 12, 1917 and Jennie 'Bonnie', born Apr.25, 1920) the son of George Washington Fox Jr., born Nov. 4, 1862 Ontario, Canada, died Dec. 3, 1955 Killam, Alberta (the son of George Washington Fox Sr., born Apr. 20, 1830) and Eva Jane Dennison, born Jul. 14, 1866 Ontario, Canada, died Aug. 28, 1947 Killam, Alberta (the daughter of James R. Dennison, born Aug. 18, 1834 and Mary E. Windoner, born Sep. 10, 1844). 

6A-1. Lorraine Grace, born Dec. 2, 192-S 

6-B. LELAND STANFORD AYLESWORTH, born Mar.16, 1906 East Grand Forks, Polk Co., MN, died Oct. 19, 1970 Rife, Alberta, Canada, interred Rife Cem. Married Nov. 19, 1930 Franchere, Alberta, Ida Louise May Nicholson, born Nov. 20, 1914, Pipestone, Manitoba, Canada, died Oct. 30, 2011, the daughter of John Alfred Nicholson, born Jan. 20, 1886 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, died May 14, 1968 and Alma Louise Willet, born Jul. 31, 1887 Saginaw, Saginaw Co., MI, died Oct. 22, 1972, interred Rife Cemetery, Rife, Alberta. 

6B-1. Louis Stanford, born Aug. 20, 1931 
6B-2. Phillis Ruby, born Nov. 21, 1932 
6B-3. Lloyd Raymond, born Jan. 22, 1934 
6B-4. Iris Jean, born May 16, 1936 
6B-5. Franklin Garry, born May 29, 1937 
6B-6. Eileen Faye, born Apr. 21, 1944 

6-C. RAYMOND FRANK "SNOOKS" AYLESWORTH, born Dec. 19, 1908 Rife, Alberta, Canada. Married Aug. 7,1934 Ashmont, Alberta, Viola Jeanette Pike, born Feb. 11, 1916 Abeline, Alberta, the daughter of Walter Harold Pike, born Jun. 19, 1876 Yankton, Yankton Co., SD, died Apr. 24, 1958 St. Paul, Alberta and Mary Marie Koranda, born Mar. 1, 1883 Tabor, Bon Homme Co., SD, died Jun.7, 1965St. Paul, Alta. 

6C-1. Garry Lavern, born Jul. 2, 1937 
6C-2. Larry Raymond, born Oct. 30, 1938 

Married (2)  Jul. 13, 1983, Mallaig, Alberta, Canada, Mary Melnychucvk, born Sep. 12, 1910, Willington, Alberta, Canada, the daughter of John Melnychuck & Nancy Popowich both born in the Ukrain.
     Mary maried first _____? Nelson and had: Edwin, Ken, Margaret & Raymond Nelson.

7-A. FREDERICK DONOVAN AYLESWORTH, born Sep. 20, 1901 West Salem, La Crosse Co., WI (Book 10, p. 242), died Jun. 12, 1965 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (Cert. # 4200-757), inurned Santa Barbara Cemetery, Santa Barbara, CA 

 Known to members of the family as 'Don', his many friends and associates in the world outside the family all called him 'Fred'. Because of the financial needs of his family he did not finish High School but he continued to feed his quest for knowledge throughout his life. A student of the dictionary, he was rarely caught on the meaning of a word and could converse with ones of every level of education. From his many friends and fellow workers he learned enough to be conversationally adept in many languages and quite fluent in German and Spanish. When his family moved to California in 1923 he remained behind in Appleton, Wisconsin to raise his own family and followed the others in 1936 to settle in Santa Barbara. 

 A jack-of-all-trades, he deviated from the norm by mastering many. His occupations included: Beater-room Foreman for Kimberly Clark Co.; Interior Decorator for Albert Jones Studios; Baggage room Supervisor, Over-short-and-damage Clerk, and Night Warehouse Foreman for Southern Pacific Railroad Co.; Gardener, Usher and Maintenance Technician for the Church of Christ Scientist of Santa Barbara; Termite Control worker for E. A. French Co.; Yardman for Santa Barbara Mill & Lumber Co.; and on the W.P.A. 
 He made many pieces of fine furniture and enjoyed making many brass lamps from a wide variety of previously used brass items. He gave of himself and his abilities whenever he saw the need or received a request. A firm believer of giving at least a dollar’s worth of effort for every dollar received; he instilled this code in his children much to all their benefit. Extremely well liked by all whom he came in contact with; he took pride in just being himself, On June 2, 1950 he filled a desire he nurtured for many years and was elected to membership in the First Church of Christ Scientist, (The Mother Church), in Boston, MA, by the Christian Science Board of Directors. 

Married (1) Nov, 25, 1922 Appleton, Outagamie Co., WI (Vol. 14, p. 339) Adeline Louise Minnie Hauert, born Mar. 16, 1900 Appleton, WI, (Vol. 9, p. 142), died Nov, 6, 1964 Los Angles, Los Angeles Co., CA (Cert. # 7053-22338), inurned Santa Barbara Cemetery, Santa Barbara, CA, the daughter of John Jacob Hauert III, born Feb. 21, 1858 Brookfield, Waukesha Co., WI, died Feb. 24, 1948 Appleton, WI, interred Riverside Cemetery, Appleton, WI who married Jan. 10, 1882 Appleton, WI, Sophia Jon Maria Koehn, born Mar. 6, 1858 Utica, Onieda Co.,NY, died Apr. 27, 1932 Appleton, WI, interred in Riverside Cemetery, Appleton, WI. (See Hauert Family addendum)

7A-1. Jack Sheldon, born Dec. 28, 1923 
7A-2. Owen Roy, born Jan. 21, 1926 
7A-3. Louise Ellen, born Aug. 17, 1927 
7A-4, Earl Roger, born Oct. 29, 1929 

Married (2) Apr. 26, 1965 Community Church, Carpinteria, Santa Barbara Co., CA, Ventura Co., Ca. License (Book 82, p. 549) Florence Alice Gorke (Stone), born Mar. 15, 1910 PA, the daughter of John H. Gorke and Anna E. Christ. 

No Issue 

7-B. DARRELL TRAMBLIE AYLESWORTH, born Nov. 17, 1904 Appleton, Outagamie Co., WI (Book 30, p. 525), died Sep. 13, 1978 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA, at his request; members of the family scattered his ashes on the mountains he loved behind the City of Santa Barbara. Married Jan. 5, 1927 Ventura, Ventura Co., CA, Anna Bell Kuhns, born Aug. 21, 1907 Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH, died May 27, 2005   Sacramento, CA, the daughter of Reeder Cary Kuhns, born Jul. 4, 1874 Dayton, OH, died Mar. 5, 1969 Santa Barbara, CA, interred Dayton, OH and Loretta Lamont Flagg, born Jan. 3, 1885 Dayton, OH, died Feb. 27, 1954 Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA (she married (2) John Archer Burke), interred Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Los Angeles. CA 

7B-1. Kimberly Darrell, born May 8, 1935 
7B-2. Kirk Lee, born Jul. 15, 1944 

7-C. DOROTHY WILLORA AYLESWORTH, born Sep.18, 1906, Appleton, Outagamie Co., WI (Book 11, p.6). died Dec. 5, 2006, Goleta, Santa Barbara Co. CA, Married (1) Nov. 6, 1925 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (Vol. 62,p. 388) Carlton Anthony Bradley Sr., born Aug. 20, 1899 Sullivan, Moultrie Co., IL, died May 25, 1968 Ventura, Ventura Co., CA, interred Ivy Lawn Memorial Park, Ventura, CA, the son of Charles Harmon Bradley, (born Feb. 11, 1861 Sullivan, IL, died Feb. 11, 1918 Sidney, Richland Co., MT, married Nov. 6, 1887) and Mary Etta Weatherly, (born Dec. 6, 1868 IL, died Apr. 24, 1947 in Jamestown, Stutsman Co., ND, the daughter of John Weatherley, born WV and Adline Cowley) Mary lived in Alexander, McKenzie Co., ND prior to Dec. 15, 1915. (Note: Carl Sr. Married (2) Judith [Carlson] Johnson. 

7C-1. Carlton Anthony Jr. born Jun. 28, 1926 
7C-2. Robert Charles, born Dec. 24, 1927 
7C-3. Girl unnamed, born Aug. 5, 1934 
7C-4. Willora Jeannine, born Sep. 11, 1936 

Married (2) Nov. 23, 1959 Las Vegas, Clark Co., NV Lowell Dale Hutchins, born Nov. 21, 1888 Farmer, Defiance Co., OH, died Apr. 19, 1972 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA, the son of Forest Olen Hutchins, (born Feb. 22, 1854 Farmer, OH, died Jan. 30, 1922 Bryan, Williams Co., OH, married Apr. 28, 1879 Farmer, OH) and Rachel Melissa Price, (Born May 20, 1857 Farmer, OH, died Aug. 5, 1928 Farmer, OH). 

No Issue 

7-D. DEAN BURTON STORY AYLESWORTH, born Apr. 7, 1910 Appleton, Outagamie Co., WI (Book 14, p. 311). A meat cutter by profession. Married (1) March, 1928 San Diego, San Diego Co., CA Dorothy Irene Coleman, born Nov. 6, 1911, the daughter of John Emmet Coleman and E = Ruth Kelly. (She married (2)J.N. Shamberg. 

7D-1. Beulah Jean, born Jan. 22, 1929 

Married (2) Sep. 23, 1933 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (Vol. 291, p. 165) Eva Elizabeth Roberson, born Apr. 24, 1913 Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo Co., CA, died Sep. 3, 2011, West Jordan, UT, the daughter of James Andrew Roberson, born Aug. 31, 1890 Almena, Norton Co., KS, died Aug. 12, 1956 San Luis Obispo, CA (the son of James Madison Roberson and Sarah Elizabeth Youngblood) and Helen Elizabeth Baxter, born Dec. 19, 1893 Monrovia, Los Angeles Co., CA, died Jan. 8, 1976 Santa Barbara, CA, married Monrovia, CA, (the daughter of William Andrew Baxter and Elizabeth Bond). 

7D-2. Don Lee, born Nov. 2, 1935 
7D-3. Rex Burton, born Aug. 15, 1939 

7-E. MAURICE GERARD AYLESWORTH, born Jul. 26,1914 Appleton, Outagamie Co., WI (a twin) (Book 19, p. 801), died Nov. 5, 1962 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA (Vol. 53, p. 73), interred in Santa Barbara Cemetery, Santa Barbara, CA (Bk. B, 361 Vista de La Cumbre Sec.) A truck driver and Warehouseman. Married Mar. 6, 1937 Santa Barbara, CA (Vol. 373, p. 407) Elise Bernice Wilson, born Dec. 18, 1919 Santa Barbara, CA, died Mar. 20, 1969 Escalon, San Joaquin Co., CA, interred Santa Barbara Cemetery, Santa Barbara, CA (Bk. B, 362 Vista de La Cumbre Sec.), the daughter of Clarence Burgess Wilson, born Apr. 12, 1891 Marion. Linn Co., IA, died Jun. 19, 1942 Santa Barbara, CA (Vol. 11, p. 922) (the son of Oliver Wilson and Miranda Newland, both born in OH) and Grace Olive Bates, born Dec. 10, 1895 Santa Barbara, CA (the daughter of Ellsworth D. Bates, an early wagon maker in Santa Barbara in the 1880's). died 1928. 

7E-1. Maurice Gerald, born Feb. 25, 1938 
7E-2. Sharlyn Jean, born Oct. 18, 1943 

7-F. MIRIAM JURARDINE AYLESWORTH, born Jul. 26, 1914 Appleton, Outagamie Co., WI (a twin) (Book 19, p. 802), died Mar. 28, 2000, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA . An Engineering Change Analyist for 11 years, Supervisor & Drawing Service Section, Executive Secretary 8 years, for Hughes Aircraft Co. Adopted (Honorary) by Chief of Fiji Island Village near Suva. Married (1) Sep. 24, 1932 Ventura, Ventura Co., CA Clifford "Moose" Wayne Newell, born Sep. 24, 1913 Gilson, Orange Twp., Knox Co., IL, died Apr. 25, 1964 Las Vegas, Clark Co., NV, interred Live Oak Memorial Park, Monrovia, Los Angeles Co., CA, the son of Francis Albert Newell, born Mar. 4, 1869 Knoxville, Knox Co., IL, died May 10, 1948 Santa Barbara, CA, married Quitman, MO [the son of William Audrey Newell, born Oct. 24, 1826, died Aug. 18, 1911 and Martha Donnelly, born Jun. 20, 1837, died Jun. 22, 1922] Mary Elizabeth Gold, born Nov. 4, 1877 Randall, Knox Co., IL, died Nov. 11, 1949 Santa Barbara, CA [the daughter of Andrew Jackson Gold and Lydia Dean]. 

7F-1. Miriam Jeanine, born Mar. 28, 1934 
7F-2. Loy Gay, born Mar. 22, 1939 
7F-3. Sheldon Lee, born Jan. 30, 1941 

Married (2) Jul. 5, 1946 Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, Jack Sheldon Aylesworth, born Dec. 28, 1923 Appleton, Outagamie Co., WI, Separated Jan. 25, 1960 (see # 7A-1.) 

8-A. RUTH EVANGELINE AYLESWORTH, born Feb. 17, 1905 Fairchild, Eau Claire Co., WI (Vol. 4, p. 482), died Feb. 13, 1962 Dallas, Dallas Co., TX, interred Fairchild Community Cemetery, Fairchild, WI. Married Jul. 2, 1926 Devils Lake, Ramsey Co., ND, George Henry Pasonault, born Dec. 8, 1882 Bristol, Worth Co., IA, died Jul. 10, 1950 in Devils Lake, ND (Book 2, p. 190), interred St. Joseph Cemetery, Devils Lake, ND, a Barber, the son of Nelson Pasonault and Julia Anna La Valle both born in Canada. 

8A-1. Grace Evelyn, born Jan. 21, 1928 
8A-2. Georgia Mae, born Jul. 11, 1929 
8A-3. Russell Clayton, born Jan. 23, 1936 
8A-4. Darlene Elizabeth, born Feb. 10, 1942 

8-B. ROWENE ELIZABETH AYLESWORTH, born Oct. 22, 1906 Augusta, Eau Claire Co., WI (Vol. 51, p. 1704), died Nov. 14, 1991 Devils Lake, Ramsey Co., ND, married Dec. 3, 1926 Devils Lake, Ramsey Co., ND, Albert Chris "Rubber" Nelson, born May 10, 1907 Wahpeton, Richland Co., ND, died Jan. 1, 1969 Devils Lakes ND (Book 4, p. 427), the son of Chris Peter Nelson, born Mar. 5, 1882 near Copenhagen, Denmark, died Oct. 22, 1952 Jamestown, Stutsman Co., ND and Effie Horsman, born Jun. 29, 1884 Milbank, Grant Co., SD, died Nov. 18, 1925 Devils Lake, ND (the daughter of Samuel Horsman and Ruhema Catherine Groves (see the Horsman Family Addendum). 

 Rubber Nelson earned his nickname by pitching six games of softball in one tournament where a remark about his rubber arm stuck with him all his life. No other person figures more prominently in Devils Lake Softball history. Rubber started pitching when he was sixteen and continued every year for 33 years retiring at age forty nine. He had pitched over 900 games and in fifteen State Championships. He had about twenty No-hitters to his name, the last one being when he was forty nine and the game upon which he retired. In this game, played in July, 1956 at Maddock, ND, he pitched 21 outs without allowing a single hit and won the game 16 to 0 for his Devils Lake Team. Another one of his memorable no-hitters in the early 1940's put his team into the State tournament and was one for the record book. Rubber pitched the first four innings and then his son Jerry threw the next three to win the game. A Father and Son no-hitter for the record book. Speaking of records; Rubber is the only Devils Lake player to receive the highest honor in North Dakota softball. On Sunday, Jun. 28, 1964, Rubber was inducted into the North Dakota Amateur Softball Association Hall of Fame at Harvey, ND. 

8B-1. Albert Jerome, born Dec. 27, 1931 

8-C. ROBERT CLAYTON AYLESWORTH, born Jul. 14,1909 Augusta, Eau Claire Co., WI (Vol. 51, p. 1671), died Sep. 3, 1976 Devils Lake, Ramsey Co., ND (Vol. 5, p. 474), interred G.A.R. Cemetery, Devils Lake, ND. Married Sep. 13, 1930 East Grand Forks, Polk Co., MN Gertrude Louise Engan, born Dec. 27, 1909 Penn, Ramsey Co., ND, died Oct. 16, 2002, the daughter of John Olaf "Ole" Engan, born Jul. 27, 1874 Windom, Cottonwood Co., MN, died Aug. 6, 1948 Devils Lake, ND (Book 1, p. 452 #892)(the son of Olav Engan and Gertrude Boness, both born in Norway) married Sep. 7, 1907 Rugby, Pierce Co., ND, Louise Ellen Gessner, born Jan. 3, 1887 Penn, ND, died Jul. 13, 1974 Devils Lake, ND (Book 5, p. 287 #7128), interred with husband Penn Cemetery, Penn, ND, (the daughter of Gustav Henry Gessner and Amelia Louise Stienke). 

8C-1. Robert John, born Jan. 26, 1932 
8C-2. Jane Ann, born Sep. 25, 1935 
8C-3. Mary Louise, born Apr. 14, 1948 

8-D. JAMES RUSSELL "RUSS" AYLESWORTH, born Jul. 8, 1912 Sumner Twp., Trempealeau Co., WI, died Nov. 10, 1985. A meat cutter and restaurant owner (he has owned more than 80 restaurants, diners and cafes). Married (1) Mar. 17, 1940 New Rockford, Eddy Co., ND Alice Ruhama Nelson, born Oct. 6, 1908 Wahpeton, Richland Co., ND,died Sep. 9, 1989, Sioux Falls, SD, intered at Devils Lake, ND, the daughter of Chris Peter Nelson, born Mar. 5, 1882 near Copenhagen, Denmark, died Oct. 22, 1952 Jamestown, Stutsman Co., ND and Effie Horsman, born Jun. 29, 1884 Milbank, Grant Co., SD, died Nov. 18, 1925 Devils Lake, Ramsey Co., ND. 

No Issue 

Married (2) Jun. 26, 1950 Rapid City, Pennington Co., SD (Vol.18, p.l74) Lois Mae Sandstrom, born May 14, 1928 St. Paul, Ramsey Co., MN, died January 1, 2004, Hawthorne, WI, the daughter of Edgar Martin Sandstrom, born Dec.28, 1902 Center City, Chicago Co., MN, died Aug. 14, 1979 and Hazel Margaret Young, born Aug. 9, 1905 St. Paul, MN. 

8D-1. Luanne Carol, born May 27, 1951 
8D-2. Karen Lee, born Jan. 17, 1953 

Married (3) May 6, 1955 Rapid City, Pennington Co., SD (Vol. 29, p. 180) Ruby E. Williams, born Jul. 27, 1934 Meridian, Lauderdale Co., MS. 

No Issue 

Married (4) Apr. 23, 1957 Rapid City, Pennington Co., SD (Vol. 33, p. 284) Lois Mae (Sandstrom) Priebe, born May 14, 1928 (wife 2 above). 

8D-3. James Russell Jr., born Mar. 5, 1959 

8-E. DARLENE GRACE AYLESWORTH, born Sep. 27, 1916 Sumner Twp. Trempealeau Co., WI. , died Jan. 03, 2005, Milwaukee, WI. Married Jun. 21, 1947 Elroy, Juneau Co., WI, Vincent Fredrick (David) Melcher, born May 6, 1918 Mentor Twp., Clark Co., WI (Vol. 14, p. 146) A professional Photographer now retired, the son of Walter Peter Melcher, born Jun 97, 1898 Humbird, Jackson Co., WI, died Jul 26, 1963 Mentor, WI (Vol. 60, p. 345)(the son of Frederick Melcher and Mary Brandsteader, both born in Germany) and Gertrude Bernadean Boullion, born Jan. 11, 1897 Fairchild, Eau Claire Co., WI. 

8E-1. Daniel Vincent, born May 1, 1949 
8E-2. Pamela Therese, born Jul. 19, 1954 

8-F. GERALD LLEWELYN AYLESWORTH, born May 30, 1919 Devils Lake, Ramsey Co., ND, died May 9, 1952 Woodland, Yolo Co., CA, interred Fairchild Community Cemetery, Fairchild, Eau Claire Co., WI. Drowned - never married. 

This is an extract from the original diary written by Katherine Mae Hobart Pettis 
 (Grace Aylesworth's sister) 

re: her nephew Jerry Aylesworth - who died by drowning.
This clearly suggests that this was likely suicide and that his life had been difficult  - and this gives some insight into his struggle.  It also makes disparaging reference to her sister, Grace  and brother in law.  Katie - at the time of writing was widowed and lived alone.
Entry date: May 30, 1952  (transcription follows)
To Jerry -My Beloved Nephew
May 30, 1952 - Your birthday and God says you are 33 years old today and God knows because He who gave you life - to begin with - as a mortal - has given you this day - a fight which no man can ever claim or take from you. this gift is the gift of 'Everlasting life handed down to you from your creator through your faith in Jesus Christ.  your Lord and Master - and this gift is crowned with the glory of God and safely locked within your heart with the Golden Key of Love and Faith and hope and charity and Forgiveness.  God says, "Come unto me all ye weary and heavy laden and I will give The Rest".  You have confided in your Savior - Jerry - you found Him willing and ready to keep his promise and he has received you and gathered you into his arms - He has covered you with his feathers and you can hide under His Wings and you shall dwell in the House of the Lord forever.  God called you home - you answered his call and found God's promise fulfilled - you found that long sought Rest - that peace that passeth all understanding - Eternal Sleep - from which no man shall ever wake to weep - that Blissful - satisfying quiet - undisturbed - blessed - Golden Silence...
Jerry, dear, where ever you are now - I know that your spirit is free - your soul is near - and you - who are blood of my blood - can comprehend and commune with my heart - and Jerry I know that you have had to walk alone down that path of life - 33 years - same space of time as your Savior walked - remember? Jesus Christ walked a rugged road - 33 years - along.  He too suffered and I know, like Him - you suffered - and like Him you carried a cross - and wore also a crown of thorns - - But you do not walk alone now - Jesus walks with you and understands.  He knows and has given you in exchange for that Sharp Crown of thorns - a crown of glory and for that ???  - unsatisfied uncertain life - he has give you eternal and everlasting life and rest.
Rest my nephew - my blood, my flesh, my bones - you are part of me - my children and my nephew have all the same ancestors - we are One.  I feel your presence here beside me - I am alone with God and you - and you speak to my heart with truth and confidence - I am listening:  You say these things to me.
From the day you were born you were pampered - hampered - and heckled - tortured and strained - dominated - ruled and martyred by a selfish, unreasonable, jealous Mother
You trembled with fear and heartbreaks...which gave you a complex of timidity, anxiety and nervousness by a drinking - cruel - incompetent father.
The lack of the finer things in life, such as love- recognition-proper consideration in small things which mean so much to the growing minds and throbbing hearts of children - faith - confidence - good influence -good examples - sweet contentment and environment - at home with your family and all that a God Loving Home should provide for the hearts within it - all these were denied you- untile the Silver Cord that held Body and Soul together - could stand it now longer - and so it finally snapped - and Broke.  God knows - Jerry - wherein lies the Sin.  God knows that your heart was true and that, you had that little thing called 'love' fluttering in your heart.  Beating it's wings against your breast, struggling against drastic odds - to fill itself and live your own life.
Free - Free.  Oh to be Free from the fetters, from Bars and Walls that held you in.  God  knew all that and so he freed your soul and carried it away on the wings of Glory to dwell with Him.  In His House of Love and dreams and Rest for ever more. any little sin of yours - Jerry is forgotten and forgiven by God and man and you are saved and Safe and Happy with your Father which is in Heaven. 
I hope and pray that I may live so as to be clean and pure and good enough to come and dwell wit you and find you - and that you will recognize and accept me on that promised 'Resurrection Day'. 
In the sweet quiet and seclusion of my simple little country home. Alone with my dreams, God and Jerry - I write these 'heart throbbing lines' as I commune with Jerry - through a mental telepathy system such as thoughts and remembrances convey.  June 2, 1952  1:10 pm
-KMHP    (Katherine Mae Hobart Pettis)
Submitted by: 
Diane Graves Johnson  

8-G. RICHARD BENJAMIN AYLESWORTH, born Jan.6, 1924 Osseo, Trempealeau Co., WI, died Nov. 2, 1977 Eau Claire, Eau Claire Co., WI. Married Jan. 15, 1945 Devils Lake, amsey Co., ND Philamena Philipena Deloresa (Delores) Bachmeier, born Nov. 24, 1922 Esmund, Benson Co., ND (delayed Cert. # 22-021134 - Dec. 22, 1948), the daughter of Dionysius (Daniel) C. Bachmeier, born Nov. 30, 1889 Odessa, Russia, died Apr. 18, 1980 Harvey, Wells Co., ND, married Feb. 14, 1909 (or 1911) Teresia Sanders, born Apr. 5, 1893 Aberdeen, Brown Co., SD. 

8G-1. Yvonne Grace, born Mar. 17, 1946 
8G-2. Carol Marlene, born Dec. 27, 1946 
8G-3. Cheryl Ann, born Dec. 20, 1952 
8G-4. Richard Donald, born Feb. 8, 1959 
8G-5. Wendy Kay, born Oct. 21, 1960 

9-A. KATHRYN JEANNETTE LONKEY, born Oct. 25, 1914 Caldwell, Canyon Co., ID. Died July 31, 2004, Henderson, NV. Buried at Boulder City, NV, Veteran's Memorial Cemetery August 9, 2004.

Jeannette had the privilege of having her Grandmother, Almina Bartlett Aylesworth, visit her when she was sick with "pink-eye" and listened to stories of Old Doctor Wango Tango. Mina also sang her a song the words of which she still remembers. They are here recorded for all to enjoy. 

Hokey pockey winkey 
Polly McCue Komoley Kunk 
Hangery, wangery chingery chang 
King of the Cannibal Islands. 

 Jeannette remembers her as so prim and proper and one day shocked her when she raised her skirts with her toy broom. She was scolded for it and her Mother was too for letting her do it. How many of us have such memories? 

 Jeannette earned her B.A. degree in 1937 at College of Idaho and obtained a Masters in Education there in 1959. She taught English at the High School level for 28 years until she retired. 

 She was accepted for membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution and her membership number is inserted  here to make it easier for others to do the same. It is number   671338. Please contact the D.A.R. for details.. 
Married Sep. 15, 1938 Boise, Ada Co., ID, Ferrol Richard Rice, born Nov. 20, 1918 Idaho Falls, Bonneville Co., Id, the son of Cecil Gilbert Rice, born May 28, 1886 Hazel Grove, Independence Co., AR, died Jun. 12, 1973 Idaho Falls, ID (the son of William Milton Rice, M.D., born Sep. 29, 1856, died Apr. 11, 1932 and Cora Lee Willis, born ca. 1870, married Feb.22, 1885 Imboden, Lawrence Co. AB) and Agnes Lucy Richard, born Dec.9s1894 Ft. Collins, CO., died Sep.4,1961 Boise, ID. 

9A-1. Richard Ferrol, born Jul. 16, 1942



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