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ARMS: Quarterly, 1 and 4, argent, a man’s heart gules, ensigned with an imperial crown proper, on a chief azure, three muilets of the first; 2 and 3 , argent a cross counter-embattled sable, the whole within a border engrailed argent, charged with eight holly-leaves vert.

MANTLING: Gules, doubled argent

CREST: On a wreath of his liveries, a salamander vert, in flames and sprouting out fire proper

MOTTO: “Jamais arriere” (never behind [French])

Douglas (v2)

Dyer (v1)

(variation 1)

ARMS: Or a chief indented gules

MANTLING: Out of a ducal coronet or a goat’s head argent armed gold

MOTTO: “Terrere nolo, timere nescio” (unwilling to frighten, unacquainted with fear)

CREATION: 6 July 1678

Dyer (v2)

Variation 2


ARMS: Sable, on a bend invected between two martlets or, a dolphin haurient proper, between a lion’s head and a leopard’s head both erased gules

MANTLING: Gules and or

CREST: On a wreath of the colours, a demi-conger ell erect or, between two sprigs of hawthorne fructed proper

MOTTO: “Pre rege, patria et familia”


ARMS: Ermine (black on white), on a chevron sable, three roses argent

MANTLING: Sable and argent

CREST: On a wreath of the colours, a squirrel sejant gules

MOTTO: “Mallem mori quam mutare”



ARMS: Gules a lion rampant within a bordure engrailed argent, over a label of two points or, charged gyronny of eight or and sable

SUPPORTERS: Two lions gardant gules, charged with a label as in the arms

CREST: An anchor in pale or

MOTTO: “Anchor fast anchor”

CREATION: 5 July 1445


ARMS: Quarterly, 1st, sable an estoile of six rays or between two flaunches ermine (for HOBART); 2nd argent a saltire gules between four eagles displaed azure (for HAMPTON); 3rd, argent three battering-rams fesswise in pale proper, armed and garnished azure (for BERTIE); 4th, quarterly gules and or, in the1st quarter a mullet argent (for VERE)

CREST: A bull statant per pale sable and gules bezante in his nose a ring or

MOTTO: “Actor pretiosa facit” (the giver makes the gift valuable)


ARMS: Quarterly, 1 and 4 - argent, a fess gules between three plummets sable; 2 and 3 – ermne, a lion rampant sable (Burd)

MANTLING: Gules and argent

CREST: On a wreath of the colours, a falcon rising (with wings displayed) argent, belled or, holding in the beak a plummet as in the arms

MOTTO: “Heb dduw heb ddim duw a digon”


ARMS: Per pale or and sable, a lion passant counterchanged, holding in the dexter paw a broken sword in bend sinister, blade downwards proper pommel and hild gold, on a chief dancettee per pale of the second and first, three esquires helmets of the third, garnished gold.

MANTLING: Sable and or

CREST: On a sreath of the colours, upon a laurel-branch vert, an arm embowed in armour proper, garnished gold, grasping a broken sword as in the arms, and charged with two frets, one above and one below the elbow sable

MOTTO: “In bello aut in pace”


ARMS: Quarterly, gules and azure, in the second and third quarters two bars wavy argent, the whole surmounted by as many tilting-spears in saltire, in chief a fleur-de-lys, in fessee two annulets, and in base an anchor erect, all or

MANTLING: Gules and or

CRESTS: In front of a tower argent, surmounted by an annulet azure, two branches of laurel in saltire vert, between as many wings, that on the dexter also azure, and that on the sinister gules

MOTTO: “Honor et veritas” (honor in truthfulness)


Variation 1

ARMS: Quarterly, 1st argent a lion rampant gules, armed langued azure; 2nd or a hand in armour fessways, holding a cross-crosslet fitchee gules; 3rd or alymphad, sais furled and oars in action sable, flagged gules; 4th vert a salmon naiant if fess proper; overall on an inescutchoen en surtout or, and eagle displayed gules, surmounted of a lymphad, safis furled, oars in action sable (as Chief of the name and arms of MACDONALD)

CREST: A hand in armour fessways, couped at the elbow proper holding a cross-crosslet fitchee gules

SUPPORTERS: Two leopards proper

MOTTOS: Over the crest “Per mare per terras” (by sea and land); On the compartment “Fraoch eilean” (the heathery isle)

CREATION: B. (1) 25 July 1776


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