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(The Aylesworth Family of Porter County Indiana)


In a twelve page pamphlet issued in 1840 by Sylvester Aylsworth, of Utica, New York, the author "concludes" that "three brothers" came to America:

(1) The eldest, believed to have been Theophilus, fled to Holland in 1664, later emigrated to New York, and spelled his name Elswort, the name later becoming Elsworth.

(2) The second brother fled about 1670, and settled in Connecticut, and his descendants were called Ellsworth.

(3) The third brother, Arthur Aylsworth, remained in Wales. Born about 1656, he emigrated to America in 1681, settling at North Kingston, Rhode Island.

"These three brothers were Welshmen."

Regarding the foregoing, no proof is found as to any relationship between these various immigrants. The name of the first was not Theophilus, but Christoffel Elswaert, and he was in New York as early as 1653. However, one of his grandsons was named Theophilus, born in 1681. The second of the "three brothers," was Josia Elesworth, who married, in 1654, and lived in Windsor, Connecticut.

Corroboration of the foregoing is found in works other than the Aylsworth book: New York Dutch Reformed Church records show the baptism of a child of "Stoffel Elswaerts," January 10, 1654Ä5. Court minutes of New Amsterdam show "Stoffel Elswaart" as plaintiff, September 17, 1658, in an action demanding "receipt for the payment of the land."

The "Old Church Record" of Windsor shows: "Josia elesworth and elizabeth Holcom ware married noumr 16, 1654." "Josia eleswort baptised mar. 7, 57."

The third traditional "brother" was Arthur Aylworth, concerning whose brothers, ancestry, or European residence, nothing is definitely known.

However, inasmuch as surnames often originate in local names, it is possible that this may be the case with the Aylworth name.
An English gazetteer, printed in London in 1775, mentions two localities of that name -- Aylworth, in Gloucestershire, and Aylworth, in Sussex.

In Atkyn's History of Gloucestershire there is a description of the parish of Naunton. It speaks of the handsome church, beautiful tower adorned with battlements and pinnacles and says that the church "hath an aile on the north side belonging to the family of Aleworths." It also says, "There are several hamlets in the parish, one being Ayleworth, a mile from the church, where is the seat of the family of that name, who have a good estate in the place, and are of a very ancient descent. They have continued here ever since the Norman Conquest in 1066."


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