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Descendents of John Aylesworth (5) 
of Porter County Indiana  

Based on the book
The Aylesworth Family of Porter County Indiana
By the Porter County Aylesworth Families in 1946
(Reprinted and updated 1984)
 With updates from Reunions to August 2003 

Recompiled and edited by
Owen R. Aylesworth 2004
with alpha/numeric format.

<<<<  Table of Contents is located on the left


Notes: 1.The Letters H & W in brackets indicate Husband or Wife of the Family member. The numbers indicate if this is the first second third or fourth husband or wife of the family member.
           2 To determine  the generation of a member, count the numbers and letters in their code and add 5.
           3.To print any of the pages and retain the format, set margins at Left = .25 & Top = .25; Right &.
Bottom margins at 0 and print on 8 1/2" x 11" paper.
  Section One     ADAM to BENDER
   Section Two     BENNETT to EBERSOLD
   Section Three   EGERMAN to JONES
   Section Four     KAMASKI to ROSS
   Section Five     RAUSE to ZYWANOSKI


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